Ms. Seduction


After about two songs we stopped dancing and went to have a seat, she said she wanted a drink and I went and got it for her quickly, then she said, "she was hot and needed some fresh air and did I want to come with her", I was quickly on my feet heading towards the door with following her as we made it outside she started walking towards the beach. I just followed her then she stopped and turned to face me and said get in the water, at first I was thinking hell no, but then she started giving me this oh so sexy look and I quickly changed my mind. So off to the lake I went, but then she said, "strip before you get in I wouldn't want to get your clothes all wet", so I stripped down to my boxers and dived right in the water was kind of cool but I took it like a man. After that she told me to get out so she could warm me up, which I was happy she wasn't going to leave me to freeze. As I came out of the water she met right at the edge and gave me a passionate kiss which to say the least gave me a warm feeling all overas my dick came to life as I grabbed her ass, but she broke the kiss off after a couple of seconds. Then she took off her dress and laid down and commanded me to eat her pussy until she said stop, I was down between her gorgeous thighs in a heartbeat. I was licking and sucking her pussy like it was the last thing on earth to eat she was moaning loud as I worked my fingers in and out of her tight pussy as I sucked on her clit. Then I heard her let out a scream,"Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Goddddddd I'm cuuuuuuming" which made me suck and lick even more as she came I could taste her pussy juices going into my mouth. I was ready to stop but then she said, "who told you to stop, keep sucking" and with that I was back down on her pussy again until I felt her pussy squeezing tight around my finger and then another gush of cum streamed out of her pussy and into my mouth, she told me to swallow all of it as she was cumming. Next she told me since I had gave her such a great pleasure by eating her to two orgasm it was my turn to see if I could with stand what she was going to do to me. Without warning she pulled my boxers down exposing my fully erect nine inch dick, which almost slapped her in the face and went to sucking me like a hoover. I almost fell over with the way she took my huge dick and just suck it right into her throat making my knees weak, within a couple of minutes I started moaning loud and was close to cumming I tried to warn her but it was too late, "fuck I'm about to cum in your mouth" with that she sped up her pace on my dick and just swallowed my whole load right down. That was the most powerful orgasm I have ever had I told her and she said, "it's not over by a long shot" and she went back to sucking and now limp dick after about another five minutes I was right back to my full nine inches as she stopped sucking and pushed me down and swung her leg over me and slowly started lowering her juicy wet pussy to my dick. She first started slowly going all the way up to the head then sliding back down to ground her pelvis into mine,after a while I guess she was really starting to enjoy my huge member inside her because her pace quickly increased. She was screaming,"yesssss oh God yesssssssssss I love fucking big dicks" I could feel another huge orgasm building up in both of us as I was sucking on her large tits. Next she started shaking and moaning,"Oooooooooooooooooooooh fuck I'm about to cum all over this huge dick", then I also felt my orgasm cumming and just let loose in her pussy just pounding away at her as she was cumming, we both where screaming and moaning as we came.

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