My Best Day


I ran a, one man; carpet cleaning business and only had one small job to do today. That was all right the rest of the week I would be busy. I drove over to my customer house only to find he was just leaving for work and he told me to park in the driveway. I thanked him, and pulled in and walked up to the back door of the house, where his wife greeted me and asked if I wanted a cup of coffee before I started. I told that would be nice, noticing the long silky robe she was wearing. I could tell she was naked under the thin material by the way her large tits bounce around as she walk and the way the material work it’s way into the cheeks of her ass. Wow, I thought, I would love to fuck her!! I put that thought aside and went to work. The job was small and I finished it in just under two hours. I call out to the lady of the house and told I was done and sat down at the, glass top, kitchen table to write out my bill for the job. I looked up as she walked in and to my surprise and delight she was still wearing the same silky robe. She sat down across from me and while she was writing me a check for the job. I was noticing her big tits and thru the table I could see her long slim legs well up to her thighs, the robe had come apart offering me a clear view. She caught my by surprise when see slid the check across the table, I looked up and she was smiling at me. I knew she had caught be looking at her and I blushed and thanked her. She, still smiling, asked me if I would like a drink after working. Still embarrassed I said yes whatever you have would be nice and started to write her a receipt for her check.

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She got up and went into the kitchen and returned carrying two martini glasses and a tall glass pitcher. Her look had changed and she set down the glass and poured out the drinks and took her glass and said to me “bottoms up”. So both of us drained our glasses in one long drink. She refilled the glasses and said we haven’t talked about your tip. At the same time she pulled her robe open and said I was wondering if this would do. I looked her tits were large and firm at least a 40 D cup and she had a very hairy pussy, which is something I love. I stood up and took her robe off and had her turn around noticing her firm ass. I picked up my drink and drained it and said well, I don’t know, with a wink. I don’t think the words were out of my mouth before she was knelling in front of me pulling my jeans down. She gasped when she saw my cock and said OH MY! I am not a super stud but I do have a very fat 7 ½ “ cock, which was rock hard and throbbing.
She had a hold of my cock and was just about to start sucking me off and I told no, lay down. I want to eat your hairy pussy while you suck me off. She looked up at me with a surprised look on her face and said my husband would never do that. I often wondered about what it would feel like having a man's tongue down there licking my pussy. I evened wondered what it would feel like having my asshole licked.

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   I smiled and said well let me show you. Do you want to stay here or would you want to go to your bedroom. There was no answer, she just got up and led me upstairs.
Once in the bedroom, she got down on the bed with her legs spread and was pulling me down to her expecting me to get into a 69 position. I said NO! I want you to just lie there and enjoy having your pussy and ass being eaten. I went quickly to work her pussy had a musty smell and was already wet when my tongue worked it’s way thru her tangled pubic hair. I felt her tense up as the tip of my tongue found her clit, which was erect and a lot larger than my wife’s. Her juices were really flowing as I worked my tongue inside of her pulling out often just to tease her clit with the tip of my tongue. I kept this up until I felt she was ready then really attacked her clit licking and sucking on it and she stiffened and started shouting “ OH MY GOD!!!!” I took her from one climax to another fucking her with my finger as she climaxed. When she had came about 5 times I moved my tongue from clit and started licking my way back to her asshole letting my finger play with her clit the whole time. I really went to work on her bottom and finally got the tip of my tongue into ass and pushing it deeper in while really working my finger on her clit and she started to climax again and again. I quick replaced my tongue with my finger and fucked her ass with it while my tongue went back to her clit. I don’t know how many times she came, but finally she relaxed and I moved up and kissed her my face was dripping with her pussy juices as my tongue found it way to her tongue in a long French kiss.
I was gentle with her kissing her lips and fondling her breasts and then I move my mouth to her big tits and talk about heaven they were large and firm and she had big nipple to suck on. I moved on top of her and let my cock slide into her.

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   I fucked her with long slow strokes for as long as I could until I had to cum. I put her long legs on my shoulders and really started ramming my cock into her making sure I was rubbing up against her clit with each stroke. I let out a shout as my balls exploded filling her with my hot load and she stiffened under me and we both climaxed together.
After about 10 minutes we went downstairs and got dressed and finished off the pitcher of martins talking. She asked me if I cleaned furniture? I said yes and she smiled you will have to come back next week to do mine and ME. We laughed and set a time for the cleaning. I kissed her goodbye and left looking forward to next week. It was lunchtime and I was hungry and a little loaded after 4 martinis and needed something to eat. I stopped at a local store, where they make great submarine sandwiches. I got a foot long sub and 12 pack of beer. It was a nice day and I drove over to a local forest preserve park and parked and ate my lunch and drank several beers while sitting there thinking over my luck this morning. Damn she was good and just thinking about it had me horny again. I had three more beers and now I wasn’t a little loaded anymore, I was drunk and horny and had to take a piss.
I gathered up the empty can and threw them in one of the trash containers and made my way over to the outhouse really having to go. I went quickly went inside and to my surprise there was a guy in his forties already in there.

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   It was and old fashion outhouse that you pissed into what look likes a rain gutter. It was long enough and I couldn’t wait so I stood next to him and started taking a long piss. I was just finishing when I looked down a caught a glimpse of my neighbors’ cock, which was erect and he was stroking it. I could believe my eyes it was huge it made mine look small. I was at least 4” longer than mine. Maybe it was because I was drunk, but I said wow that is the biggest cock I have ever seen. He smiled and turned toward me and asked if I would like to touch it. It was then I realized that I did want to touch it and my cock was getting hard.
I moved my hand to it and grabbed it. I was really hot and rock hard and my cock, which was still out, was hard too. He undid his pants letting them fall revealing his huge balls which matched his dick. I just stood there looking when he grabbed my cock and started to jack me off and I returned the favor and started stroking his huge cock. He had me drop my pants so we were both standing there with our pant down around our ankles. We continued to stroke each other, when he asked me if I wanted to suck his cock. The thought of doing that made my own cock harder and I bent over and took his cock my mouth and started to suck him.

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   Soon he had his hand behind my head and was holding me and fucking my mouth. I started to gag but slowly his cock slid down my throat and I was able to breath thru my nose. I was going crazy and I grabbed the cheeks of his ass and pulled him forward pushing all of his cock into my mouth. He let go of my head and started to rub and spank my exposed ass. He really started to hit hard and it hurt at first and I would move forward only to have more his cock in my throat. Slowly the spanking was getting me more excited and I was sucking him franticly trying to get him to cum, while my own cock was throbbing. I reach for my own cock to jack it off but he said NO! And cracked me hard on my now sore ass. He fucked my mouth for a long time and my throat was getting sore when he pulled out and had me turn around. He got a tube of KY jelly out of his jacket pocket and lubed up his dick and my asshole.
The next thing I felt was the pressure, the head of his cock was against my asshole. My asshole slowly yielded and he slid in and started fucking my ass shoving more of his huge cock in me with each stroke. I was holding on to the walls of the outhouse to keep my balance as he continues to fuck me slowly until at last he had all of his cock up my ass and I could feel every inch of it. He rested for a moment and then started fucking me hard and fast. I had to hold on to the wall for dear life or fall down. He fucked me hard and fast and my hard cock was bouncing around and after a about five minute to my disbelief I could feel myself starting to cum.

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   Which I did shooting more cum out each time he thrust into my ass my ball felt drained. Then I felt him tense up and I could feel his cock throb out load after load deep in my ass. Finally he pulled out and we got dressed and went outside, I told have much I loved being fucked by him and asked if I could have his phone number. I told him I was married but would love to try that in bed sometime. He gave me his phone number and I found out he only lived about two blocks from me. I told him I would call him tomorrow, I didn’t think my ass could take that twice in one day. We both laughed and went on our ways. I sat there for while and finish the few beers I had left and threw them away. While walking back to the truck I notice that my pants were wet where his cum was leaking out of me. I put my hand in my pant a rubbed my finger around my asshole getting wet so I could taste his cum.
Finally I drove home so far it was quite a day I thought. I got a piece of ass and I was a piece of ass and it wasn’t 2 o’clock yet. I parked the truck and went inside no one was at home yet, my daughter would be home until 3:00 and my wife had made plans to go shopping with a couple of her girlfriend after work and said she would most likely not be home until about 8:00. They were going to shop and then go out to eat. So I decided to take a shower and maybe fool around on my computer.

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   The shower felt great and I had just gotten out, I had one of those rap around towel that was held together with Velcro. I was in the kitchen making myself a drink, when my daughter walked in crying. I asked what was the matter and she told me they only had a half day at school today, which I had forgotten about, and this afternoon she an she had a big fight with her boyfriend.
She spotted my drink and said I could use one of those. To her surprise I handed her mine, She looked shocked but took it and I told her not to tell her mother. She smiled and said ok Dad. You know I think we should have a father and daughter “gets drunk” party. I had just finished making my drink again and grabbed the bottle of Vodka and told her to grab the gallon of orange juice. Then I said father daughter party is in the TV room. I started toward the TV room with her following. We had no sooner sat down on the couch, when she asked if I minded if we watched the end of the movie we watched the other day. I remember she had gone out and never had seen the end of it. I got up and put it in the VCR and we fast-forwarded it until we got to the point she had left at. I was about ready to start it when she told me she wanted to get out of her school clothes and would be right back and she went to her bedroom. I spotted that she had finished her drink and I made us both fresh ones and seeing that she wanted to get drunk I made hers really strong.

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   In a minute she was back and to my surprise was wearing her robe. I had expected her to put some jeans on or something. She walked over to the TV and grabbed the remote, which I had left over there. When I saw her bend over to pick it up I could plainly see that she didn’t have any panties on and as she walked back the bounce of her young tits confirmed that the robe was all she had on. Even after the day I had so far I felt my dick stir under the rap around towel I was still wearing. I tried not to think about it and told her to start the movie and let the party begin and I pickup my glass as if toasting. She picked up her glass and we clinked our glasses and took a drink and She said the party has officially started and pushed the button on the remote and the movie started.
During the course of the movie, which had about 45minute left to run. That was the portion she had missed I had refilled her glass three times each time making them a little stronger. I spent most of my time watching her watch the movie. Occasionally catching glimpses of her young breast and at on point she was sitting Indian style with her legs underneath her. Which gave me a great view of her pussy, which I noticed she kept trimmed, for the bikini bottom of her swimsuit. The movie finished and she got up and promptly fell back down on the couch. She laughed and said Gee I thought was going to go to the bathroom, I guess not, she said giggling. I asked if she needed a hand and she said no and got up and staggered into the bathroom.

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   When she came, she asked if we had any other movies around that she had not seen. Not really only two, we have is the XXX rated film your mom and me watched after you left the other night. She thought about it and asked what the other one was. I blushed and said I know you don’t want to watch that one; besides, your mom would kill me. That one was a home movie of my wife and I fucking; as we watched the XXX rated movie. Really she said with which, seemed like a knowing smile, what is that one about. I stalled and made myself a fresh drink and she quickly downed her and said, with a wink, might as well fill mine up too dad.
She had me wondering by the look on her face if she knew I would love to fill her up and not her drink more like her pussy with my hot cock. I made her drink and handed it to her and she winked at me and said I know what your thinking. I said really, my face must have been red. She said yes I do and I think it a great idea, I found that tape of you and mom fucking yesterday. I would like to make the same movie with you. Let me go put mom’s panties on and her robe and you set up the camera. I set up the camera and put it in the same spot I had it the other night and put in a blank tape.
When she returned she was wearing her mom’s robe and was carrying my robe, the same one I had on the other night.

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   She handed me the robe and grabbed the towel I was wearing revealing my cock, which was almost completely erect. Wow Dad your cock looks bigger in person than it does on the tape. All the better to fuck you with little girl!! I went to grab her but she said no we are going to do it exactly the way you guys did the other night. Ok she said I will start the camera recording and you start the tape of you and mom. I put the robe on and sat next to my daughter on the couch with my arm around her just like the opening scene on the tape including my dick standing straight up under my robe. There were some obvious differences my daughter hair is long and my wife’s is short. My wife’s tits are small and my daughter’s are at least twice as big.
We tried to stay with the tape and did pretty well thought making out scene and me fondling her breast and sucking on her nipples. It kind of fell apart when my hand slid into panties and her hand grabbed my cock just like on the tape. And no I didn’t lose it she did and panted DAD fuck me now I have been thinking about your cock since I saw the tape please fuck me now hard dad. Being a good father I said of course I would love the ram my cock up your tight pussy and took my robe off while she pull the panties down. The sight was too much I jumped on top of her and rammed my dick inside of her. Her pussy was a lot tighter than my wife’s and hotter too. I fucked her hard and she kept screaming harder dad harder. I was drench in sweat when she started yelling on my God I am Cuming!!!! Oh shit dad shoot your load now I need it!!!! Her urging was too much and I started to shoot inside of her watch her face get dream like as I shot inside of her.


Then I was really spent and I roll off of her and sat up and lit two cigarettes one for her and on for me. We sat in silence for a while and she said you know dad we have to do this more often and gave me a hug.
Then she said I will help you clean up and then I need to take a nap. I said ok I added I would love to nap with you but your mom might come home. She gave me a kiss and a wink and said there will be other days Dad. She went into her room and five minutes later when I walked by I peeked in and she was sound asleep.
I cleaned up and got dressed and made a pot of coffee and had a cup with a couple of aspirins I was getting a serious headache. I went back to the TV room and laid down on the couch for a nap of my own. I woke up about 7:00 and went to the bathroom and checked on my daughter who was still sleeping. The aspirins had done their job and my headache was gone. I was hungry so I made myself a sandwich and heated my coffee up and sat down at the kitchen table to eat. I had just finished, when my wife walked in the kitchen. I looked up and said HI Kid, how was your shopping trip? She smiled and gave me a peck on the cheeks and said she had a great time. She couldn’t find anything that fit her, but she had a good time with the girls. She asked me to make her a drink, while she changed her clothes.

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I made us both a drink and had just finished when she came back into the kitchen in her favorite housedress. It was my favorite too, it had an elastic top and I loved to pull it down on her at very inappropriate times. I smiled at her and said living dangerously pointing to her dress. She laughed and winked at me and said give me my drink. She seemed to be in a really good mood tonight, which was nice, at lot of times when she got home she was tired and didn’t feel like talking.
It was really pleasant to sit and just talked, she really is my best friend. We sat and talked for at least an hour, when my daughter walked into the kitchen. She said, hi mom, and then asked her if she had any aspirins. My wife said that she did and they both walked out of the kitchen, my daughter gave me a smile and a wink before she left the room. My wife was gone about 10 minutes, but then she rounded the corner with a big smile on her face and said I need another drink. I told her that her humble servant was there to serve and quickly got up and made her drink, and handed it to her, saying “ here is your cocktail fair lady”. See smiled and said, “ why thank you sir”, but if I want a cocktail I know where to find it and she grabbed my crouch. I smile and said “ I only wish to serve” and we both laughed. We sat and talked some more, I was surprised at what a good mood she in and really was enjoying her company. She went to light a cigarette and said, “Damn this is my last one”.

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   I told her no problem, I would be glad to go out and get her some. She said, no don’t go alone I take the ride with you; she called out to our daughter to let her know we were leaving and asked her if she wanted anything from the store, she called back no.
We drove over to a local store and picked of some cigarettes, for everyone and were on our way home. My wife suggested we stop by a nearby lake and take a walk around it. We used to do that all the time, but hadn’t for a while and I said sure sounds like fun. Being late we were the only car in the parking lot. We both got out, when she motion for me to take a seat on the fender of the car. I figured she just wanted to sit and watch the moon on the water, rather than walk. I was Wrong! I no sooner sat down, when she said, you know I love you and I know these last couple of months I haven’t been much company. I am sorry and I wanted to make it up to you. I am going to part of that right now.
Before I could say anything, she had unzipped my jeans and pulled my cock out. She took my soft cock into her mouth and started to suck me. After years of married life she knew exactly what to do and when to do it and in no time my cock was hard. Then she stopped and lean over the fender of the car and pulled up her skirt, revealing her naked ass.

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   She was out with no panties on something she never did and I was shock by the sight, but not as shocked as I was when she said I want you to fuck me in the ass.
Normally she would have no part of that and I really? She said, yes right now, I want to ram it in me and use my ass for you toy. I didn’t have to be asked twice and got behind and placed my cock between the cheeks of her ass. She must have planed this because her ass was lubricated and my cock slid easily into her hot tight ass. I was in my glory ramming my cock in while she bucked back to meet me. I went at it like a dog in heat and I guess I was enjoying it too much, because I couldn’t hold back and shot my load deep inside her hot ass. She smiled at me and asked if I enjoyed that and I kissed her and said very much.
On the way home she said you know: I know I get tired so that is why I arranged this day for you. My Girlfriend said you were very good, when you fucked her this
Morning and our daughter is really quite impressed with your cock. She telling me she thought you were going to split her in two. I looked dumb founded and she said I love you I want you to be happy. Now at least if I am tired you will have someone to be with.
Then she said we had better get home, you are going to need your rest for tomorrow. Your daughter and me, have plans for you. I said really and she winked at me and said really!!!! Yea one more thing, don’t worry about oversleeping next Thursday, I make sure you get to your appointment on time, my girlfriend would kill me if you didn’t show.

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   Here is something you should know, she loves to take it up her ass. I know she will want you to fuck her in her ass so be ready.
I didn’t know what to say and she could see it on my face. She said don’t worry and don’t say anything; just know that I love you. Oh I almost forgot to asked, how does your asshole feel, seem to me you had something really big up there this afternoon. That’s another phone call you will have to make. Your new friend is really looking forward to fucking you again. I couldn’t believe my ears; the whole day was a set up. I don’t how she did it but she did. All I could think to do was hug her and thank her for loving me so much.
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