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I never really cared much for school, who did? and quite a few of the lessons I just didn't see the point. German was one of those lessons. Eventually after spending a year talking and sleeping my way through mrs. xxxx's lesson I had to stay behind and catch up. Despite hating German, I always loved mrs. xxxx, she was my favourite teacher. She had a spark. She was fun loving. Layed Back. I loved her accent. Especially the way she said my name, "David. " with a cheeky little smile. As i'm sure alot of guys know and i'm sure alot of girls too, during the teenage years, constantly feeling horny, even some of the least attractive people are attractive. She had a beautiful face but she was overweight, wearing wacky clothes and a wacky haircut to match her colourful personality.
My first afterschool lesson came around, it was a monday night and i had to spend two hours there as i did for the next two weeks. Spending two hours a day with a person, regardless who it is, when it's just the two of you, you learn who they are.

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   You learn about them. When the lessons came around, we had inside jokes (which i tried to hide from my classmates as I wanted to appear cool (: ) It came to a point when I actually enjoyed German, I looked forward to it. I didn't realize it at first. I didn't know wether it was because I was getting good at it or because I looked forward to seeing Mrs. XXXX. Every night after our catch up sessions, I came in a gave my mum the brush off to the usual and very annoying question how was your day, to go and lock my self in the bathroom and wank off over her (Not My Mum, Mrs. XXXX (:) She was the first teacher I had a crush on and to be honest I hated it. Mrs. XXXX was always a touchy feely teacher and I didn't want to get a hard on infront of her, it was bad enough that I went red when she looked at me.
It was our final catch up session together and as a teenager spending all that time with her, I got it into my head she had a thing for me too. It happens like that alot when you're a teen. You think every girl that looks at you fancy's you. As a present after finishing all the work i'd missed she gave me a video. As I was leaving, all sorts of thoughts were going through my mind. I held out my hand and said thankyou and she awkwadly gave me a hug, I instantly got a hard on and I guess i didn't have alot of blood going through my brain because I kissed her.

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   Embarresment! Every time i think about that I cringe. She moved away in shock and I immediatly apologised as quick as I lost my erection. I walked out of the classroom and when I got in, I didn't have a wank.
Monday soon came around and It was German second Period, I decided to wag it, as I did for the next week or so. Mrs. XXXX didn't report me as I think she was just as embarresed about what happened as me. But I eventually fell behind again and she had to send a letter home for me to go to even more catch up lessons.
In my next catch up lesson, I had to write up a business letter and translate from the english copy I was given, into, you've guessed it; German. As I was sat at the back of the classroom working. She was still touchy feely with me, still smiled that cheeky smile. And to think of it, she didn't act like that with the other students, well not to the same degree. I finished the business letter in half an hour, I was given two. So the rest of the time I wrote a personal letter to mrs. xxxx. Today, I can't think how I had the balls to do it.

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   I wrote how I wanted her, what I wanted to do to her and finished off by saying it's not fair what you're doing to me. You like me, or altleast you enjoy the fact that I like you. I then left me email address at the bottom.
When I got in I signed onto msn and waited to see if she would add me, or maybe email me, I waited up until three in the morning when I got a pop up saying do you want to add this contact? I clicked yes. She unloaded on me, no, not cum! She told me that her husband ignored her, but doesn't want to hurt him. I understood as much as I could for a 16 year old. She then clicked on my webcam. I sat there not knowing what to do, and not knowing what she was thinking. She then said "I wish you was older, actually, I wish I was younger. " We talked for a while about anything other than German. We talked for two and a half hours. I eventually asked her for a picture. I unzipped my flY and began to wank over it. She then asked me what I was doing and I forgot my webcam was on. She asked me if i was masturbating?, and then she said continue before i had a chance to awnser.

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   I moved the webcam down to focus more on my cock and a minute oR two later i cumed all over my laptop screen and onto my webcam. I then signed off and cleaned up without saying goodbye.

    The next day came and it was another catch up session. She had brought a irrelevant movie in as an excuse to close the blinds but she couldn't come around to do anything with me, we hardly even spoke. When I got up and was about to leave, i noticed the door was locked. I then took charge by turning around and unzipping my fli. I pulled my trousers and my boxers down. She moved towards me and wrapped her mouth arround my cock as I pushed the back of her head. She gagged but I didn't want her to stop, As I cumed she almost chocked. Cum was running down her chin and I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her falling back on the floor, this time instead of pulling away she stuck her tongue in my mouth. I quickly undressed her as she did me and looking at her naked body. I didn't know which crease to put it in. But I've got to be honest, her body turned me on more than a tight little one has ever done. We threw all her stuff off of her desk and bent her over as i fucked her in the ass. She shouted something out in german and till this day I don't know what it was and i don't really want to.

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       I then layed back as she sat on my face, Her pussy smelt so strong. I usually liked shaved women but every thing i usually looked for was opposite on her and I found it incredibly sexy. I tasted her come in my mouth and didn't swallow. I wanted to taste her for aslong as possible. I licked all over her body tasting her sour sweat but to me it tasted beautiful. She then sat around her desk pretending to mark things as I wanked in her face covering her "documents. " She then gave me a tit wank and soon after the clock sounded for five o'clock. She had to go and I was very late already, so she gave me a lift back. I stroked her leg as we drove home. I kept telling her how i wanted to stick my dick in her pussy. I then put my hand down her big pink knickers and finger fucked her, she cumed all over my hand. I put that hand down the front of my trousers and pressed up it up against my dick. At a set of traffic lights she put her hand around mine and i immediatly cummed. She then had to pull onto a side road to clean up. The side road was to a point very quiet.

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       We then shared another kiss. She looked at me like i'd never seen her look at me before.  She pulled my trousers down and climed on top. She fucked me so hard, so fast. It was the best lay i'd ever had. I saw to sets off people go by and i'm sure the car shook tremendously.
    We never had sex in public again but I stayed behind every day after school. I rushed through my work as quickly as i could and then fucked her every way possible. I havent seen her in a long time but out of all the people i've had sex with, some very beautiful, she was the sexiest!
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