My wife died and left me a legacy.


I have been a widower for 18 months. My wife died and since then my life has changed considerably. My wife and I had a number of friends but until she died I had no idea just how friendly they could be. Within two months I found that my wife had often chatted to friends about our sex life and how active we were. I did not know she advertised our bedroom experiences. We had been married 30 years. She was 18 and I was 20 when we married. I got her pregnant on our second or third night together and our parents insisted we marry. She lost the child and was not able to have any more. For almost a year she withheld sex except for once or twice a month as a penance for herself. She resumed our normal sex life after some therapy and we really made up for lost time. The both of us really enjoyed the sex we had and for all those years we would be active 3 or 4 times a week and there was nothing we hadn’t tried. She always kept herself trim and slim and had a wonderful tight figure; she looked more like 30 than almost 50. We loved playing tennis and swimming and we were both nudists and have a pool in our back yard where we could be naked and not bother anybody. The house of one neighbour on one side was a long way off and we had no problems being seen by them and they knew were nudists and never bothered us or were concerned. The house on the other side was closer and their back bedroom could see a small section of our yard and they also were not concerned with our nudity and we often had pool parties where the women would go topless later in the day and occasionally all the men would get into the pool naked.

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   My wife often would join in and strip right off but only one other woman ever joined in while there were others there.   She would often swim naked with my wife during the week however while the men were at work.
It took me a couple of months after her death to tidy up all the loose ends of her estate and organised my consultancy practice that I began to have days at home I realised now that I could virtually retire and do some consulting work from home a few days a week. .
One day I was reading the newspaper by the pool naked as usual, I had a visit from one of her friends and she came around the back as she had always done without announcing herself.
I was somewhat shocked to see her, but she evidently was prepared for how I may look - that is naked. I dropped he paper over my loins to cover my private parts and said I am sorry I wasn’t expecting visitors. She was in her swimmers. She said I have been coming over since Janes death occasionally for a swim but didn’t realise you were home, I am sorry.
I said no that’s fine but allow me to put something on and I will join you. She said no don’t do that I will undress as Jane and I always did when we swam together. Jane and I were most comfortable naked together and I cant see a problem with you. I know it is the way you prefer really.
Without another word she stripped her costume down and stood naked before me. She was about the same age as Jane but had a few more wrinkles but still had a good figure.

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   I noticed her pubic patch was trimmed to a small strip of hair above her vagina similar to how Jane kept hers. She saw me look and said Jane and I always kept ourselves tidy down there it makes for better pleasure doesn’t it. Meg said I have heard all about you and Jane and the bedroom and beside the pool. She had no secrets from me. I guess you are missing that part of your life already because I know you were really into sex with Jane.
I said to be honest I am, and as much as I hate admitting it I am masturbating which is something I haven’t done for years.
Meg said I know how you feel, I have had that problem for years. Did Jane ever tell you of my problem and the fact I have been starved of sex almost since marriage. Don is impotent and I cant have natural sex with him so he used a strap on penis with me for years. Then I began seeing another man for sex and that was the way it was until about a year ago and he died and I have regressed to masturbating again and use toys to satisfy me. Don is just not interested.
I sat there dumbfounded; she was telling me her sex life in two minutes.
Then she really shocked me; she said I know how much you and Jane loved sex and I was wondering if perhaps we could start a liaison where we just had sex occasionally and we would both be satisfied. There would be nothing in it apart from the sex. You know like friends with benefits.

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   I think I may have shocked you by asking but I have known you and Jane for so long and I know every sex game you played and I was so envious of her at times. Now I believe I can help you and satisfy a desire of mine that I can hardly control.
I could not believe what she was asking me to do with her but it certainly stirred my thoughts up as my cock began to firm up without any help from me which is what I have had to do lately when I masturbated. I looked at her standing there naked and she smiled and her nipples were hard and erect and I thought she wants this more than me but I was fining it hard to find reasons to say no. I said I don’t know what to say and before I could say anything else she said please say yes, - yes, yes, yes.   I blushed and when I stood up my cock got hard and I said well if my head is saying no - the business end is saying yes by the look of things and by the look of it there are two yeses and 1 undecided so the yes has it. It looks like the only way I am going to get the bone out this, as I held my cock, is to let you try. She said that looks lovely and she came to me and touched my cock with her hand. Then she looked down at it and said how do you do, I hope you do it well. I am pleased to meet you and let me take you to my fountain of joy.
I stood there as she took my cock and talked to it, then she got down on her haunches and kissed the top of my cock and it felt absolutely wonderful. She said I hope you have a surprise in there for me I love the surprises that come out of these. With her other hand she held my balls gently and fondled the eggs that lay within. I was in seventh heaven.
She stood up and said how about we do it here by the pool, I think it would be wonderful in the open air.

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   I have not done it in the open air like this for years.
I was gob smacked and she could do whatever she liked with me and she began to lay down and I got down with her and she said lets just do it and not talk or say anything. She lay there opened her legs and I saw her beautiful vagina open for me. When did you do all the gardening I asked; referring to her recently shaved pubic region. It was obvious she had done it in the last 24 hours as there was no stubble at all. She said about an hour ago when I decide that I wanted to seduce you. I gather you like my handiwork. I said it reminds me very much of Jane. She said I thought it would - we copied each other a lot when we did this and often we helped each other out. That was something I had never been aware of and Jane never mentioned it.
I took my cock in my hand which was as hard as it had ever been and the skin was tight and it felt better than it had for year. I guided it into toward the lips of her vagina and I could see evidence of her moisture as she had used her hand to open her vagina to accept me. She was beautifully pink and wet inside. I looked at her face before I actually began to penetrate her and her eyes were fixed upon my cock and where it was about to disappear inside her.  I slowly slid my cock into her warm and wet cunt, and I could feel her wetness on my glans and I slid into her.

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   It felt wonderful and even though it was only a few months since Jane and I had made love for the last time I couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt. She was all wet and warm and reasonably tight and my cock was firmly held by the walls of her vagina.  After I had penetrated her deeply and had my cock into her vagina as far as it would go that sensation and the sensation of her naked body and mine pressed together was amazing. I looked into her face and there was a tear in her eye. She saw me looking and she said I am silly, this is one of the most wonderful moments of my life.  I knew she was doing this for herself and me as well. We were both going to enjoy this.
I proceeded to just slowly slide my cock into her and pull back until the tip of my cock was at the opening of her vagina and when I looked down I could see almost all my cock out of her. It was shiny and wet covered in the juice of her cunt. Then I watched at it began to re-enter her and slip into her cavern of wet sex that felt wonderful. She sighed once or twice as I continued to slowly make love to her and she opened her eyes and her whole face lit up as the two of us shared the pleasure of our sexual union.   I kept moving my cock into and out of her very slowly and she closed her eyes and just let me slowly fuck her as I would if it had been Jane. I wasn’t thinking of Meg I was now thinking of the times Jane and I had fucked right where we were by the side of the pool. I had been making love to Meg now, not just having sex, it was different I felt and I am sure she was feeling it as well as she occasionally squeezed her kegel muscles around my cock as if she was talking to me through my cock. As she did that she looked and smiled at me and I just returned her smile- we both knew words were not necessary we were making music with my cock and her cunt.

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   Slowly I just continued to enjoy a pleasure I had not had for a long time and just let my cock sip into Meg and pull back a few times. I did this for ages slowly and deliberately. I suppose we had just been laying there fucking for about 10 minutes and not saying a word really apart from her saying occasionally – this is nice I love it. I started to get pretty emotional having my cock in her and reliving the moments my cock was in Jane and  then I began to feel the tension in my balls already, I was going to cum quicker than I wanted to, I was enjoying this fuck more than I had for many a long time.
I said to Meg, you have done something for me I really needed, I cant help it - I am about to to cum - will it be ok if I do it inside you.
She said great go for it I just want to feel the sensation of a man enjoying himself and my body. Believe me this is the nicest thing to happen to me in years. Having your semen inside me like this will be a pleasure. I am actually having sex with a man I like and enjoy. The only problem it is years too late but I know how much you and Jane enjoyed sex and I hope some day I can fill the void you must feel for her.

    By then I could not hold back any longer and I began to fuck her hard and fast and pushed in deep and I blew my first load of cum into her so hard. I had masturbated since Janes death but this was the best orgasm I had had for years, and it felt fantastic.  I could not help it and I grunted with the first explosion and ejaculation of my cum, she smiled and wriggled her ass to make it better for me and let me know she was enjoying it as well.
    I ejaculated about 5 times before I was spent and I grunted each time a fresh load of semen ejaculated from my cock into her body. She could sense the feeling and had her eyes closed and said that was wonderful, I have not enjoyed lovemaking like that for years.

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       I said I am sorry I couldn’t last longer and she said have no worries, there are going to be many times in future and I know you will bring me to climax more times than you can believe. You never know in another hour you and I may do it again and I may be lucky next time. It won’t take much to have an orgasm next time but I think I understand how you must be feeling now.
    Lets rest a while and we can try again shortly. I pulled my soft cock out of her and it was still dripping cum and she sat up and then took it in her mouth and sucked me clean. That she said is for being special and I love thanking it for what it does for me that way. She said I have never done that before but I have wanted to for years.  I said nothing but if she was like this in future she and I were going to be sex rats. She was brilliant. For a woman who had lived with an impotent husband she had the makings of a wonderful lover. I don’t know where she learned it from but I wasn’t complaining. I just wonder how much Jane had told her of our sex life.
    Meg and I fucked each other four more times that day trying different positions each time and we had the most amazing fun. Neither of us had ever had as much fun having sex before we were like kids with a new toy.
    After my last time I was exhausted and she said for the first time in her life she felt as if she had become a real woman being fucked by somebody she liked and fucking for pleasure not relief.

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       After our second and each subsequent fuck we had to get into the pool to clean ourselves up as she had filled up with all the cum I had pumped into her.
    I didn’t know what to think when she left me to go home to her husband. I am sure he would see the difference in her as she was like a teenager who had done something naughty and had fun doing it. I know I had.
    From that day on we had sex almost every day often two or three times and her husband soon became aware of it and only once said to me one night at a party you have made Meg into a new woman – thank you. I was embarrassed but Meg saw us talking and waved, I think she knew what he was telling me. Shortly after we were outside having sex standing up, another first for us and she said I am glad he spoke to you. He realised a while ago and we talked about it and providing it was only sex he doesn’t mind. It was a little more than just sex, we loved the bonding that we had made between us and we were really in love with the relationship we had together and I knew I had another love in my life and I would be happy for her and I to enjoy it for as long as we could. We never had sex at her place it was always at mine either by the pool or in my spare bedroom which we made into a love nest. We had photos of us there of us naked and having sex in various positions as well as our regular oral pleasure. One day she said I think I have drunk more of your cum in a month than I have whisky and I now prefer you.
    Our relationship prospered and we had sex regularly and spent many hours together naked by my pool. Another of our friends Judy, must have realized what we were doing and she said to me one day I envy you and I wish I had made a move myself earlier. Jane talked of your lovemaking together often and had most of us envious.

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       If Meg aver gets sick of it let me now I am only too willing to take her place.
    Meg and her husband went overseas on a holiday for two months and the day after she left I had a visit from Judy who herself was a widow. I wont go into the details but for two months Judy was the replacement for Meg. She was good in bed and she actually slept over at night frequently. She was not as good as Meg or Jane but she loved getting it in multiple sessions and like Meg loved giving me oral. I enjoyed her company and our sex and was sad in a way when Meg came home that it would be all over. On my first time with Meg after 2 months she was like a bomb and went off within two minutes of me penetrating her. Afterwards as we lay together after our second fuck she said how was Judy did you enjoy her. I was shocked that she knew. She said don’t worry we organised it before I left, I didn’t want you to find somebody else even for that long and wanted to keep you busy.  I actually had an affair with her husband a few years ago and we agreed to end it when Judy found out. Judy has always said she would get even with me and when I knew I was going to be away I rang her and we discussed it and she couldn’t get over here quickly enough I gather. I hope she enjoyed it as much as me. I said I couldn’t be sure of that but I was glad Meg was back. She kissed me and said so am I – lets fuck.

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    Will there be a three way – I don’t think so but with Meg and Judy you would never know.

    Let me know if you want more.