Mr.Denton part 1


It was a couple of weeks after my 17th birthday when due to my terrible grades my mother decided I needed a tutor to help me with my studies. She found someone with all the appropriate qualifications and organised my first class for 12 noon the next saturday.
I woke up on saturday around 9 and stumbled into the shower I washed myself and walked into my bedroom. I admired myself in the full length mirror. I was about 5' 6" with and average build and soft feminin curves long wavey red hair and huge green eyes. I was proud of my frame and loved my small pert breasts with their round pink nipples. I pulled on a denim skirt and a tank top. It was hot as hell and I knew there was no point putting anything else on.
 The doorbell rang at exactly 12 noon. I got up and walked to the door, everyone else had left too give me space for the two hours he was going to be here. I opened the door and my jaw dropped. He was so hot. He was about 30 with deep blue eyes short blonde hair and a strong physique.
"Hi. It's Alice right?"
he extended a strong hand and I shock it, the contact made my heart leap.

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  . . Yes! thats me. please come in"
I lead him to the kitchen table, it had been all set up for the lesson, I sat down and felt a little dizzie as he sat down and pulled the chair right beside me. He was so perfect like a greek god and he smelt so good.
"ok where will we start"
I jumped I had been day dreaming.
"well I need the most help with english lit at the moment. . . mostly shakespeare"
he smiled and his whole face lit up. He laughed a little and produced a copy of 'A Midsomer Nights Dream'.
"well thats as good a place as any"
He began to read and explain what the play was about to me. It was all so funny and romantic that I got swept up in it and in a moment of courage I slid my hand onto his knee and leaned in giving him a good view of my pert breasts. I heard his breath catch in his throat as his fingers slid into mine. I looked into his beautiful eyes and he kissed me hard pulling me into his arms my body pressed to his.

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   I moaned a little and wrapped m arms around his waist. He pulled away suddenly.
"we can't. I hardly know you. . . and you are only 17. I would feel so bad about it"
This time I kissed him just as hard as he had kissed me as i climbed onto his lap.
"I want you more than I have ever wanted anyone in my whole life. I know I am only 17 but I know I can please you. All I ask is that you let me"
He bit his lip and smiled at me again picking me up. He threw me down on the couch and kneeled beside me kissing  down to my cheast. He pulled off my Tank top and unhooked my bra. He grabbed my breasts and began sucking and licking them. Taking one nipple between his teeth he bit it softly at first and them harder and harder till I was moaning hard.

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I could feel his manhood pressing against my hip and I reached down. I unbuckeled his belt and them unzipping his jeans I slide my hand in and freed his throbbing memeber. I looked down and the biggest cock I had ever seen looked back up at me. It had tobe at least 9 inches long and anothe inch and a half wide. It pulsed in my hand and grew another inch or so as I began to strooke it.
"damnalice that feels so fucking good"
he moand loudely and began to pull at my skirt till he was able o slide his hand along my thigh and up to my allready wet pussy.
    He slide one and then two fingers into my tight slight. His breathing got heavier as I began to work his now rock solid cock faster. I bit his ear and wishpered
    "fuck me right now"
    He growled deeply and pulled me ontop of him. I positioned myself above him and he pulled me down hard onto his huge cock. I felt as though I was going to burst, It was so good and so sore at the same time. We rolled onto the floor and he pushed himself ontop of my pinning my leg behind his shoulder as he fucked me harder.
    "you are so fucking tight Alice I think I am going to explode"
    I moan and moaned till I could hardly breeth my body pulsing with heat and desire. I dug my nails into his cheast and dragged them down hard leaving lond red marks behind them.
    "fuck me harder fuck me fuck me fuck me"
    I was screaming now as he plunged so deep inside me it felt like he would poke out of my belly button.

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       I could feel my little slit tighten around him as I began to cum.
    "I'm cumming I'm cumming harder harder please harder"
    I felt him tense up above me
    "I'm cumming too Alice fuck"
    he pulled out and exploded all over my nearly naked pussy. I smiled up at him as I began to massage my jizz soaked hole. He kissed me softly and then glanced up at the clock.
    "come on little miss its only 1 and we have all of the second act to finish"
    I giggled and and put my clothes back on. To this day I can still remember ever word of the second act.