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I was 17 and I had made friends with a girl who was a friend of my brothers. She was 15.  At first I didnt take much notice of her she is fairly plain but every time she came to visit my brother she seemed to follow me about and kept watching me. One afternoon she was there with him and she came to my room to see if I was there and it was obvious she wanted to be more friendly than I had imagined. She came in and started to talk to me about things we were interested in like music and sport and general things. I said shouldnt she be talking to my brother and she said not really he is not interested in anything I do only what the guys do and kick footballs.
Then she started to ask me about a couple of girls I knew and right out of the blue she asks me if I have slept with them. I said NO more out of embarrassment than anything but I had with one of them. She said Sally claims you did it with her. I said well maybe once, she said not once 4 times. I said whats this all about and she said I want you to sleep with me. I said hell thats a bit of a shock. I hardly know you, but she said I only made friends with Dan (my brother) so I could get to know you and I really want to. I have done it with a couple of other boys so I know what to do. I said have you slept with Dan and she said no - he is not interested in girls only football. We talked about it for a few minutes and she was really keen for me to have sex with her and she said she had come prepared and had condoms.

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   By now I was beginning to get interested and said well if you want to.
She undressed completely and I shut the door and as she was naked I undressed also. She was fingering herself and watching me and then came over to me and held and looked closely at my now hard cock. Thats beautiful she said I love the look of it. Its different to the others I have seen, they had skin over the head of it when it was soft, why is ours different. I explained circumcision to her and she was fascinated. Then she held it and fondled it then said it is just right for me and then she just got onto my bed and opened herself ready for me to fuck her.
I got up and in between her legs and she said I really am going to enjoy this I love being fucked. I said how many times have you done it and she said 4 times but with 2 different boys. You are the third and the oldest, and your cock is bigger than theirs and its just the right size for me.
I then began to enter her and she watched as I put it into her and as it went in I could feel she was warm and wet and tight. Then she said that is the most wonderful feeling, its the best ever. By then I was in deep and beginning to pump her and then I said I havnt put that condom on, she said dont worry I am safe at the moment and I dont want it on this time. You are the first guy I have done it with without one and I want you to cum into me. I have never had that done to me yet.

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   I said what happens if you get pregnant and she said dont worry I wont, and if I do then my mother would arrange for me to have an abortion. She has had one I know of.  
after that I thought this girl really wants to be fucked so I started to really give her what she wanted. After a couple of minutes I said Have you ever done it doggy style and she said no. I pulled out and said get up on your hands and knees and we will try it like that. She didnt hesitate and said this is real fun, I am relly enjoying this and I slipped into her from behind and it took a little bit of practice for us both to get it right and then when we were doing it properly I put my hands aver her and fondled her tiny tits and played with her nipples. She said I havnt had that done before its great and we fucked and fondled her nipples and she moaned a little and said that really feels great. Then I said lets do cowboy and she asked what that was and told her the girl gets on top and she can face either way. Then I lay down and she lowered herself onto me and I could see her little cunt slip down over my cock which was now all wet and shiny from our lovemaking. Oh this is fantastic, I would never have believed it could feel so good. The other times the guys just fucked me till they came and it was all over in less than five minutes and I never have cummed being fucked. I said well today might be the day that happens. She said I hope so. She asked as she got her rythm right as she fucked me now on top have you made other girls cum and I said once. This feels really good she said let me turn around and she pushed herself down hard on me and then turned herself around without my cock coming out of her.

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   I could see everything now as she lifted her bum and my cock coming out and back in as she pumped herself up and down. This is fantastic she said I never thought of doing it this way, it feels so good having you cock inside me and I can really feel it in me. I can feel it tight around my cunt lips and every now and again I get the top of your cock rubbing my clit. Its just like when I mastubate. I said how are you going are you getting close to cumming and she said I will turn around and face you and I think I will be able to, it felt better like that.
She turned again without me coming out then she lay over me like I do her when doing it missionary and she started to fuck me as I would her. I put my hands on her nipples and she gave a little telp as the sensationexcited her and then she said its cumming I can feel it I am going to cum and I said good and i began to work my self up into her as she came down on me and then she started to do it hard and fast and ina few seconds she screwed her face up and said fucking hell I am cummin, its mindblowing and gave a few more grunts as I blew my load of hot cum deep into her. as I did I too grunted and she said this is wonderful I came and so did you, we did it together, I have never had a fuck as  good as this.
She fell off me and lay there with me,my cock was dribling cum still and she was talking to me telling me how good it was and how happy she was. Its the best fuck I have ever had she said. She asked did you like it and I said to be perfectly honest it was the best fuck I have ever had also.   I have never had a girl cum at the same time as me before it was great.
We waited a while and then she said do you think we could do it again and I said I think so, knowing full well I too was wanting a second time with her. She immediately got on top, and said gee I am all messy down there and I said dont worry we can clean up later lets fuck, and that afternoon we fucked each other for over an hour 3 times. She managed to cum once more and I came each time.

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   By the time we were exhausted she had three loads of cum in her or half in and half out as it was now running down her legs. She said can we do this again, and I said what now, and she said now tomorrow or the day after. I wont sleep for days remembering this.
We we did it almost every day for about a week at my place and the two of us really began to make ourslves very proficient at fucking each other.
Then I got a phone call, it was her mother and she told me she would like to talk to me. I knew immediately she had found out. I nearly shit myself. I had to go over to her place straight away.
When I got there she was home alone and she took me inside and told me she knew all about my sexual relationship with her daughter and sort of began to read the riot act to me. After a few minutes her attitude changed and said now I have said that, how was she in bed. I was stunned I couldnt answer her I was thinking about what I should say, when she said, I have heard you were fantastic, Sally has told me everything. I know all about her experiences and have known for a while but lately she has been so different and then I knew she was getting sex from somebody and she was as happy as I have ever seen her. I confronted her and I know everything about how often and which positions and that you have cum in her a couple of times and use condoms at other times. So far you ahve been lucky not to have got her pregnant. From now on we all wont have to worry because today I started her on oral pills.

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Now she said seeing you are so good, you can show me how good you are. I said no way you are her mother. She said dont think I havnt thought about this, you and I are going to bed and you are going to do it to me like you do it to her.
That afternoon she and I spent 3 hours in bed having sex, and with her it was more than just sex, she gave me oral twice, something Sally hadnt done yet. We fucked three times and when we finally called it a day my balls were sore from cumming five times. I had almost non stop sex for nearly three hours.
Afterwards in the shower she asked how she compared with Sally, by now I was ready for anything, and said your cunt is bigger but you are both fantastic fucks. Sally hasnt sucked me off yet but that wont be far off. Yopur tits are bigger and really I dont want to say whos is best because you are both different but I enjoyed doing it with both of you. I like Sally because she is more my age and with you its a bit daunting, but is good and I enjoy it, its just the age difference and you are more experienced. She is lovely, young and enjoyable and with her its a bit more like fun, with you its serious sex.
After we were all cleaned up and I was ready to leave she said dont tell Sally what we have done. I will be happy to have it with you any time you want. Call me. Rem  

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