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From the other end of the line came a familiar voice that asked, "Linda, is that you, Tommy here, how have you been!?!" Linda quickly looked around the office to see if anyone was watching her, and when she was sure that the coast was clear, she answered in a subdued but very excited voice, "Tommy, it's been a long time, how have you been!?!" "Just great, baby," he replied enthusiastically, "do you have time to talk!?!" "It's been pretty busy here today, but I think I can spare you a couple of minutes," she replied quickly!!! "Mmmmm, good," he said smoothly, "so how's my girl, have you been behaving yourself!?!" "How do you mean that," she asked in a husky voice!?! "You know what I mean," he replied softly, "have you been getting fucked much lately!?!" Just hearing Tommy using such naughty language caused Linda's pussy to gush with juice and she answered softly, "Last night, Jim fucked me really hard after the kids went to bed!!!""Did you suck him, too," he pressed!?! ""Oh, yes," she gasped softly as her pussy began to throb, "I sucked him off and then he fucked me hard!!!" "Mmmmmm, baby, you really know how to get me going, do you know what I'm doing right now," he asked!?! Even though she knew the answer, she played along and asked, "No, what are you doing!?!" "I've got my pecker in my hand and am jerking to slowly up and down!!!" "What are you thinking abut," she asked with a little moan!?! "I was just wondering what color bra you are wearing today," he said with a groan!!! "White satin," she replied softly, "with matching panties, but right now I'm having a little problem with them!!!" "What's wrong with them," he asked between moans, "a-are they too tight!?!" "Oh, no," she replied sweetly, "it's just that ever since you called my pussy is dripping so badly that my panties are all wet!!!" "Oh, god," he gasped, "does your husband like to see you in your wet panties!?!" "Of course he does, silly boy," she replied under her breath, "he almost always licks me through my panties until my clit gets hard!!!" The loud groan that she heard on the other end of the line told her that Tommy was at that moment filling his fist with a gusher of hot cum as he thought about her panty clad pussy!!! After he finally quieted down she whispered, "Was it good for you, baby, tell mama all about it!?!""Wow," he wheezed into the receiver, "that was fucking incredible, you're the best fuck I've ever had without having actually seen you!!!" Linda chuckled under her breath and whispered, "Are you at work or at home!?!" "At work," he replied, "with my office door locked!!!" "Oh, good," she sighed, "tell me about your cock, Tommy, are you still hard!?!" "Mmmmm, yes," he answered softly, "I'm still hard and jerking it nice and slowly, I'm using my cum to lubricate it!!!" She moaned softly and whispered, "When's the last time you got fucked and sucked!?!" "This morning just before I left for work, Rhonda came into the bathroom and sucked me off while I was brushing my teeth!!!" "Oh god," Linda breathed in a raspy voice, "d-did she swallow it!?!" "Of course she did," he replied a matter of factly," "she's a fucking cock hound if I ever saw one, the little bitch just can't seem to get enough!!!" "I-I don't blame her," Linda stumbled, "there's nothing quite like waking up with a big cock in your mouth!!!" "Well, I wouldn't know anything about that," he replied easily, "but I would know about waking up with a plump pussy to suck on, and by the way, if I remember correctly, didn't you tell me that you had a very fat pussy with really plump lips!?!" "Oh yes," she hissed through clenched teeth while squeezing her thighs together, "m-my pussy is really fat and full and always seems to be dripping cunt juice!!!" Now lowering his voice to barely a whisper he asked, "Tell me, baby, do you think you're gonna be able to cum for me!?!" "I-I don't know," she moaned softly, "t-there're so many people here, I'm afraid someone might see me!!!" "Well don't worry about them," he replied, "I've got a plan!!!"Two minutes later Linda found herself in the lady's room rummaging through the medicine cabinet looking for just the right size bottle!!! "Here's one," she mumbled to herself, "let's see if it will fit!!!" She quickly slid down her panties, and with a little bit difficulty, slowly forced the inch and a half thick plastic lotion bottle into her steaming cunt while letting out a long sigh as she fit the thick bottle inside of her!!! She then carefully pulled on her panties and with the bottle firmly shoved up her cunt, walked a little unsteadily back to her desk where she put her headset back on and said to Tommy, "I'm back!!!" "Did you find something," he asked excitedly!!! "Uh huh," she whispered, "a lotion bottle!!!" "How big is it," he asked softly?!? "Mmmmm, it's big, over and inch thick and seven or eight inches long!!!" "Oh my god," he whispered, "how does it feel!?!" "I could cum just by thinking about it," she replied softly, "I'm so close I could almost scream!!!" "Do you want me to describe my cock to you," he asked quietly, "I'm hard as a fucking rock!?!" "Oh yes," she hissed, "t-tell me about it, is it really big!?!" He settle back into his chair and as he fisted his big dick, he replied, "Mmmmm, yeah, it's big, about eight inches long and thick as a woman's wrist, it's covered with bluish veins, and is capped off by a huge head that's smooth as velvet!!!" With her eyes practically rolling back into her head, she was snapped back to reality when she heard her boss ask, "Linda, could you please punch up the data on the Adams Tool order, he's on the other line with a problem about lot number two!!!"With sweat beginning to pop out on her forehead, Linda quickly found the information Don was looking for and with a touch of a button the printer on the other side of the room began to whir as it made a copy of the desired information!!! Don gave her a quick nod and was about to take his leave when he asked, "Are you sure you're all right, you look a little clammy!?!" "Uh, no problem, boss," she managed to stammer, "I think it must be the Polish I had for lunch, it kinda hit me wrong!!!" He gave her another once over and replied, "Well, okay, but if you have to go lie down, I can get Marie to fill in for you!!!" "Uh, thanks, I'll be all right, no problem," she answered, just thankful that he was now leaving!!! "Oh, god," she moaned back into the phone, "I can't believe I almost came in front of my boss!!!" Even though he was about to blow his nut, Tommy couldn't help laughing at that one as he tried to picture Linda suppressing her orgasm while yammering on incoherently to her boss!!! "Don't laugh," she said while pressing her thighs together, "I'm getting really close now and my cunt feels so fully packed!!!" As she was whipping herself towards her climax, Tommy asked softly, "Do you know what turns me on!?!""W-what," she said with a gasp, "tell me!?!" "I just love seeing a woman with big tits taking off her bra," he replied, "I get such a fucking hardon just thinking about it, by the way, do you have big boobs, I seem to have forgotten!?!" "Sweet jesus in heaven," she moaned a little bit too loudly, "Y-you know I do, I have huge boobs!!!" "Mmmmm, he sighed, "what size bra do you wear!?!" "Uh, a 38d," she mumbled, "I-I'm wearing a white lace low cut bra with little pink roses on the cups!!!" He groaned a little and then asked softly, "Do you know what I'm thinking about!?!" "In exasperation she begged, "Please, please tell me, I'm fucking on fire!!!" "Well," he said slowly, "I'm thinking about you taking off your bra and letting me jerk my load all over you huge chest!!!" The image of Tommy's huge cock ejaculating a hot load of spunk all over her breasts was more than she could stand, and as her mind's eye felt the hot cum on her chest, her pussy lurched out of control as it spasmed around the thick protuberance in her cunt, evoking from her a low groan as her orgasm wafted from her clit all the way through her entire body, leaving her shuddering as it spread like a prairie wild fire!!! For Tommy hearing her groan in orgasmic pleasure was more than enough to send him reeling to another mind numbing climax as his hot jism spurted all over the front of his pants!!!After a minute or so of silence Tommy offered, "Holy shit that was incredible, was it good for you too!?!" "She managed to chuckle and replied, "Oh, yeah, but we gotta stop meeting like this, what are the neighbors gonna say!?!"THE END

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