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I took the exit off of the freeway, and pulled into the remnants of the parking lot. The lot was weed strewn, overgrown, and not maintained. I couldn't even see where the building had once stood. Actually, it had been gone for years. I felt a pang in my chest as the events of 25 years earlier came to mind. Jimmy Carter was still President. One fifth of the country was out of a job, the price of gas was absurb, and the Shah still ruled Iran (Just barely). Things were very different then, especially the laws that regulated certain places. I was barely 18, fresh out of boot camp, and home on leave. After a day I was bored, so I asked if I could drive to the city where my friend Kevin had moved. His mom had chased me out just after nine because it was a school night, and he had a younger sister. I got out on the loop when I saw it. It was a brown corrugated metal building that could have passed for a repair garage. The only clue to what was going on inside was a handpainted sign outside that read "Jim's Place". An attached, also hand painted sign read "TOPLESS". I pulled into the parking lot, not knowing what to expect.

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   The entrance was a smoked glass door. I opened the door to be assaulted by the smell of liquor, cigarettes, and cheap perfume. There was a small unmanned receptionist desk. Beyond it was a bunch of circular booths and a small square stage. A blonde woman, about thirty with big jugs and ugly brown panties danced on the stage. I looked around and found an empty seat. After a minute of watching the jugs sway, the first I'd seen in my life (outside a magazine) I felt a tug on my arm. I turned to see a real sprite of a very young woman standing there. She had long dark hair, a circular face, almond shaped eyes, a tiny button of a nose, and full lucious lips. She stood 4'10 with long thin limbs, and a thin mid section. She was wearing a black two piece babydoll nighty. "I said, do you want a drink?" she repeated. "Coke please" I recovered to say. She gave me a look and walked away. The fabric on the back of her panties was see through.

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   She had a firm tiny butt. I turned my attention back to the stage. A brunette, also with big juggs, took the stage. The sprite returned. "Two bucks please" she said. I paid her and smiled. She took the money and walked off. I loved watching that butt. She disappeared into another room. I looked back to the stage. I watched the juggs continue to sway and jiggle. Several minutes later I had my second big shock of the night. A blonde goddess in bra and panties took the stage. The DJ introduced her by saying "She's finally old enough to work here, it's her birthday, so guys, go up and wish a sweet sixteen to Stacy". Stacy took off her bra, revealing apple sized tits, then stripped off her panties revealing a hairy blonde muff.

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   A bunch of us went up, including me. "Don't forget guys", the DJ added, "Private dances are ten dollars, and tonight's special is a special dance. One for sixty bucks, two for one hundred, so don't be shy. I understand that Stacy wants to give every guy here a special dance". Stacy let every guy who tipped her a dollar, a squeeze of her tits. I slipped her a five. She spread her legs, taking my hand and placing it on her pussy. I ran my fingers up her slit, then backed off. Another guy had put a twenty in his teeth and laid his head on the stage. Stacy took the twenty and sat on his face. She let him lick her for a minute then moved on to other guys. I went back to my booth. A little while later, I noticed Stacy go to another room with the guy who had tipped her twenty. An oriental woman in crotchless panties took her place. I don't know how much the guy tipped her, but she got on her hands and knees.

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   The guy started fucking her from behind. Several minutes later, the DJ said "Your three minutes are up guy, take her into the next room". She disappeared from the stage, which was empty for several minutes. Just then, the sprite returned. "I'm going off duty" she said "do you need anything before I go?" "Do you have a minute?" I asked. "Yeah, I guess" she answered. I patted the seat next to me. She sat down. "What's your name?" I asked. "Gloria" she answered. "This is my first time to a topless bar" I confessed, "What's a private dance and what's a special dance?" "Well" she answered, "a private dance, the girl gets naked and touches the guy everyplace. A special dance" she paused, putting her hands together, "is, a special dance, real special, get it?" She started to get up. I asked her to stop. "Do you give special dances" I asked. "No" she laughed, "I'm too young.

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   I only serve drinks" "Look" I pleaded, "the other girls here are pretty, but you're beautiful. If I would want a special dance from anyone, it would be you. Especially since it's my first special dance". She lit up. " Are you serious?" she asked. "Absolutely" I answered, "could you, please?" She looked at me for a minute, obviously considering it. She patted me on the chest. "Wait here" she ordered, "I'll be back in a minute". She went over and talked to an oriental woman behind the bar. She disappeared behind the bar and returned a minute later wearing a black overcoat. "Let's go" she said, taking my hand. She led me through another room. Stacy was getting fucked from behind by one guy while another had his dick in her mouth. Three other couples were going at it and three oriental sailors were fucking the shit out of a huge tittied brunette. Gloria led me through a back door, into a parking lot, then to an ugly puke green trailer parked on the back of the lot.

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   She opened the door. "It's not much, but it's home" she said as she led me to a back bedroom. A large bed took up much of the room. She took a wad of bills out of her pocket, placing it in a coffee can. "You have to pay in advance" she said. I handed her a hundred dollar bill, which she put in the coffee can.
    She took the overcoat off, then hung it on a hook. She toyed with the string holding her top together. Slowly, she opened it, giving me a coy smile. She opened her top to reveal two cones of white flesh topped with pointy nipples. "What do you think?" she smiled. My throat had constricted. My heart was trying to leap out of my chest, and I felt a little nauseous. "Huh" was all I got out. "You're the only guy in the bar that didn't ask to see them tonight".

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       She hung the top next to the overcoat. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties. She played with the waistband, "Are you ready?" she asked. "Ummmm. . . . ummm. . " was all I could get out. She pushed the panties just past her ass, then let the panties slide down her thin thighs revealing a black hairy pussy. She took one of my hands, placing it on her pussy. "Do you like it?" she asked. "Ummmm. .

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      . . . . ummmm" A look crossed her face. "Want me to shave it for you?" "Ummmm. . . . ummm". She dashed out of the room. I heard water running in the next room. She returned a minute later with a small towel, a can of shaving cream, a razor, and a pot of water. She laid the towel on the bed, sat on the towel, spread her legs, wet her pussy hair, spread shaving cream on her pussy, and started to shave. I gently laid next to her.

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       I put my hand on her thigh, gently caressing it. I continued on up to her stomach, then on to her tiny tits. No girl had let me see her tits, let alone touch them, and this one was shaving her pussy for me. When she finished, she had left a few hairs, but I wasn't going to quibble over that. She ran her fingers over her bare twat. "Baby smooth, and tingly" she said with a smile. I put my hand on hers. She put a finger in her pussy. I had seen a pussy in a porno mag and let my finger follow hers into her pussy. It felt better than I had ever imagined. "Your turn now" she said. "Huh?" I asked. "Take your clothes off, let me see you". I stood at the foot of the bed and undressed. Her eyes fixated on my hard dick.

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       "Come here" she cooed. I crawled on all fours to her. She reached up, taking my dick and guiding it into her. She gasped as I entered her and bit her bottom lip. She grabbed my buns and pulled me into her. I began to pump her. She ran her hands up and down my back. "Faster" she whispered. I obeyed her. She began whimpering. I got excited and blew my load in her. I paused a moment. I was a dynamo in those days and started fucking her seconds later. She started whimpering again. I put her on all fours and began to pound her.


       She responded by panting loudly. I fely my second load coming and emptied it into her. We collapsed together and caught our breath. "I didn't know this would be so good" I said. She reacted with surprise. "Is this your first time?" She went over to the coffee can and took out the hundred. "I can't take money for your first time. That would be wrong. It's supposed to be special". I looked at her trailer and thought of my cozy home. "Please keep it, I insist" "No" she said. I pushed the money back at her. "Please keep it, Please". She reluctantly put the money back in the can. I got up and started to dress.

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       "Where are you going?" she asked. "I paid you for two times". She walked over and kissed me. "Stay the night. Please. It's the least I can do. I'd feel bad if you left now" I dropped my pants. "OK" I agreed. We jumped back on the bed. She kissed me as she ran her hands across my head. "Why is your hair so short?" She asked. I told her about being home on leave. She kissed me again. "Well soldier boy, it looks like you have a girlfriend now, and you need to spend the rest of your time with me". We fucked until dawn, woke up for lunch, then fucked again.

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       We wrote letters for six months. The last letter I got from her said, "Mom say's we're going to move soon". I never saw her again. I guess she lost my address. I looked for her, but it didn't do any good. I took a last look at the lot. Felt another pang, put the car in gear and pulled away. .
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