My Career Pt 4


My Career Pt 4
Because of the jobs for Mr Tink and myself during the next three weeks I didn't get back to Vals. Oddly enough it was Richard who rang on the Wednesday and asked could I house sit for them on the weekend as he was going away on business and Val was meeting some old school friends and would be staying in the city for two nights. Then on Thursday night Mom announces that she is going away with her sister for the weekend.
Mom and I arrived at Vals just before 6:00 PM and she answered the door in a towelling robe with another towel wrapped around her hair.
"Sorry, I didn't realise it was getting late. " said Val as she ushered me inside and said her goodbyes to Mom.
"I hope you haven't been avoiding me or worse seeing another women. "
Val took me to the lounge room and told me to get comfortable. I asked her when she was meeting her friends and she told me tomorrow night but now she wanted to give me another lesson in love. Val flicked the TV remote and soon a porn movie was playing. It looked like it was in a swim wear shop as the girl behind the counter wore a t-shirt and a pair of bikini bottoms. Then a blonde women asked to try on an assortment of swimsuits. The sales girl showed her the dressing rooms and then went and locked the door. She told the blonde to take her time as the shop was now closed.
"So can you guess what happens next?" Val asked
"The two of them are going to do it. "
"Good answer.

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   Have you ever seen pictures of two women having sex?"
I just shook my head and continued to watch the screen. The blond had large tits and while trying on one top the sales girl has reached around and cupped the tits in each hand. The blonde closed her eyes and leant back against the brunette. Quick cut and there both naked the brunette giving the blondes nipples a good work over The blonde has her hand between her legs rubbing her pussy. The brunette has thrn dropped to her knees and now has her tongue working the clit of the blonde, she has her hands on the brunettes head pushing to the right spot. The blond puts her leg on a chair so the brunette takes advantage of the opening and slips one then a second finger into the blonde haired cunt.
I was getting turned on by the on screen activity and looking at Val, with her robe open, matching them move for move.   I decided to join in and I took my cock from my shorts and started to jerk off. The combination of moans from the TV and from Val were working me up and as it had been a few weeks since I had had sex  I stepped in front of Val and unloaded. She didn't realise what had hit her face at first but when the second splattered across her tits she grabbed my cock and stuffed it in her mouth and sucked like mad draining every last drop from my balls.
Still not satisfied Val reached into a bag beside the lounge and produced a monster dildo. Two feet long and close to three inches thick. It was pink skin tone and had a bulging head at each end. She also grabbed a tube of some cream from the bag and smeared it over one end. My eyes nearly popped from my head as Val slid the monster into her cunt.

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   She had to twist and turn it but once the head slipped in she slowly fed it inch after inch. Val then slowly withdrew it a few inches and the pushed it in further.
With nearly half of it in her pussy Val pumped away with the plastic penis ramming it repeatedly into her hole, each thrust greeted with ever loudening screams as it appeared she was trying to thrust the entire length in her pussy. Sweat had broken out across Vals body as she continued. One hand had the dildo and the other was furiously rubbing her clit. Then her body arched as her orgasm hit. Vals body went rigid and her eyes closed. Her mouth was open but no sound issued. Just as I was about to panic she took a deep breath as a second orgasm shook her body. Collapsing on the lounge Val lay for several minutes eyes closed and breathing deep as if she had just run a marathon.
"Wow, that was intense" were her first words when she finally calmed down. "See you could be replaced, but a dildo won't buy dinner. " Val laughed loudly and removed the dildo from her cunt. From where I was sitting I could see how stretched her hole was.
"How about you call for pizza I don't think my legs will take my weight for a while.

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"Why did you do that?"
"Just like in that movie only a women knows what a women wants during sex and somtimes you just have to do it yourself. " she grinned and flopped back on the lounge.
The pizza arrived and Val and I ate while we talked on a variety of subjects. She seemed to be trying to find out how much general knowledge and trivia I knew. In the end she explained that if  I'm to meet different people I would need to be able to carry on a conversation on just about any subject. This makes the client feel that the sex is more personal and not just business.
Finishing, we closed up and turned off the lights but surprisingly we went to the guest room and not the main bedroom.
"Richard might get suspicious if the main bed appears slept in so I'll sleep with you in the guest room. "
We lay in the dark together kissing but no sex. Finally Val nodded off and as I lay spooned into her back I realised that even with all the sex over the past few months this was the first time I'd slept with a woke up next morning to the sound of a shower running and joined Val for a quick wash and cuddle. She told me were going shopping and to save myself for later. I dressed quickly in a casual shirt, jeans and runners. Val just shook her head as I climbed into the passenger seat of her BMW.
"You need a suit and must dress business like when you meet these people. " she told me. 

We drove to a very trendy part of town and after a few hours shopping I had two suits, assorted shirts and three pairs of shoes. Then we had lunch at a very nice retaurant and Val pointed out various things people were doing during their meals. She emphasied how they dressed and how they ate telling me not to rush the meal and to pay attention to your partner. My head was swimming with all these new facts about having a meal and meeting people.
After lunch it was Vals turn to shop and I felt very awkward as I stood in the lingerie store while Val tried a few things on, often walking from the dressing room to the shop floor to ask my opinion on how things looked. The shop assistants could see my embarrasment and kept bringing Val more things to try. Eventually she purchased two bras and matching panties. Then it was dresses and blouses. It seemed never ending. At last we headed for home but when we were finally there the lessons continued. What tie with what colour shirt, shirts with suits, suites with shoes.
It was almost 5:00PM when I collapsed on the bed wondering if I could handle all this. Val had the shower first and was dressing while I washed up. I wore a cream suit with a deep blue shirt and gold and blue striped tie. Val looked stunning in a flowing black dress that hugged the curves but flowed around her legs as she walked.

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   We climbed back into the BMW and headed for our dinner engagement.
The restaurant was in a fashionable hotel building. Exclusive shops and business on the first three levels, then levels 4 to 12 were 1 or 2 bedroom apartments. Level 13 was maintenance and the 10 floors above that were for hotel guests. Val had given me a run down in the car as well as more discussion on holding conversations with our dinner guests.
"Don't say something like, nice dress, unless you have reasons to back it up. "
This was the type of thing that she kept prompting me to do, I could hardly wait for dinner to be over.
Val gave a name to the maitre d' and he wisked us to a table. Two women were already seated, to the left was Beverly from our estate and to the right was  a young blond women who Val introduced as Tracey. Bev and Val started talking together so I asked Tracey about herself. She was twenty five, about five foot five,  her blonde hair was pulled back from her face. She also told me she worked for a large public relations firm. She was wearing a grey pants suit and white blouse. She had opened a few buttons to reveal a nice cleavage. I gave her my story as recited by Val in the car.

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   I was 20 !!, I managed a landscape and equipment buisness, this way I could talk about yards and mowers and sound knowledgeable.
We ordered our meals and continued the idle chit chat. Tracey was telling how it was hard to socialize with her business collegues as everyone was trying to out do each other for the best contracts and would stop at nothing to move up the corporate ladder. I felt kinda sorry for her. Val had been kicking me under the table whenever the conversation lagged so I told Tracey that my work trouble was housewives flirting with me and delaying jobs to keep me around. Val and Bev stared at me but Tracey laughed and made the comment that grass wasn't all I laid.
As soon as we had finished eating Val called for the check. When the bill arrived Val grabbed Bev by the arm and announced they were off saying they had to be seen at a few places in case Richard checked up. She also told us to order more drinks if we wanted as she would tell the waiter to add it to her account. Tracey and I sat for a while then she looked at her watch and saaid we should go. Some how I felt like I was missing the point of the evening so far.
I followed Tracey to the residential level elevators and she produced a swipe card that she passed through a reader. This opened the elevator doors for us. We went in and again she swiped the card and selected level nine. I commented about the cost of living here and she told me it was really the only thing she had spent her money on since she started work.

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   She then asked where I lived and for a moment I paniced as I couldn't say I lived with my mom. Then I told her I lived at Summer Land estate, and she nodded as if saying nice address, and that the house was fully paid for. Her reply was about having to lay a lot of grass to afford to live there.
Again at her apartment door she swiped the card to let us in. She told me about the security and that you could leave to the ground floor without a card but if you wanted to go to another floor in the complex you had to take your card. She gave me a pointed tour of her apartment, from the main room the kitchen and dining rooms were to the right and the bedrooms and bathroom were to the left. She asked me did I want a drink and when I said just juice she pointed to the fridge and told me to get comfortable. I took off my jacket and tie as I went to the fridge and when I turned to ask if she wanted anything she was gone. I called out and her voice came from the bedroom side of the apartment.
I put some ice in a highball glass and filled it with bottled water for her.
    I poured myself some juice and took both glasses to her bedroom. Her jacket, blouse and pants were just inside the door as if she had undressed as she walked to the bed. The only light was from a bedside lamp so I walked to that side of the bed and sat handing her her water. She had the bed sheet pulled up to her chin but I could see the pale blue bra strap dissappearing under her blonde hair that she had pulled out. It framed her face making it look small and cute.

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    The light finally went on in my brain as to what was happening. I had been set up by Val to "entertain" this business women but it was too late to back out now. As I kicked off my shoes and began to unbutton my shirt Tracey lowered the sheet to reveal her breasts enclosed in her pale blue bra. The bra pushed her tits up and together making them look fuller. When I stood to remove my trousers Tracey threw back the sheet to expose the rest of her body to me. The panties and bra set were exactly the same as the two sets Val had purchased this afternoon. I asked Tracey to stand and model the lingerie for me as I sat back and removed my socks and trousers leaving me in just a pair of satin boxer shorts.
    As she slowly turned showing me her lean, firm body encased in powder blue lingerie I committed the number one crime according to Val, I told Tracey the underwear looked nice. She continued to turn and said "just nice". Thinking quickly I grasped her arse and squeezed telling her how fine her butt was in these panties. I then traced the edge of the panties to the waistband telling her how these high cut briefs made her legs look longer. She turned to face me and smiled then turning off the light she lay beside me on the bed.
    Tracey had her back to me and I started kissing her neck and nibbling her ears. Meanwhile I caressed her from shoulder to hip running my hand across her exposed flesh. I brought my hand up to feel her breast and my hand gently ran across her hardening nipple.

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       As this was the same bra as Val had purchased this afternoon I knew it clipped in the front and with a flick of my wrist I had opened the bra to reveal a set of smallish tits. I continued to kiss her neck and back and by now my cock was getting fully extended. I slipped it from the front of my shorts and slid it between her legs slowly humping it against her arse.
    My hand wandered low and was now massaging her pussy through the flimsy material of the panties. Her breathing skipped a beat as I slid a finger under the leg elastic and ran it along her slit. Tracey was moaning softly as I continued to dry hump her butt while fiddling with her clit. My finger now slick with her juices found her love hole and with little pressure slipped in. Her body arched as I pushed my finger into her before running it up to her clit which I rapidly flicked before returning to her cunt.
    I continued this treatment for several minutes adding a second finger to the mix. Tracey was pushing her arse back to meet each thrust of my cock. My fingers continued exciting her clit and I gently pushed one greasy finger up her butt hole. Tracey nearly leaped from the bed but I gripped her tight with my other arm. Finally after nearly 15 minutes of this attention Tracey turned her face to me and asked to be fucked now.
    I rolled onto my back and attempted to move my arm which had become stuck under Traceys body. She must have thought I wasn't going to do anything so she rolled on top of me kneeling over my erect cock.

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       With one hand she gripped my cock and with the other pushed the panties to one side. She squatted two or three times till she had everything lined up and then sank my cock into her steamy pussy. I slid all the way in and Tracy yelled to wake the dead. She began to ride my cock, first up and down and, then backwards and forwards as she ground her clit against my pubic hair She leant over me and I grasped both tits in my hands bringing both nipples together before feeding them to my waiting mouth.
    I sucked and bit her nipples and breasts while she continued to pound my cock. We were both bouncing the bed and at last as I struggled with the sensory overload from my cock I felt the first spurt of cum leave my cock. Tracey was yelling for more and I raised my hips to meet her downward motion our bodies slapping together with a meaty sound. I felt more spurts of cum eject from my cock as Tracey furiously rubber her clit. Then her body spasmed as her orgasm hit. She threw her head about wildly and yelled out again and again. While my cock was still hard I continued to push it into her.
    At last, spent, Tracey rolled off and flopped face down on the bed. I reached for the juice and was surprised to see from the bed side clock the we had been at it for nearly an hour. I rolled off the bed and went to the bathroom to wash my face. I could feel the heat washing away and my breathing was deep and ragged.


       I grabbed a towel to wipe off the sweat then when I went back to the bed I was shocked to find that Tracy was asleep. What was I to do now I thought,  should I stay or should I go. I lay beside Tracey for about ten minutes hoping she would wake. Finally I dressed, pulled the covers over her, turned off all the lights and left.
    I decided to head to where Val had parked the car but as I crossed the hotel foyer I heard Val calling from a cafe near the door.
    "So did everything go well" she asked.
    "You could have told me it was a set up job. I thought Tracey was the friend you were meeting. "
    "I had to make sure you acted naturally and anyway I bet you enjoyed the sex. " she laughed as she spoke.
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