Mike and Trisha Chapter 1


So walking up Mike said;"Hi! My name is Mike. You guys look like your all freshman. I remember what it was like when I first started here. It seemed like all the upper class men wanted to ignore the freshman. So I have made it my mission to try and find ten new students and introduce myself to every semester. "Everyone said;"Hi. " and introduced them selves. Vicky a 5 feet 10 inch tall redhead said;"Wow! That's cool. But it must be hard in the spring sense so few people graduate at the end of the fall semester; is it?"I smiled and replied;"Oh no! Then I just go down to the science building and introduce myself to the new lab mice. There here to learn too you know!"The girls giggled. Tom; the jock of the group said;"OK! You have a sense of humor. I think we can let you into your little click. ""Thanks"; Mike said; "I feel privileged. Hay are you on the baseball team? You look like you could be. "And the conversation just went from there. They made me feel just as much at home as he was trying to make them feel.

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   As the weeks wore on Mike realized he was spending more and more time with his new friends than he was with his old friends. Most of his old friends didn't see why he was even bothering with a bunch of freshmen unless he was trying to get into one of the girl's pants. But Mike just liked them. So he ignored most of the bad things his old friends said. And just spent more time with his new friends. As Mike got to know them; he found that he really didn't want Rose like he thought he did that first day. Rose was all right but a little stuck up if you know what I mean. She did some part time modeling and it really went to her head. She thought every guy wanted to sleep with her and that turned Mike off. At about the time mid-terms were ready to start; was when Mike really started to like Trish. When she got to know you she was happy, funny and out going. Trish was the plump one that Mike just didn't think much about until one day she was telling a funny story about something that happened to her and that was when it hit me. Mike just knew that he wanted her to be his wife. Now I know what your thinking. And let me assure you Mike is not one of those guys that wants to put down fat girls.

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   I know some guys like that! They get the girl to put out and just use and abuse them mentally. Mike is just not like that. This was not like that at all. Mike wanted to show Trish what he saw. A beautifull person inside and out. And that was what Mike set out to do. Mike started complimenting her on the way she looked or some insight that she had and injected into the conversations. And everyone seemed to notice. On the first day of mid-term week, Vicky walked up to Mike as he was leaving one of his classes. "So Mike when are you going to ask Trish out?"; Vicky said. Mike looked at her for a second. Thinking that she was Trish's best friend and hoping that he didn't mess up this cause she could make it very difficult to get Trish to go out with him. "Well I was kind of thinking about Friday after mid-terms were over. I didn't want to distract her before she took those tests"; Mike explained. "Well you have already done that! And she is starting to think that you never ask her.

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   Listen; I know you do not know exactly what happened to Trish. So I'm going to tell you"; Vicky started. "OK";Mike interrupted; "but let's set at the cafe. Got a feeling this my take a while, because I want to know everything. ""Well I'm not going to get that involved. Let's just say Trish was saving herself for Mister right. And some prick convinced her that he was in love with her. So, one night when they went out he pushed the issue and got his way. She was on top of the world that night when she called me and told me about it. Physically it did nothing for her but mentally she was on top of the world because he loved her and had made her a woman at last. Well the next Monday he did not even have the guts to tell her that it was just a game. As me and Trish got off the bus at school she saw him walking hand in hand with one Trish's rivals from elementary school. It devastated Trish. She has not been the same sense"; Vicky paused and Mike waited because he knew she wasn't finished. "I like you Mike;we all do.

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   And I'm not saying that you would be like him. . . but. . . well. I just don't think that Trish could through that again. And I'm worried about my friend getting hurt. Do you understand?"; Vicky finnished with a rush. "Yes! Yes I do know what you mean. I think that is why this time is different for me. I started out not paying much attention to Trish. . .

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  except as friends. And God knows I do not want anything to hurt her like he did. That's why I have been waiting. I want everything to go just right. If I distract her and she messes up on one or more of her mid-terms then I wouldn't forgive myself. She's different. She is more differant than any other woman I've meet. Now I know y'all are best friends. And I would never ask you not to tell her something. Just let her know that after mid-terms I will make my move. OK?"; Mike asked. "Well we will see. But think about this. The longer you wait the worse it is for her. She is so convinced that she is not good enough for you that she may self destruct.

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   And she is getting so rapt up in wether or not you will ask her out that she cannot concentrate to take the mid-terms. I'm not saying that it would be your fault if that happened. Just that it is something you should think about"; Vicky said. Then she turned and said;" Well I have a project due Thursday. So I'm going to Finnish it up. I'll see you later. OK?""Yeah sure later"; Mike said. As he sat down to think about what Vicky had said. ----------------------------A little later that day Mike went over to the student activities building were they always meet. "Hi Guys! How are mid-terms going?" Mike asked as he walked up. Everyone said that it was going fine so far. Then Trish said;"Yeah, I'm just a little worried about my Economics class. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be. ""Well why don't you come over to my place tonight and I can dig out my notes from that class. We can go over what you've got and I can give you an idea of what to expect on the test"; Mike ask her.

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  Trish's face lit up like a kid in a candy store for just a second. Then she shy looked down at her hands and said;"Yes I would like that. Thank you for offering. ""Great, what time would you like to come over. Hay! I know if you come over at 5; I can have my world famous chilly cheese burgers ready and we can go over the notes as we eat. How does that sound?"; I asked. "Oh; I think I would like that"; Trish said. "OK then; I'll see you at about 5 then. Well right now I need to go do some studying. So I will see you all tomorrowrow. Later!"; I said. And headed out. -------------------------Later that night after they had finnished eating and were sitting at Mike kitchen table; he finally said;"Trish; I think you know that I did not ask you here to study. Now do not get me wrong. You can take the notes and use them all you want.

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   It's just that I wanted to talk to alone. Is that all right?"Trish slowly set the notes down and looked up into my eyes. She looked so vulnerable. Like a sapling trying to with stand the strength of a hurricane. Like it was ready to snap or be uprooted at any second. . . but knowing that if it could just hold on for a little while longer the storm might pass and it would be that much stronger for having been thru it all. Mike just wanted to take her in his arms and protect her from the world. A world that hurt her so badly before. Mike was going to be her fortress against that storm. Or so he hoped. Mike stood and helped her rise. She was trembling. And at first her knees did not want to hold her weight.

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   As Mike pulled her to himself; her head tilted slightly and he knew that she want to kiss him as much as he wanted to kiss her. Slowly hesitantly they kissed. Mike did not wanting to rush her. And he thought she was worried that it would be like the last time. Worried that he would hurt her. That he may not want to talk to her if she let herself go. After a long tinder kiss. Mike pulled back and said; "Do not worry. At first I didn't notice you. Now that I have. I can not seem to think about anything else but you! We can take it slow. As slow as you need because the only thing I need is to know that you will be here with me. "With her face buried in my chest she just nodded. "Will you dance with me?"; I asked. As he hit the button on my stereo remote he had hidden in his pocket and a Marvin Gaye song started.

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  Mike lead Trish into the center of my living room and but his arms around her. And they danced to the music. As the song came to an end Trish lifted her head off my chest and tilted it up. Mike sensed that she wanted to kiss again. And his heart leaped as he bent to kissed her. Slow and gently at first. Then with more urgency finally Mike could stand it no more. He bent down and picked her up. As Mike lifted her with one arm under her legs and one behind her back; She put her head down and whispered; "Please don't hurt me. ""No. I know. I will not hurt you like that. You do not need to worry. I would never hurt you like that"; Mike said as he carried her into his bedroom. As Mike stood Trish up next to my bed, he said; "Trisha; I don't know how to tell you how I feel.


   The words just are not there. So I am going to show you. Just relax and let me do everything. "Standing close to him Trish looked up into his face while biting her lower lip as she just nodded. Gently Mike placed his hands on ether side of her head and and kissed her at her bang line. It was not hard to do. Mike being 6 feet 1 inch and her standing at 5 feet 6 inches made it easy. He then started kissing her face. Two kisses over one brow then two over the other. With one or two kisses at a time, Mike worked his way around her face, her checks, her jawline. As he got close to her chin, she tried to kiss hin. But Mike was in a little bit of a playful mood, so he drew back. "Tisk, tisk, I said I would do everything. Just relax let me show you what kind of person I think you are. How wonderfull you make me feel.

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   Trish I hope that you can do this because I need to show you. . . show you just how great a person you are to me"; Mike said while looking deeply into her eyes. As Mike leaned in again he kissed her chin and started back up her left jaw. As he neared the joint to her jaw he moved down and started kissing her neck. And heard and felt her sharp intake of breath. Then Mike went back to her chin and started up the other side. This time the anticipation must have been getting to her because she almost fell to the floor as he started down her neck. In an attempt to keep her standing for a few minutes more Mike pulled her closer to himself. Crushing her into my chest as he continued down her neck. Mike turned Trish slightly so that his hand could start unbuttoning the plain white blouse that she had on. Mike turned his head and started kissing his way across her shoulder. As Mike pulled the blouse out of the conservative knee length skit; he changed sides and kissed across the othr shoulder as he gently slipped the blouse off of her arms. Without looking Mike started down her chest.

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   While his hands moved to her back and unclasped her plain white bra. Mike was kissing down and across her chest so that when he reached her breast bone he started up the other side and slipped the bra off her shoulders. This time Mike took a different route down her chest and as he started to feel the swell of her breast opened my eyes to see some of the most perfect double c sized tits he had ever laid my eyes on. Mike carefully lifted my head so as not to touch her nipples which where already hard. As Mike crossed the right one he exhaled through his mouth and saw the nipple harden even more as Trish let out a slow moan. Mike's hands all the while tracing light lines across her back. Mike continued kissing over to her other nipple and breathing on it as well. This time Trish let out a groan that was part pain mixed with pleasure. As Mike left her breast he kissed down the side of her ribcage and across to her belly button. Mike sank to his knees as his hands went to the back of her skirt to unclasp it. His mouth went to the small outie belly button and he started tonguing it as he looked up to see her gazing down at himself. Her mouth open her breathing coming in short sharp breaths. A look of mixed wonder, excitement and lust in her beautiful brown eyes. As Mike slowly lowered her skirt to the floor he kissed his way down at the edge of the waist band until he reached the cotton panties that lay underneath. Mike kissed across the her skin with the elastic of the waist band half covering his bottom lip as his hands moved up to hook a finger in each side of her panties.

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  Slowly ever so slowly; Mike lowered her panties; all the while kissing his way down with them. But Mike was not going to rush this, so he angled his way over to her right leg with his kisses and continued down until he was bent like a slave at her feet. kissing her ankles as she stepped out of her cottonrbriefs. Then Mike stood and took her in his arms again and gave her a long hard french kiss. After he brook the kiss Mike guided her by the shoulders to sit and finally lay on the bed. As he straightened Trish's hand found his leg and started lightly rubbing it near my knee. Mike smiled as he unbuttoned his pullover shirt. Once the buttons on the shirt were undone Mike's hands slowly moved to the bottom. All this time Mike watched Trish's eyes. Watched them following his hands. As he grasped his shirt bottom and lifted it over his head Mike heard her sharp intake of breath. Mike had always worn thick shirts around her at school. And kept the buttons done up with just the top collar button undone. So this was the first time she had gotten a look at the body under his cloths. As he removed the shirt from his head Trish looked up into my eyes and said; "I had no idea!?!""Hmmmmm; I like to think of it as my little bonus for the women I make love to.

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   The artist is a friend mine. Do you like it?"; Mike asked as he flexed the muscles of his chest to make the Dragon tattoo there come alive. Mike know from experience that woman love the way it was done with the eye at his right nipple and the dragon's tongue curled around his left nipple. Trish's eyes where mesmerized by the site. It was not easy but Mike kept flexing his chest as his hands undid his pants. Trish had not even noticed what he was doing. So when Mike stopped to let help jeans sink to the floor it was like a chain had yanked her eyes to his briefs and the hard cock laying just under the surface of it. As Mike lowered his under ware to the floor she could not seem to take her eyes off of the 8 inch by 5 inch peace of meat now swinging between his legs. As her hand started to come up to grasp his manhood; Mike lightly took her wrist in his hand and set her arm at her side while saying; "Remember you are not to do anything this time. Just relax and receive the gift that I am giving you. "Trish's eyes clouded for a second as she again bit her lip and nodded. As his right hand started tracing new lines on her arms and chest Mike's lips found her right nipple. Sucking it into his mouth, Mike gently sucked on it and used his tongue to swirl around the edge of her aureoleTrish started moaning and shaking. And Mike's eyes went wide. 'Oh my GOD!'; Mike thought; 'I have not even gotten close to her sex yet and she is already coming! How fucking hot is this woman?!?'Mike moved over and started suckling on her other nipple.

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  After a minute he could not wait any longer. Mike moved down to taste her. At first he just laid down between her legs and smelled her intoxicating aroma. Then he looked up to see Trish looking at him as his tongue lashed out to touch her outer lips. Trish's head fell back hard as she let out a load moan of desireThen Mike started licking from the bottom of her slit to the top. As his tongue touched her clit Trish let out a small yell and her head started thrashing from one side to the Trish yell as she had another orgasmMike seeing how much she liked what he was doing started picking up the pace. Faster and faster his tongue went from the bottom to the top of her slit and back again. As Trish started in to her third orgasm Mike pushed two fingers into her slit and let his tongue concentrate on her swollen little bud of a clit!That was all it took. Trish's head started thrashing even harder as she had one orgasm after another in what seemed to be a long end line of multiple orgasms to the young lovers. After several minutes; Trish's legs clamped hard around Mikes head and he thought for a minute she was going to suffocate him. Then Trish started pushing his forehead as she said;"N-o. . . No. .

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  . more. . . no. . . not . . . again!" As another orgasm hit her!This time Mike slowed his tired tongue and fingers as he felt her coming down. As Trish laid there trying to catch her breath Mike took one last lick from the bottom of her slit to the top that sent new trimmers thru Trish's body. Then he moved up to lay beside her and hold her lightly in his arms. After her breathing started to calm; Trish whispered; "OK. .

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  . so that's what all the hoopla is about. "With a chuckle Mike said; "I hope not! I hope the best is yet to for the next part in the slut wife section as Mike and Trisha chapter 2.
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