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Faith barely managed to pull her tired frame out of bed. She was worn out from working too many hours as a real estate agent. Yesterday she started at 8 AM and didn’t finish showing the last house until 9:30 at night. She didn’t know why she kept that job. The money was good but she was under a great deal of stress most of the time. She would’ve quit a long time ago if it weren’t for the fact that her job provided a nonstop supply of long cocks to fuck and suck on a weekly basis.
Faith had loved to have multiple sex partners ever since her junior year of high school when she had her first sexual experience. They say your first time is the most important sex you’ll ever have because it usually shapes the way you like to be fucked for the rest of your life. In Faith’s case, they were right.
She thought back to her first time. It was so great. Who would have ever thought that little Faith could handle sucking five big cocks in a row? Who would have thought she could take all five cocks to the back of her tiny mouth without gagging and swallow every drop of cum? Who would have thought she would have the gall to do this with five of her coworkers, all of whom had girlfriends.
Even now, at age 25, she still fantasized about the day that would shape the way she felt about sex for the rest of her life.

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   It made her pussy drip every time she thought about it. That experience turned Faith into a cum guzzler who liked sucking dick on the job, especially when the dick was attached to a married man.
She showered, ate breakfast, and got dressed in a sexy bra-and-panty set that she wore under her business skirt. She put her glasses on and looked at herself in the mirror to make sure everything was in place. As she was checking herself out, the phone rang.
“Hello,” she said in her cheery saleswoman voice.
“Faith, hi, this is Shawn. ”
“Oh, hi. What’s up?” Shawn was Faith’s friend. She was especially fond of him because he kept an open mind about her sexuality. People were always giving her a hard time because she liked to fuck so many married men. Shawn never mistreated her or disrespected her and she loved him for it. She would do anything for him. She even offered to suck his dick but Shawn was faithful to his wife. He would never cheat on her.

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He had run into some financial trouble and had to sell his house in a hurry. The first person he called was Faith. She agreed to not only sell the house, but even give him her portion of the commission to help him get back on his feet.
Shawn said, “Faith, I messed up. ” He sounded frantic.
“What do you mean?” asked Faith.
“Remember I said we had a whole year before they foreclosed on the house? I was wrong. I misunderstood the message they left on my voicemail. I thought the guy said I have thirteen months. He said I have thirteen weeks. That was three months ago. We only have until the end of this week to sell the house or they’ll take it. ”
“Did you say thirteen weeks? It usually takes at least a year before they get finished with the legal stuff. ”
“It has been about a year. I started having financial problems a long time ago.

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   I’ve been missing payments since last year. ”
“You should have told me. I would have given you the money. ”
“I know you would’ve but I didn’t wanna bother you with my problems. Damn it, Faith. My shit’s in the wind. The house isn’t going to sell by then. ”
Faith said, “Shawn, listen to me. Start packing your bags. The house will be gone by the end of the day. I have a client set up to view it and I guarantee he’ll buy it. I just need you to be out of the house between six and seven o’clock. ”
“How do you know he’s gonna buy?”
“Let me worry about that. He’ll buy; I know he will. Just be out between six and seven o’clock and I’ll take care of the rest.

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Faith met with her last client of the day. He was an older man in his mid 40’s that she noticed was always looking at her ass. She had never fucked an older man before, but she really wanted to try it and see if the rumor about the experience an older man brings to the table was true.
His name was Victor. She thought he was cute. Normally she would have already tried to fuck him but she was a little intimidated by his age. She wasn’t sure if he would like her. That’s why she thought this situation was blessing in disguise. It gave her a good reason to try.
She told Victor to get in her car. She wanted to ride together this time instead of having him follow behind her like he usually did.
She had the top buttons undone on her blouse and spread wide open to give Victor a good look at her cleavage. She started up a conversation just to make eye contact and bat her eyelashes at him. She was trying to test him out and see if he was interested.
He was.

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   The more she smiled and winked, the closer he leaned to her. He kept peeping downward to get a look at those luscious tits. Victor had fucked plenty of business women in his college days. Being here with Faith was starting to bring back old memories.
They arrived at Shawn’s house. Faith walked with an exaggerated switch as she led Victor up the walkway. She said, “This is my personal favorite house. If I didn’t already have one, this is the house I’d buy.
She looked over her shoulder. Victor was staring at her ass with lust in his eyes. He looked up when he noticed she was looking at him. She smiled and he smiled back. “You’re supposed to be looking at the house, Victor,” she said.
“I like the scenery down there better. ”
“You’re so silly,” she said.

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   She took the key out of the lockbox and unlocked the door. She allowed Victor to enter first. As she held the door for him, she quickly checked his crotch. It was bulging in his pants. Her pussy started getting wet. She knew she was getting some cock tonight.
She pointed out how spacey the house was, showed him the den and the backyard through the kitchen window. It was very well kept.
Her nerves started getting edgy as she led him to the dining room. She was about to make her move and she didn’t know how he would react. She said, “Do you like?”
“Yes, but it seems like a waste of space for a single guy like me, though. ”
“Well, you might not be single all your life. ”
“That’s true. ”
“So you like it so far?”
“It’s nice. Let’s take a look at the bedroom.

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Faith smiled and her eyes lit up. She said, “Okay. Follow me. ”
The bedroom was huge. There was a gigantic window that went from the floor to the ceiling and covered the entire length of the room. She agreed that it was too big for a single guy. She had to make a move now or lose the sale.
She led Victor to the private bathroom, said, “You get your own restroom and it’s only accessible through the master bedroom. It comes complete with plenty of storage space under the cabinet…”
Victor didn’t hear anything else that came out of Faith’s mouth because she bent over to show him the cabinets and her ass looked truly beautiful in that skirt.
She saw that the bulge in his pants had gotten bigger. She sat on bathroom counter, lifted her skirt high enough for Victor to see her thighs, and stopped just short of her pussy. She said, “You got plenty of space to do things in the bathroom, anything you might want. ”
Victor trembled and started breathing deeply. He grabbed a handful of cock and said, “I can think of a few things I’d like to do. ”
“So do you think this is the house for you?”
Victor said, “I don’t know.

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   I think I need to see more. ”
Faith knew what he was talking about. He wanted to see more of her body. She started to relax now that she knew Victor was willing.
She said, “It’s nearing the end of the month and I’ve got to make my quota. ” She started unbuttoning her blouse all the way down. “Can I show you some more features?” She leaned over the bathroom sink and raised her skirt all the way up.
Victor stared lustfully with his mouth open as he massaged his prick. Faith looked so sexy leaning over the sink bent over with her high heel pumps and curly locks of hair. Her panties fit close. They were snug between her white ass cheeks. Faith bent further over. Victor’s heart just about melted as he stared at the two lovely masses of flesh parted by a fine crack.
Her tender pussy was dripping cunt juice. The part of her panties that touched it was soaked.

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Victor said, “That looks real good. This fucking house is starting to look really good. ”
“We’re not done yet, Victor. There are still some other features that you haven’t seen yet. ” She took off her shirt and sat on the counter with her legs open, gently caressing her thighs. She moved her hands up her belly to her tits and started kneading them. Then she unhooked it and took it off completely.
Poor Victor looked like he was on the verge of losing control. His upper lip was quivering and he was taking small steps towards her. For a moment, he closely resembled a madman.
“You like?”
He nodded.
“Well let’s look at the rest of the house. ” She walked past him shaking her ass from side to side. The only thing she was wearing was high heels and tight panties that were conveniently wedged in her cute ass.
With built-in cabinets and shelves attached to the wall, the den was the perfect place to fuck.

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   She said, “Check out these high cabinets up here. ” She sat on the counter and spread her legs from east to west. Only the thin string of her panties concealed her pussy.
“Oh, my goodness,” said Victor. “This house is starting to look good now. ”
“I think this is going to be your favorite room. ”
“Why do you think that?” asked Victor as he approached her.
“Well, I just think that there’re plenty of opportunities in here.
She grabbed the back of his head and buried him in her soft tits. He squeezed both tits together and forced his tongue between them, then closed his mouth around the left nipple and made his way to the right.
He said, “Oh, yeah, you got lots of great features. ”
Faith nudged him away, turned around, bent over and pulled her panties down to the floor. She said, “I’m kinda partial to this as well. ” She reached behind her and rubbed her fingers in her greasy slit.
“Mmmmmm, nice curves.


   I’m loving this house more and more already. ”
“So you think we can work something out?”
“We can definitely work something out,” Victor said as he got on his knees and massaged Faith’s ass. As he enjoyed the pliable feel of her rear end, he slid his thumbs in her pussy and opened it up. There were clear traces of cunt juice around the clit and in the hole. He held the pussy lips open with two fingers while he slid the index finger of the other hand deep inside her twat.
Faith started rocking back and forth on his hand. It felt like a thin dick was inside of her. Her juices were flowing like rain now.
Victor couldn’t resist getting taste of this sexy young tender. He made her hold still and spread her pussy as wide as it would open. Then he put his face as far in it as it would go.
Faith clung to the shelf to keep from falling over. Her head was feeling dizzy from Victor’s soft tongue swirling around in her hole. He straightened his tongue and rolled it up like an arrow. He jabbed at her pussy with his tongue, using it like a miniature cock and didn’t stop until she came.

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He wiped his cunt soaked face and stood up. Faith said, “So are you ready to shake on the deal?”
“I don’t know. I think I need more time. ”
Faith put her finger in her mouth and started sucking on it. She leaned on her knees and said, “What would it take to convince you?”
Victor said, “Hmmm” pretending to think it over. “Something that’ll get my mind off the money. ”
“Like what?”
“I know—like if I could concentrate on that mouth of yours. ”
Faith got on her knees and crawled to him like a sexy cat. She licked her lips as she focused on that piece of hard meat concealed in his pants. She pulled his dick out. She was surprised to see that it was very big. For some reason, she expected and older man to have a smaller cock.
It was oozing pre-cum, which was fine because it meant he was on the verge of an orgasm. She was enjoying herself but it was getting late and she had to wrap up the deal. The way to do that was to wrap the stiff prick in her face.

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Her pussy tingled as she put Victor’s meaty cock in her mouth. Oh, fuck, she loved her job. Where else could you fuck married men, single men, older men, young men, every kind of man in the world?
Victor humped her wet mouth and watched her take it all in. His cock was jumping in her mouth. This young slut was a pro. He said, “You saved the best for last. ”
Faith said, “Why do you think I’m the number one house seller out here?” When the last word was out of her mouth, Victor’s cock was back in it. She pulled it out again and started licking his balls while she looked up at him with her naturally cheerful eyes. She said, “You better not dirty up the nice carpet. You better get it all over me instead. ”
She spit on his cock and let the saliva drip down his shaft. Then she caught it by deep-sucking him before it got to his cock hairs. It had been a long time since Victor had been sucked like this and he was getting close to cumming.
She let some saliva hang in a long string between her tongue and Victor’s cock. Victor was watching from above with his mouth opened wide in amazement.

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   He was breathing terribly hard. Faith smiled because she thought it would be funny if the old guy dropped dead and she had to explain that the cause of death was a extraordinary blowjob.
She swirled her tongue around in circles on the cock head. Then she sucked him deep again and let saliva drip off the dick to her heaving tits. She moaned, “Mmmmmmm. ”
When her breasts were wet with spit, she closed them around Victor’s cock and started tit fucking him. He slid his dick up and down her tits and watched as she caught a taste of the cock head every time it reached her mouth. He said, “I’m about to cum,” but Faith already knew this because his body had started to shake.
She removed her glasses and begged excitedly for him to get it all over her face. She said, “Tell me when. ” She started jacking him off, masturbating his thick cock better than he could himself.
She put it back in her mouth and got the tip nice and slick while she continued to stroke his meat.
The thought of cumming in this young, professional woman’s mouth sent Victor over the top. He shot a nice load of cum on Faith’s forehead and mouth.
“Yes, get it all over me,” she moaned.

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She rubbed his spent cock on her face for a few minutes to spread the sperm around.
When she was done, she opened her eyes and Victor said, “Sold! Where do I sign?”
Faith pointed to her cum-drenched face and said, “On the dotted line. ”
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