My New Pair Of Fangs Part 1


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It was late October in a small town jest north of Atlanta the leaves on the ground. The worm air not that comforting to Jon anymore. After his change into the well his new life style.
I was still not used to the vampire life. And the feeding still creped me out. I was jest laying there on my bed thinking of all the shit I have to put up with the thirst and the never being a bell to lounge in the sun. I was not a bad looking forever froze at age 16 hassle eyes and about 5-7 I was in my favorite Button down shirt with my black hair going down past my solders and a pendent around his neck. Me and girl friend got in to a fight she wanted to be like me a monster and I refused to take any of her phone calls. I hared the door bell ring.
I slowly got up from my bad and want to answer. The door to see the last person he would ever find on my door-step. It was My girl friend she was about 2 inches taller than I she was warring a skirt and a tube top. Sam was saying looking up at me looking a deer caught in head lights” so you jest gunna let me stay out in the cold" I was in shock but I throw open the door all the same. And I smelled the peach shampoo she used I was already hard as she brushed pasted me.
all I can say was.
"you look great" as I gave her the up down.

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"ya it's called a shower" she said smiling. I closed the door and said
"what are you doing here?"
"What I can't come see my boy friend" Sam said with a small vary sexy smile as she came closer to me. 'Great' I thought ‘she skipped pleading and is now trying to subdues me. Well it's working ‘I thought as she got closer still. 'Keep it cool it may not be what you think it is' She got closer still I can count the number of feckless on her face there is 35 by the way. Sam kissed me are tongs exploring each others mouth. I slowly rapped around her waste as I pulled her closer. She popped open one of my buttons of My shirt as Sam slowly lead me to The rap around couch in the living room she slowly popped open another of my buttons but I did not notice as we where in the living room and she was undressing me. I was lost in the moment . Not being able to contently my self I felt my fangs push down though my gums. Than I sunk my fangs in to her neck felling the worm flow in to my mouth. But if I drained her of her blood he wood have to make her one of the children of the night to.
So he stopped hearing her whimper saying “Jon take me now”
But hold up I am getting ahead of my self let me tell you how this all got started