My Girlfriend’s Sister


I was just finishing up in the shower when there was a knock at the door. My girlfriend’s sister was calling me through the door to tell me that she needed to get in the shower. Before I could tell her that I would be out in a minute I heard the door open. I stepped out of the shower and saw her standing there  with her arms across her chest as I began to dry myself off.
Well did you leave me any hot water, or did you just use it all up like the inconsiderate bastard that you are.
No, your gonna have to wait for it to get hot again. And I don’t appreciate you talking to me like that, this is my house and you are a guest, because your parents couldn’t stand you anymore if it wasn’t for your sister I’d throw you out right now. Yeah, yeah, yeah teach  this girl some respect
I grabbed Sara by the arm and pushed her against the counter top, now if you do not start showing me some respect right fucking now your gonna be in deep shit
Yeah, you can’t do anything to me cause my sister would leave you.
Your sisters not gonna leave me, not after I tell her that I caught you stealing stuff from our room.
I never took a damn thing from you and if you say otherwise it’s a lie.
Lie, Truth that doesn’t matter not  with your record.
So now are you gonna start showing me some respect, or do we take it to the next level?
Well I guess your gonna have to take it to the next level  she said
To the next level it is I said
I grabbed Sara by the arm and pushed her back against the counter.
So you think you’re a tough guy now huh she said
I bent Sara over there counter and held her
Oooohhhh,  so what  you gonna give me a spanking now, cause I’m such a bad girl she said sarcastically
That sounds like a fine idea  I said, how many should I give you?
I don’t know, your hands gonna get tired sooner or later.
Is this girl trying to push all of my buttons   
Well your about to find out how many licks it takes to get me tired
Waaaappp, my hand connected with her ass
Waaaappp, Again I smacked her ass
This is not gonna do it drop your shorts I told her
If you think I’m gonna take off my shorts, you better think again
This time I didn’t even tell her again, I reached out pulled her shorts off of her.
She tried to cover herself but it was no use. Now if you take your punishment like a good little girl it will be over soon, but the more you mouth off the worse off you’re gonna be, Do you understand.

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Well could you get it over with cause I got things to do today.
Now didn’t I tell you not to mouth off, for that you’re gonna get ten more, would you like to go for twenty?
No ten is fine.
I began to administer more of the punishment, but now her panties were getting in the way, I told her to take them off,  she began to toy with the waist band of the panties.
She was moving way to slow for my tastes so I reached out and ripped them off her body.
Now that’s better, I get to see my handiwork.
Two more and you are done
Finally I finished spanking her bottom, it had turned a nice shade of pink, I knew that she was gonna have a hard time sitting down for a while. It was then that I realized that all this spanking had turned me on, only problem was that there was no one around to help me take care of the problem.
So are we done here cause I gotta get in the shower for my date tonight.
No we’re not done yet, I said as I removed my towel, you made this happen now you’re gonna fix it
No way, I let you spank me, there is no way in hell that I’m gonna fuck you.
Who said anything about fucking, your mouth got you into this situation, and now its gonna get you out of it.   I said as I closed the distance between us. Or should I just find my watch hidden in your bedroom. The choice is yours
She seemed to be slowly relenting, I reached out for her and pushed her down onto her knees.
Now if you do a good job I might let you stay here for a bit longer.
I guided my swollen cock between her lips, and felt the wetness of her mouth.

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She licked my cock and swirled it in her mouth like a pro, there was only one thing that could make it better, and she was about to find out what it was. I gripped the side of her head and began to push my cock deeper into  her mouth. She started to gag for a minute, I told her to calm down and to breath through her nose. She tried to pull her mouth off of my cock but I held her head still, finally she began to relax and I pushed my cock deeper into her throat. I could feel my balls getting ready to explode. I told her that if she swallowed all of my cum that I would let her go. She nodded that she understood. I groaned and released the biggest load that I had ever had right into her mouth.   She began to chock on my thick load, so I finally released her head from my grasp. She did listen to me this time she swallow all of my cum and began to lick the rest off of my cock.
So I think you learned your lesson, what do you think?
I think we have a problem here she said
And what would that be? I asked
Well why don’t you take a look and see if you can guess she said as she dipped her fingers into her pussy and moved her hand toward me. You did this to me now you gotta fix it.
And why should I, its not my problem
Cause if you don’t I’ll tell my sister that you raped me
Rape?, you think that was rape? I’ll show you what rape is
You don’t have the balls she said
I gripped her face in my hands, so you really want to see what rape is I said as I pushed her back toward the counter. I bent her over so her feet were just barely touching the ground. I guided my rock hard cock into her cunt and pushed the head inside of her.

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So this is your idea of rape, I’ve had better
The second she said this I slammed my cock into her and began to push it roughly into her. She looked back at me and seemed to be enjoying it a little to much. Well I’m gonna have to get a little more aggressive with her. I felt her cunt starting to squeeze me, I knew that she was on the verge of orgasm. I pulled my cock completely from her cunt.
What the fuck are you doing? She said
Well it was nice but it was too loose I want something tighter
It took her a second to  realized what I was talking about
Oh no you don’t, no one has ever fucked me there
Well that’s about to change
She began to struggle to get away but I grabbed her and held her on the counter
If you relax it will be better, if not this is gonna hurt…. . a lot
I’m not gonna let you fuck me in the ass you dirty bastard
who ever said you were gonna let me, but I’m gonna do it anyway
It was then that she seemed to accept that there was nothing she could do to stop me
I moved my self into  position  and spread her cheeks, her little pink asshole looked so inviting it was winking at me. I began to push my cock  into her
Please, please stop it hurts
Not me it doesn’t I said as I rammed the full length of my cock into her virgin bowels. She screamed and squeezed her muscles trying to expel my cock from her ass, all that she did was make me move excited as I ravaged her hole. She was tighter than anyone I had ever had before, after a few strokes she began to relax and I think she actually enjoyed it. I felt myself getting close to Cumming. I told her that it would all be over soon. I exploded in her ass, as I withdrew  I could see my cum trickling out of her ass.
Now I need another shower I’m all sweaty I said as I opened the curtain and turned on the water.

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   She slid down to the floor and sat there. When I had the water ready I stepped in. I looked out of the shower and she was still sitting there.
Care to join me we wouldn’t want all  the hot water to be used up again.
Slowly she got up and stepped into the shower with me. We proceeded to wash each other. It was then that I told her that this was just the first level and it could go further if she did not shape up and lose her attitude.
Just for good measure I hid one of my watches in her room

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