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But I was far to excited to continue doing that or I would have cum right there never having really fucked ass. I just had to have my whole dick in her ass. I shoved the whole thing in and fucked her slowly at first, pulling it almost all the way out before cramming it back in. I was quite surprised that my dick wasn’t coated with shit it came out clean every time I pull it back. I wanted to cum now and really started fucking her now hard and fast, it didn’t take long before I could feel my climax building and very shortly my cock was unloading it’s hot load deep in her ass. I couldn’t bring myself to pull out and let it shrink inside of her until it fell out. I was really pleased to see a couple of streaks of shit on the head of my dick, proof positive that my cock had been in her ass. I sat back holding her cheeks open watching, my cum leak out of her ass. Finally I clean up her ass with soap and water and put her on the bed. I took off her dress, bra and slipped on one of her nightgown and got her tucked in. Put on my own pajama bottom, I could not bring myself to clean up my dick. I wanted to see the dried shit stain in the morning. Then I got in bed and went to sleep, I expected to catch hell in the morning, I was sure she would know I had raped her ass. That didn’t happen in fact I was greeted my a good morning Sweetie. I thought you deserved to have your coffee brought to you in bed. She kissed me and thanked me for getting her ready for bed last night and for hanging up her clothes.

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   I had gotten away with it and soon as she left I checked my dick and the shit stain was there so I didn’t dream it. The next opportunity came up several months later. When late on a Saturday night I couldn’t sleep so I was watching an x-rated movie my wife and daughter had been asleep for hours. I heard a thud on the back stairs and put my dick back in my pants and when to see what had caused the noise. I found my wife’s, 27 year old, sister, who lives with us, passed out on the back stairs. I had fantasies about fucking her since she had moved in but never would have tried it. I tried to wake her up but that was not going to happen so once again I was carrying a passed out woman to her bedroom. She lived in the finished basement, where she had her own bedroom, private bathroom and a sitting room, which was her TV room. She was wearing a short skirt and when I picked her up I noticed three things. She was braless, she wasn’t wearing any panties and unless my nose was lying to me she smelled like she had just had sex. My dick sprang to life; I was going to be able to fuck her at last.
I carried down to her bedroom and placed her on her bed. I quickly unbuttoned her blouse so I could her tits, which I had being staring at for months now. They were gorgeous with quarter size nipples. Pulling up her skirt I was amazed to see her pussy had quite a bush only being shaved where it would show when she had her swimsuit on.

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   The hair was matted and stiff confirming she had just gotten laid before coming home. I stripped down my cock was rock hard and decided to start with her breasts. I kneaded each one, while sucking on her nipples, next was her cunt. I spread her leg and as my face got close the smell of stale sex was intoxicating. I licked her pussy clean and sucked on her bush until it was soft and fluffy. My cock was slick with it own juices and slid into her cunt with ease. I was fucking her and almost came in her cunt when I decided, I might never get this chance again, so I had better fuck her ass too. I quickly rolled her over and rammed my cock in her ass, I was in heaven pounding her ass and watching the cheeks of her ass giggle when I slapped up against them.
Once again I was just about ready to cum when and evil thought crossed my mind and I pulled out just in time. My dick was really shit stained this time but I didn’t have time to admire it right now I was on the verge of Cuming. I rolled her over and it was perfect she was breathing thru her mouth, which was open. I shot most of my load in her mouth saving the last of it for her tits and hairy bush. I did clean up her butt and buttoned up her blouse and left her face down on the bed like she had fallen on it before passing out. Her purse I left in the middle of her TV room floor like she had dropped it. I dressed and went upstairs to the bathroom so I could admire the shit stains on my cock before I washed them off.

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   Now I was tired and I turn off the lights and went to bed, kissing my wife on her shoulder as I snuggled up against her. She was half asleep, but said are you just getting to bed sweetie and went back to sleep. I went to sleep wishing I could be there when my sister in law woke up, the taste of cum, in her mouth. The next day I was once again sweating it out, wondering if I would get caught this time. There was a little stir around the house in the morning.
She knew she had been raped and had confided with my wife. My wife told her to go to the hospital and have them do a rape kit on her, so the creep could be caught. She didn’t go however it seems according to my wife. She woke up with the taste of a guy in her mouth and her blouse was stuck to her breasts when she got up. She felt so dirty that she and washed all her clothes and had showered and douched both holes, and brushed her teeth four times, before she felt clean again. She also had no idea of where she was last night. We did however convince her the get herself checked by a doctor for STD’s she might have picked up. I know this is sick but I took all the self-control I had to keep from getting and erection while all this was going on and as soon as I could I jacked off in the bathroom thinking about it. Once again I had gotten away with it and even better than that my wife was really impressed with my love making that evening. Telling me, wow I don’t what got into you tonight, but hold on to it.

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   Any guesses, what I was thinking about while I was banging my wife?
Once again life was back to normal, but I do think about those two times often. About a year passed by and my mother in law took sick. Both my wife and sister in law were out of town when my next opportunity presented itself. I guess to be honest about it. I created the next situation. My daughter had her girlfriend sleeping over for the night and early in the evening I caught them try to sneak a bottle out of the liquor cabinet. They were scared when I caught them, but I was thinking. I told them if they stayed in the house I really didn’t care if they wanted to have a few drinks, but looking at my daughter I said if your mom find out about this is would be both of our Asses. The girl were ecstatic and promised that they could keep there mouth shut. I said Ok and even volunteered to be bartender for them.
I was a very good bartender too, keeping their glassed full. I was drinking with them but my drinks were made with vodka and theirs were mixed with Ever Clear grain alcohol. They got quite drunk quickly and went off to my daughter bedroom. I checked on them twice with fresh drinks and had to wake them up, which I was able to do both times and they accepted the fresh drinks. My third visit I had hit pay dirt and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t wake them.

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   It was show time and my dick knew it. I went to my bedroom and stripped down and returned naked. I noticed a large lump in my daughter blanket and when I looked I found a large dildoe next to a vibrator. That was perfect for what I had in mind. I removed their nightgown and as I suspected they had been fooling around and neither was wearing any panties. They were both 16 at the time. Both of them equally endowed with perky tits and really neatly trimmed pussies. I much as I hate the things, I put on a condom not wanting to leave any traces.
I was in heaven as I sucked on their tits and each hand had its very own pussy to play with, which I did for some time. I spread the legs so I could taste their pussies and compare the way they tasted and smelled. I started with my daughter who smelled fresh and clean and had a slight salty taste. I licked and sucked her cunt hating to break away but her friends tempting cunt was calling me and I switched. Her pussy had a musty smell but tasted almost sweet and once again got completely caught up in licking and sucking her wonderful cunt. Having had my finger in both of their pussy’s I knew neither one was a virgin, so I could slide my cock in both of there holes. I climbed on the girlfriend first and slid in her saliva slick cunt, she was so tight and hot I had to pause several time lest I cum to quickly but I got carried away and fucked her pussy hard and knew it I was going to cum.

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   I couldn’t stop and filled the condom up as I shot my load. Forced to take a break, to recover and change condoms. I rolled the girls over so I could check out there Asses, which I did visually, damn what sight two young firm Asses. I ate both of them and managed to get my tongue into both of their holes, my tongue was getting tired but my dick had returned to life. With a fresh condom on I rolled my daughter over and slid into her hot pussy, which was tight but not as tight as her friends.
As I was fucking her hole stretching her pussy out even more I was thinking, I should talk to her about her sexual activity. I wasn’t going to do it but I couldn’t resist and pulled out of my daughter pussy and moved over to her friend ass. Taking the condom off, I after much pushing managed to get my cock in her ass and was in heaven as I was fucking her. I was going to cum if I didn’t stop so I pulled out and rolled my daughter over. I quickly cleaned my cock that was really coated with shit and returned to my daughter. I was really beginning to wonder as my dick slid easily into her ass, which made me a little angry and I took it out on her ass fucking it as hard as I could, my cock started throbbing and I shoot jet after jet of my hot cum into her ass. I pulled out and to my surprise her asshole stayed open and I could see the pool of cum inside of her. I spread her cheeks and sucked all of my own cum out of her, which was the first time I had ever tasted cum. I thought mine tasted pretty good.
Her ass was starting to close but I still was able to get most on my tongue into her and like a dog lapped the remaining cum out along with a little of her shit.

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   Her shit didn’t really tasted that bad either. I was sweaty and tired and had to quit. I cleaned the passed out girls up and left them naked lying on there sides in a 69 position. I had rubbed both of their faces in the others pussy so when they woke up they would know what they were doing when they fell asleep. I also put the dildoe in my daughter hand after inserting into her friend’s ass making sure that there was a shit stain on it. I put the vibrator by her friend’s hands and left the light on but closed the door. I decided to stay up, wanting to add to the confusion when the girl woke up. I made some coffee and while sitting in the family room wound up jacking off twice thinking about what I had done. About 7:30 I peeked in and they were still out not having moved an inch. I quickly cleaned up and got dressed and waited by the door listening, about nine I heard someone move and I quickly call and knocked on the door.
Asking are you guys alive in there? I am going to make breakfast you guys’ hungry. My daughter answered and said they were fine and not to bother cooking breakfast. A pot of coffee would be nice. I said ok one pot of coffee coming up come and get it when you ready and I left. A half an hour passed when they came out and they both said good morning.

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   My daughter asked me if we had any aspirins in the house and I smiled and said on the table. I thought you might be looking for them.
I wasn’t sure at the time, but I am now I had gotten away with it one more time. The only thing I could tell that was different was that they seemed to become closer friends. My wife even remarked to me about it one time. That they were like two peas in a pod, it seemed that one they were spending most of their nights together, either at our house or the girlfriends. I asked her if she thought that was healthy. She did, girls that age need a really good friend to share their secrets with. I thought to myself, I think it was more than secrets and went to the bathroom to jack off, while thinking about the two girls playing with each other.
Nothing has happened since the time with the two girls. But my wife best friend is on my list as soon as I can figure out how to pull it off.
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