My Philippine Girl.


My name is Angel Smith I am a 23 year old guy with a nice toned fit body, and about a 8 inch dick and for 2 or 3 years I have been fantasying about having sex with a Shemale/Transexual……well T-Girl for short I say. I work as a construction worker and had just recently start going after my fantasy. I have been searching online for T-Girls that live near me, but had no luck at that so I started contacting just random ones that I seen that I thought were hot. I went through a couple but none seemed interested in me since I was far from them. Then I came across one that lived in the Philippines, she was a goddess beautiful all over about 5’5 or 5’6 and a slim waste with long black hair and tasty looking lips smooth sexy legs and nice C-D cup tits and to wrap it all up a nice round ass.
 We talked for a good while on yahoo messenger (like 3 or 4 months) and one day we both had our web cams on and started talking dirty and things got heated between us…very heated. As she talked about kissing her way down my body licking my chest and stomach as she went then unzipping my pants and pulling out my dick and sucking it till I shot all in her mouth……well that started make’n my 8 inch cock really stiff. Then I replied by telling her I would kiss her deeply then tear off her cloths and lick her tits and as I kiss and lick her body I would stroke her cock, then kissing my way down and sliding my tongue down her body and over her cock and balls and not stopping till my tongue touches her hot ass hole. She type that I had turned her on and made her want me…. so I said well lets fuck on cam and she quickly replied yes. We both striped and her nice smooth slim sexy body laid on her bed rubbing her self all over softly stroke’n her cock and rubbing her tits as I stroked my dick I type’n to her that I wanted to fuck her so hard. She said well I guess I’ll pretend this is you…. . as she pulled out a nice sized dildo about 7 inches maybe and she started sucking on it and rubbing her balls and ass at the same time. I jerked my dick looking at her sexy body as she sucked her dildo, then she moved it down to her ass and pressed it against the hole and slid it in and I could tell by her face she was moaning deeply. My cock got even harder when she started fucking her ass with that dildo she sat up and started bouncing on it as if she was ride’n my dick and I felt like I could explode already from be so turned on, but I kept stoke’n holding back my load.

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   She started bouncing faster and faster then I saw her scream out and cum shooting out of her dick as she fucked that dildo wildly…. as I saw that I started stroking faster and faster then shot my load all over my stomach and hands……. well cleaned up then started talked about her moving here to the U. S. since we had been talking for so long and just had a great session of cyber sex, we talked long about it and decided that she would move here and live with me in 2 weeks.
 Those 2 long weeks almost every night I dreamed about me and her make’n love and going out to places but before I knew it the day was here I had to pick her up from the air port. As I drove to the air port many things of what I should do when I see her ran through my head. As I was waiting for her to come through the doors I thought that I would grab her and kiss her deeply, and then there she was walking to me she ran and jumped into my arms and we kissed make’n out for about 10 minutes at least haha…. . On the drive back to my house we talked and as we talked I noticed that her skirt she was wearing had slid up her leg a bit and I just could resist rubbing that oh so sexy leg, so I did and she looked at me and we saw in each others eye what was to come when we would get home. As soon as we walked through the door I was carrying her bags and she walked in front of me I dropped the bags and shut the door grabbed her spun her around and lifted her around my waist and pressed her aginst the wall kissing deeply I rubbed her ass and she started taking off my shirt and I let her down tore off her shirt and slid her panties down and she pulled my shirt and pants off then slowly took my dick head into her mouth and slowly started sucking me and it felt like nothing I had ever felt before it was amazing and I rub and grabbed her hair as she lick and slurped my cock. She stopped and with only her skirt still on she walked over to the bed room and called me with her finger and walked in an laid on the bed,  I quickly followed her and she laid now completely naked with her legs spread and I came to her dropped down and started licking her ass hole slowly and deeply as she moaned and called for me grabbing my hair and the sheets I stroked her dick as I ate he hot ass she told me to suck her before I fuck her so as I took her cock into my mouth I pushed my index and middle finger into her ass she gasped and moaned as I fingered and suck her. I stopped lifted and pressed my dick to her hole and slide it in slowly and she looked at me moaned telling me to make love to her so I bent down and laid on top of her and kissed her as I worked my dick into her she gasped and moaned as we kissed I slowly moved in and out of her swirling my hips as I glided my rock hard dick in and out of her. After a few minutes of making love to her she said I was make’n her even hotter as I worked her then she bit my lip and rolled us over and at my surprise she still had me in her and she started rolling her body make’n her ass move in a way that felt so good I could feel my cum boiling in my hot balls, she asked me if I liked that (I replied with a kiss and yes) and then she pressed her hands on my chest rolling her ass moaning….
    softly saying my name tell me she loves my cock, I told her that her ass felt amazing and she then stopped and sat up and started bouncing  up and down now screaming as she bounce I rubbed her body and tits, then started stroking her dick make’n her moan and scream more.

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       I stopped her bouncing and started thrusting up into her make my hips slab her ass she now screaming my name and telling me harder that she is about to cum, I then grabbed her hips and as I started thrusting up I made her body bounce up and down she is scream as we sweat and moan kissing and biting each others lips, she screams that’s she is going to cum and as I lay there I stop and she sits all the way down on me I starts jerking her and she shoots all over my belly and chest after she cums she slowly swirls her ass around and scoops up her cum on her 2 fingers and puts it to my mouth so I start licking and suck her finger swallowing her cum (I never tasted cum but when I licked hers it tasted of a sweet nectar) as she grinds on my dick I tell her that I want her to swallow my cum too and she simply nods and lifts off and I get of the bed now standing and she lays on the bed and pulls my cock into her mouth sucking it deeply and rubbing my stomach and balls looking at me and asking if it feels good and I moan and rubbing her head telling her yes and that I love when she sucks me. I tell her that I’m about to cum and she opens her mouth and stokes my dick until I bust my load all in her mouth as I cum she starts sucking me again swallowing all of me then I lay down beside her kissing her as we rub each other all over tell that we love each other and then drifting asleep naked holding each other.

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