Midnight at the Cinema


Kelsey (18) had been working at Regal Cinemas for about 3 months now. She didn't hate the job, but she didnt particularly like it. It was really boring just taking and selling tickets. It took time away from her gymnastics, which she was extremely good at. Also a lot of the customers hit on her. She didn't like that.   She did not even understand why these strangers that knew nothing about her personality did it, she was not that pretty; atleast she didn't think so. She was 5' 6", dirty blond hair, brown hair down to her neck, C-cup, not much of a stomach althought she was constantly dieting, and an extremely tight pussy. Kelsey was a virgin and had never had sex before. She had come pretty close to it with her ex-boyfriend and the night before they had planned to do it, she found out he was cheating on her and broke up with him. She was almost sorry she had broken up with him as she was kind of looking forward to it. All of her friends had done it multiple times and she was the only one who hadn't. The closest she had come to it was a finger from her ex, but that was not enough.
Kelsey was no slut, but she did have needs as a woman.   Kelsey liked to enjoy relationships and always wanted longer term relationships, which she thought sex may ruined if she let a guy have his way with her too soon. But for the time being she was single and slightly horny (which she would never admit).

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One night at Regal, around 11 PM just before she was to leave she went to say goodbye to a couple of her friends that also worked there. She enjoyed flirting with them at work and always made a special effort to say goodbye to them before she left. She liked all of them about the same. Matt(18) was so charming and always said the right thing to make her smile.
Mike (19) had the most amazing body she had ever seen and she knew he was really strong. James (18) had this certain vibe about him and she didn't really know what it was that attracted her to him, but  she had been attracted to him since she had started working there.
She found them all hanging out in the employee lounge downstairs.  
"hey guys, i'm about to leave just thought i'd say goodbye to you guys"
"Oh, thats too bad. Jeff [the boss] just told us we had to clean the lounge and none of us know how to clean. "
Kelsey looked around. The place was a mess. She knew she had to help them. She agreed to help before she left and the four of them got to work cleaning. As she cleaned she became more  and more horny and almost died when Mike took off his shirt. She wondered if it was time to take the friendship to the next level with Mike.

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As Mike was sweeping, Kelsey bent down low pretending to scrub a spot on the floor, letting her bright pink thong show. She could tell Mike starring at her tight small ass, move up and down as she scrubbed. She could also tell Mike was getting horny as she saw the bulge in his pants rise. Then out of no where Matt came over a smacked her ass. She got up indignantly.
"Who did that?"
Mike pointed to Matt and Matt pointed back at him.  
 She quickly and suddenly decide she was ready.
In a loud voice she said "well who ever just did that better come over her and give me a good fuck, as I am sick of silly boys slapping my ass and not man enough to finish the job. "
Matt quickly said it was him and grabbed her by the waist, picked her up and lay her on the table. He even more quickly took off his pants. As he did this Mike and James looked on.
    He then slowly pulled down Kelsey tight pants and inserted his 7" cock into her pussy (moving her pink thong to one side). It took about 2 mins to get it in as Kelsey was so incredibly tight. Once Matt had done so, the other two knew it was on. James whipped out his cock and inserted it into Kelsey mouth.

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       Mike's 8" cock was soon titty fucking her. About the same time they all climaxed. James busted a huge load into her mouth. Kelsey did not miss a beat though, she swallowed it and sucked his dick dry, moving next to his balls. Matt let a load go right in her pussy and she loved it. She was riding up and down up on his cock as if she had been doing it all her life. She loved the feel of his juices all inside of her. She loved his cock slide into her as she played with her clit. She did have to tell him to stop for a second so her own juices could come out. As the last of the cum left her body, Mike let the biggest load of cum she had ever seen onto her breasts. She was having the best time of her life, when suddenly Jeff knocked on the door. Jame and Mike grabbed their clothes and ran out the back exit. Matt carried Kelsey (still inserted in her) into a closet and closed the door. Seconds after the closet was closed Jeff entered the room. He took a quick look around and left.

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       By this time Kelsey had gotten off Matt and the two of them stood quietly in the closet.
    "Look at this Matt"
    Kelsey lifted her leg (still standing) and put it behind her head. Matt stood up and while kelsey was in this position, inserted his dick into her. She could change the enjoyment by moving her leg to different positions. After her pussy was completely ravaged and one could say almost destroyed she asked if Matt would give it to her in the ass. He said ok and it took a while to stretch her tight butthole to the size of his cock, but once it had, she bent down like a dog a took it for the longest time.  
    "Aaaaaaaaaaaaa matt you feel so good in me! Fuck me harder!"
    Matt had never fucked a girl so hard, but he had known all along kelsey was different. By the end, Kelsey's bright pink thong was destroyed and so was she, but they later agreed they would have to clean the lounge more often.  

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