My Cousin, the Stripper Pt1


Ok, first off I wanna say to things here:
1) I am not endorsing going out and having sex with underage girls. While in fantasy it is perfectly normal (as long as they're not younger than like 14), going out and doing it shows shear selfishness and lack of self-esteem. As a victim of molestation I can tell you the age of consent laws are their for a reason. But like I said, as long as it stays in our fantasy and is not destructive our violent, it's fine.
2) I am not endorsing sex with your cousins or any other family member. This part is shearly legal. I am a law abiding citizen, but that doesn't mean I don't think some laws should be changed. Now granted having sex with your immediate family (i. e. brothers, sisters, parents) is wrong. But I mean come on guys: we've all got that hot cousin we'd sleep with. But as these are the laws, please do not do it.  
Now this story's gonna take a while to get into and I'm not gonna get it all written down in one posting, so please bear with me this is my first time.  
 My Cousin the stripper Pt1
Chapter 1
Small towns. To me those two words are worse than goddamn or mother fucker. To say someone is from a small town usually means that they are not trustworthy, they are greedy and they are slimy.

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   It's the "good ole boy" mentality. "I've known Jimbo since we was kids, he's good people. " is gospel to any city law enforcement as long as it comes from the Andy Griffith type. Someone gets elected, sets up their friends or family who are by no means capable of performing the job you give em. But oh well, he's one of the boys, so he's good.
That was not the case for me and my family. My dad worked for Border Patrol and he was very good at what he did. So good, as a matter of fact, it got him and my mother killed. But we'll get into that in a second. You see, my dad was a good ole boy from Texas. But, like his spittin image, he couldn't have the heard mentality. Everyone else went into business or teaching in his hometown. A few joined the military and served in Vietnam so they could come back and sell that image for political or economic gain. Not my dad. My dad had a talent for justice.

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   To work his way through college, he was a guard/counselor at a boys correctional farm in south Texas. He dabbled in park service for a while, but his real calling lie behind a badge. My mom, well my mom came from a broken home. Grandma and grandpa divorced because my grandma got disgusted with my grandpa's antics (save that for a another story) and had their 4th child aborted, a hell spawned sin in those days. My mom was the veritable black sheep. My two aunt's went to UT and Rice and got their bachelors. My mom dropped out of po dunk college (obviously not it's real name for obvious reasons) to marry my dad. My uncles on her side are both wealthy oil executives who have two houses, one for living in and one just for vacationing in. And their kids are perfect. Or so I thought. My mom and dad married against both of my grandparents wishes. Rich girl running away with the poor boy story there.   After a few years as a cop in two cities, my dad finally went federal and went into BP. Which got my whole family excited until they found out we were moving to Grey Mountain, New Mexico. The shithole.

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   Not A shithole, but the shithole.  
So I grew up in a poor town that runs on drugs and human trafficking while my dad was one of the top BP agents and my uncles were the oil executives who drained us of our money. Yeah, real great setting to grow up in. I can't tell you how many death threats I got in school. How many times my sister was harassed and physically beaten until she finally just gave up and killed herself. How many times my other sister forsake her family to be popular until she finally disowned us.
But like my old man, I refused to give in. I fought back everytime the jumped me. And whenever I had the choice to hang out with the popular kids or help my dad cut wood or something, I chose the latter. My family was the most important thing in the world to me bar none.
Because of my parents, I had morals and manners. Not the right wing, uber conservative type, but what I call Cowboy Logic. If she's a lady, you treat her like a queen. If you fall off, dust off and get back on again. That was what ultimately landed me in trouble.

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Now my dad could have easily removed us from that decrepit sewage hole by putting in for a transfer. Except early in his career, he verbally fought the district BP head honcho guy and won. Now he can't get promoted. My mom never backed down from any fight. She fought against the school board who refused to take action against my sisters beatings. She tried to sue the board after my sister hung herself. Of course since the judge and both attorneys were local, we didn't stand a snowballs chance in hell.
Now me in high school? I stuck to my guns and called it as I saw it. And for this, I was left alone. I only got into two real fights before the one that got me in trouble. I won once and lost once, but I never caved and I never backed down and I always had my wits about me.  
Now everyone high up in the country club wanted me to fail. So just to piss them off, I got mostly A's and few B's; I lettered 2 years in varsity football and Band and one year in Track and Baseball. I made state in Band anc Choir, as well as 2nd Team All-state football. All this before my junior year.

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Then, the shit started rocketing downhill.
Chapter 2
I was, though a little stand out, your typical high school kid. That means I did go to the occasional party. That's where a big conflict of interest came into play. Ernie Shaduck, the school district superintendent's son, was basically molesting one of my friends, Rebecca Strauss. Even if she wasn't my friend, I still would've done the same thing. Like I said, you treat women like the were queens. I landed a swift punch between his eyes. The last I saw of him, his nose was bleeding, his two front teeth were knocked out or chipped and his lip was busted. That was all that happened that night. I got pulled away, someone handed me a beer and I continued drinking.
The next day all hell broke lose. That day during football practice, the state police arrived and carted me off in handcuff's in front of everybody. 8 witness' there that night said I was attempting to molest Becka and that when Ernie tried to intervene, I got angery at him and beat him without mercy with a nearby wrench.   Assualt with a deadly weapon, assault with intent to commit serious bodily harm, attempted rape, public affray, disorderly conduct and minor allowing himself to be served alcohol.

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   No plea deal. 5 felonies, one misdemenour and one sex offense. The judge was local. The jury was local. Everybody was local and everybody was against me. They knew that the powers that be would have them in if I wasn't sent up.
Which I was. At 16 years old, I was sentenced to 5 years in a Federal Prison and 6 months probation. I wont tell you the details of prison, but I wasn't raped and I actually had a great time. I got my GED, learned how to be and electrician and even started working on my journeyman's license. Everything was hunky dory. Then I found out my parents died. One night while lying in bed, the brother of someone my dad had deported killed our two dogs, then shot my parents in the head at point blank range with a sawed off 12 guage. No investigation was really conducted. They loitered around the house for 2 or 3 days then called in unsolvable.

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   The papers didn't tell anyone about the funeral and my parents estate was given up to the state of Arizona. I didn't even get to say goodbye.  
When I got released, I had nowhere to go. Literally homeless, all I had was my car. A 1992 Ford F-150 XLT Lariat Extended Cab with a small 8. Man, I loved that truck. And now, it was my home. Eventually I found a job and was able to rent an apartment from this creepy guy. Delivering Pizza earned me $475 a month and my rent was $450 a month. Yeah, real great set up huh. After a year, I was at my wits end. No good job would hire me, I was never able to save up to buy anything or go anywhere. S
So I said fuck it!
Chapter 3
I put in my months notice at work and to the creepy guy and saved all the money I could. I was gonna move to San Antonio, Texas- where I belonged. In Texas, my sex offense and both assault charges wouldn't carry over.

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   I would just be guilty of a misdemeanor. I could get a decent job and live well as the cost of living there is relativly cheap.   My cousin Mikey lived there. Me and Mikey were more like brothers. He was my cousin from my dad's side-my dad's sister's son. I called him up and asked him if it was kool if I stayed at his place for a while, which of course it was. I moved outta that shithole Grey Mountain, but not before putting some vulgar and offensive graffiti on city hall, the high school and a few of my enemies houses.  
Pretty quickly I found a job that paid more than twice my old pizza job and a better apartment for $150 less. Plus I was working at a theatre, so I got free movies and a chance to meet alot of hot chicks. But I was still unsatisfied. So I started applying at electricians companies. I mean, I was a certified electrician, why not? Within a week I got a call back from a place called Lone Star Lighting, a general electrical maintenance company with a big government contract. They said if I could start the next day, they'd offer me $75,000 my first year, $15,000 a year more when I made journeyman, and $5,000 a year for every year I worked until retirement age of 65. So of course I jumped at the oppurtunity.  
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   I was really loving the job and the people I worked with. Come to find out, I wasn't the only convict at Lonestar Lighting. For the first time in a long time, I had found contentment. And that was before I got my first paycheck! $3,125! I had never had a paycheck with even 1/4 that much on there. But, I was sensible; I payed on my debts (that erased nearly all of them), payed my rent and my carmpayment. I still had $1,250 left over, so I said fuck it- I'm gonna celebrate. I drove up to Austin and got smashed at a bar called Loui's. Then I decided a strip club was in order. So I drove (yes, drank and drove-really fuckin smart, huh) around till I found a club that looked right for me: Starfire's. When I walked in, I was frisked.
"Hey man, what the fuck?" I asked as this large black man felt me up.
After he was done he replied.
"Empty out your pockets and take off ya shoes and ya socks. " He said in a forceful tone.
I complied reluctantly.

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   After searching my belongings and my socks and shoes, his face took a different expression. It was like we were long-time buddies.
"Aight, man sorry bout all that. We wanna keep certain types out, you know: the police, suits, religious types. We free and free in here ain't nothin we got to be ashamed of, but we don't wanna be arrested for some the shit we do. " After I put my socks and shoes back on, he guided me to the club. "Aight man, just sit back, relax. These girls freaky man, they do anything. By the way, the drinks are on us. "
With that I feasted my eyes upon a monument to female beauty in all its forms. I payed $50 extra to get VIP seating where I got the best view of both stages. In 30 minutes I saw almost every type of girl: BBW, skinny and petite, large asses, big titties, black, white, asian, latina, indian-both kinds. All of them did amazing dances and pretty soon, Skyla- a large assed black lady of about 23- was grinding her big black ass onto my rock hard cock. After the song was done the dancer onstage- a Hawaiin MILF with amazing legs- pranced off the stage to my left and was replaced by something that would change my life forever.
Chapter 4
Out on stage 2 came the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.


   5'10", the perfect compliment to my 6'4" frame. Titties that looked like they had just barely sprouted- I like small tits. A flat tummy with a cute belly ring. Beautiful auburn hair with rose and blonde highlights. High cheekbones. Cute little nose. Penetrating blue eyes that seemed to look into my soul directly. Long, slender neck. All legs right up to her nook and cranny. And the most perfectly shaped ass in all of human existence. I mean, at least a round, firm 42.
But, unlike the DJ said, her name was not Tiffany. It was Diane. I know, because as soon as she walked out, I recognized her. It's small, but because we spent so much time together when we were kids, I knew the birthmark on her left arm.

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   Diane, my 14 year old cousin, was now the most beautiful woman in the world.
But somehow she had changed. Instead of the annoying, clumsy girl who spent her days buried in books, as I had known her, she was graceful, dark and had tattooes. Her tongue had been pierced and her full, pouting lips had her entire passion in them. While this was my cousin, this wasn't the little girl I had grown up with.
After he 3 songs, she recieved a standing, highly tented ovation. In her garter looked to be about $100 dollars that hadn't been there before. But for the first time, when she looked over and saw me, I saw the sadness in her eyes. It was there only for a fleeting moment as she gazed into my eyes and recognized me.
While the male part of me liked seeing her for obvious reasons, there was the compassionate side of me that was really glad to see her after so many years. But at the same time, in that same area of my brain, I had burning questions. Questions I intended to ask. I kept my eyes on her as she took stage one, recieving a standing ovation there as well, then as she worked the 4 poles. Finally, she was on her break time.
She sauntered over to me and sat in my lap, wiggling her perfect ass on my raging boner.

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   Then she leaned back, her ear next to my mouth.
"Hey. " Was all I could manage.
"Hey back, stranger. " She coyly replied.
"Diane, it's. . . my god it is good to see you!" I whispered in her ear as I embraced her from behind. She quickly undid my arms then turned to me.
"Not out here, lets go to one of the private rooms. " She said. But the coyness was gone. She wanted to say something, but was afraid to.
"Ok, how much to get you in there for the rest of the night?" I said.

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   I had alot of questions.
She turned around, leaned down close to my ear and said: "Dan, your my cousin. And your really cute. Do you really think I'm going to charge you?" 
With that she popped up, grabbed me by the hand and led me towards the private area. Now, yes I am a fairly sensitive man. But I am a man. My eyes were fixed on that gorgeous mound of flesh called her ass the whole way as it bounced and jiggled. I watched as she kissed the barmaid the whispered in her ear.
The barmaid smiled, looked at me, then gave Diane a key to one of the rooms. Diane returned to me and said "We're not supposed to have the keys because the doors lock from the inside, but they're making a special case for me. "
She grabbed me by the hand again and let me to room 2. The room was obviously built for comfort and pleasure. The couch was soft, plush and perfect for the dancer. It smelled of cucumber and melon and the mirrors ensured nothing was missed. Speakers carried the music played on the outside, with none of the crowd noise or DJ talking.

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Diane gently layed me on the sofa on my side and she quickly fell into my arms, embracing me. She was crying. I held her. Not a stripper, but Diane.
I didn't need to ask why. In no more than 3 years she had gone from being the darling child of a stepford wife and oil executive father in a brady bunch utopia, to a stripper who had obviously fallen on hard times.
"Omigod Dan, I'm so happy to see you!" She said through her tears. She kept repeating "I'm so happy right now. "
About 30 minutes later she settled down.
I smiled at her and said "It's good to see you to. So, uh, what's up. "
"Well," she said in the lovely alto tone that sounded like chocolate, "everything was going great, y'know, with my mom dad and brother. Then, like, I just let puberty get the better of me one day. "
"How so?" I replied
"Ok, I had just turned 13 and there was this guy. He had just graduated and he was flirting with me.

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   He was my friends brothers friend and I was over at her house.   So, cuz my parent's weren't home and I was super horny, I told him we should go back to my place. " She replied.
"And let me guess, you got caught. " I replied.
"No, I got pregnant. " She retorted.
My eyebrows shot up in shock. "So you're a MILF?!" I replied without thinking.
She giggled. "No, um, I murdered the fetus. " I took note of her word useage.  
NOTE: This is a work in progress. Please have patience as I finish writing.

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