My dirty Marine....


my mom and dad always leave at the beginingof the school year for 'vacation'. . . . meaning they want to fuck in privacy away from the house. But this year was different. My little sister left with her friend also the same week they left, so it was the first time i had the house literally all to myself for such a long time. I asked my mom if i could invite my boyfriend, robert, over when they left. She said 'Yes, but god dont tell your father. He won't sleep a wink if he knows you're alone with him for this long. '
Im an ordinary, rebellious teenager when it comes these things so i was going to do it no matter what her answer had been. The day they left Robert came over right after his long day of work in the marines. He was still in his camis from work. God I've never seen such a sexy man before. For just being 20 years old he ws perfect. The dark spots of dirt on his cheeks from a long days work, the sexy uniform.

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  . . it was all so perfect. The moment i opened the front door to greet him i noticed the bulge in his pants. My pussy tingled with anticipation. If I could have I would have jumped on him right then and there and fucked his brains out on my front door step but that wouldn't have been 'lady like'.
I kissed him and said the normal 'hello'. i whispered in his ear, 'my babys all dirty. . . has he been a bad boy?'. I didn't need a responce. I forcefully grabbed him by the scrotum, making him jump alittle. I had a look in my eye that read 'fuck me'. You all know the look.

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  . .
I led him up the stairs,purposly walking infront of him to stick my perfectly rounded ass at his eye level. I unbuttoned the button on my jeans and began to undo the zipper. Pulling them down to expose the chain and playboy charms that dangled from the back of the black g-string i had thoughtfully picked out earlier that day. I looked back to see his handsom scruffy face. He reached his hand to touch my ass but I slapped it back, 'My babys dirty. Hes very dirty and very naughty isnt he?He needs to be washed before he can touch me. ' He cocked an eyebrow at me. I led him to my parents room, 'looks as if somebody else has been naughty too hun. . . ' he said as he looked at the bath tub. There were candles, 17 of them, and bubbles that practically overflowed the tub. I  grabbed his chin with my fingers to direct his gaze back to me, "now, if my baby wants to have his way with me he needs to obey wut i say.

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   Got it?" he nodded with his devilish grin. i started to unbotton his shirt, then the pants, and the undershirt, then the green marine boxers. I slid them down over his knees. finally naked. . . i ran my hands over his shaved head. I made my way down to his penis. It was bigger than ever. His excitement was growing as I got to my knees. I licked my palms and started to massage his balls and shaft. I kissed the tip gently. Just as he leaned his head back in extacy i shoved his whole cock in my mouth. I love it. I loved tasting the saltyness of the sweat and precum.

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   I loved feeling every individual vein on his long hard dick. I loved feeling it pulsating in the very back of my throat. He let out alittle gasp and i pulled away, 'Oh fuck no. Dont be a tease. Baby suck it. ' He begged.
I giggled my girlish giggle and started to undress myself. My nipples were hard and waiting. They tinggled now also with the annticipation of the upcoming events. I pulled my jeans off and the g-string. I let him stare for a second pretending not to know he was watching as i caressed my hard nipples and made my way down to my already wet cunt. I slipped one finger in. . . .

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  then two into the hot wetness of my pussy. I slid my fingers up and down the lips spreading them slightly to give him a perfect view. I pulled my fingers away and slipped them into my mouth, licking them gently and looking up at him as I bit the tip of my fingers. He began to walk forward, his hard cock barely even moving, reaching around me. I told him not yet. I love to tease him until he cant take it anymore. I got myself into the bathtub and motioned for him to join. I rubbed him sentually, carressing his arms and tattoo covered chest. I pushed my hand against his chest motioning for him to lean back. I took a breath in and went under the bubble filed water.  I grabbed his throbbing hard 8 inch cock and sucked as hard as i ever have. I let sum water in my mouth and swished it around the tip of his penis as i stroked his balls.  The precum came quicker this time. I bobbed my head vigoursly up and down until I couldnt hold my breath any more.  I reamerged, 'Your turn'.


   He grinned slightly but didnt hesitate a second. He moved forward to me and jammed 3 fingers into my tight pussy. A gasp escaped my mouth. His mouth met my breasts and sucked. i watched as his lips parted and met around my nipples. I could feel his fingers pressing against my pussy walls. My pussy and ass mucsles spazzumed as he reached far enough to touch my G-spot. Im one of the lucky ones that has the G-spot orgasms every time I have sex but he was good to hit it when he was finger fucking me. . . . he was really good.
He removed his hand and his lips from my body and picked me up forcefully. He placed me on the cold tile floor next the tub, even that feeling added the arousol of everything. He wasted no time whatsoever.

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   He thrusted his cock deep inside my dripping cunt. My juices of my first orgasm lubricated his cock perfectly letting it slide in and out quickly. I had never seen him this aggresive before. If I had not been just as horny it would have looked like rape.
We do have an odd rape fetish, wich is exactly wut was being played out this time. He had his hand against my throat, chokeing me. He looked around the room and seemed to have spotted something. He grabbed my g-string that I had been wearing and stuffed it in my mouth, 'Now whos been a naughty girl?' the eroticism of it all flushed through me at that very second. Every muscle in my body tightened and I applied the tight grip of my pussy on his pumping cock. I screamed through the g-string and his chokeing. My eyes rolled back and my legs quivered with orgasmic chills.
He flipped me over, to doggy style. I could feel my cunt juices dripping from my pussy and down my legs. Hestuck 3 fingers in my pussy and started to eat my ass hole. His taung ran delicatly down my ass crack and to the tiny tight whole.

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   I could still feel the chills of the last orgasm running through my body. He pulled his mouth away and pressdit against the tiny rosebud of my ass. I could feel the tip push its way through. He pressed harder and soon enough his whole dick was pumping in and out of my asshole. We had only done it once anally but this time was just amazing. He started to talk, 'You like that baby?' I moned loadly in reply, 'Ya? You wanna be me butt slutt?' I screamed as i had my first analy stimulated orgasm, 'Fuck yes!!! Harder baby!!!! Faster!!! fFck my ass faster Robert!!' I could feel his balls hitting my cunt and every inch of his dick inside of me. He pulled out and led me to the bed. 'Ooohhh. . . . . baby. Your such a naughty boy. ' He pushed me down onto my parents bed.

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   He fucked my ass until he came. His warm cum was inside my ass and I could feel it even better in my ass than in my pussy!!!! It was amazing how great it felt! I must have orgasmed atleast 5 times just off of that!!!

-tell me wut u think about this story. id like to make more soon!!!! i hope u like it-