One day, Terry (a female patient who was no stranger to the office) had come in for a full physical for a new job she had taken at a local prestigious law firm. After sitting in the waiting room for about half an hour, NurseDee finally called her name and escorted her into exam room 3. Being slightly familiar with each other they began some idle chitchat as NurseDee took her weight and height. Terry was dressed casual in some jeans and a pull over sweater. NurseDee needed to take her blood pressure next but found the long sleeve sweater a nuisance and asked Terry to remove it. As Terry began to do so the sweater snagged on one of Terry’s nipple rings and put her in quite the situation. With her hands half raised over her head and the sweater caught on one of her nipple rings, she had no choice but to ask NurseDee for a little help. NurseDee began to look around Terry’s breasts but couldn’t identify the exact location of the snag and was left with no choice but to raise her hand to Terry’s breast and begin to feel around. Slowly across Terry’s firm breast to her now perky nipple from all the tugging and pulling trying to remove the sweater. NurseDee finally found the snag and released the sweater from the nipple ring’s clutches. NurseDee wrapped the small sleeve around her arm and began to take her blood pressure. Hmm, she said, a little on the high side I see. Well, let’s see how the lungs are. NurseDee started with checking Terry’s breathing from the back. The metal was cold and Terry perked up on the table. NurseDee slide the stethoscope across Terry’s back and could see the goose bumps follow it.

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   Done checking from the back, NurseDee stepped in front of Terry to listen from the front. Terry’s nipples had both perked up to full attention and were extremely noticeable. Terry’s nipples were on the large size to say the least and those nipple rings were just a dangling in the air. NurseDee couldn’t help but take note and stare at them for just a second or two. Terry noticed NurseDee’s stare and said do you like them?…I think they are too big but most of the guys I meet seem to like them…what do you think? NurseDee just wanted to let out, I think they are absolutely delicious looking but she held back and just said I think they hold your nipple rings very well.
The next thing Terry needed to do was pee into a cup so NurseDee asked Terry to finish undressing and put a robe on. While NurseDee held the robe, Terry turned to unbutton her jeans and began to tug at them. NurseDee couldn’t help but feel a little twinge between her legs as Terry’s jeans slowly pulled down and exposed Terry’s fully tanned and well-rounded ass with just a black g-string nestled between her cheeks. Terry pulled down her skimpy panties and turned toward NurseDee to grab the robe. As she did her very well and neatly trimmed bush almost seemed to smile at NurseDee. Terry put the robe on, then NurseDee handed her a cup and she proceeded to the bathroom. While in the restroom Terry got a bad cramp in her lower back and couldn’t manage to sit down and pee in the cup. She called for NurseDee and explained the situation. NurseDee said that they must have the urine sample and offered to help once again. NurseDee told Terry to stand still and spread her legs as wide as she could in the small bathroom they were in.

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   As she did, NurseDee squatted down and her eyes light up as she saw the beginnings of some rather large and dangly pussy lips concealed between Terry’s legs. Just then NurseDee had a flashback to a prior experience with a woman who also had large dangly pussy lips and how she had spent the better part of a night licking and nibbling on them and how hot and wet both women had got from the experience. NurseDee felt an adrenaline flush come over her starting in her head and face, flowing down across her breasts and settling in between her legs. She could feel the moisture almost instantaneously build up in her pussy as she tried to regain her composure. As her eyes began to refocus she noticed what seemed to be a small droplet of some sort forming at the very tip of the lowest hanging pussy lip. NurseDee couldn’t help herself but reach for the droplet and brush the tip of her index finger against it. As she did, the droplet clang to her finger and drew itself into a long thin crystal clear wire as she pulled away from Terry’s lips. NurseDee felt her pussy pounding, screaming to be touched. Still in a squatted position, she reached down and touched herself through the white pantyhose she had on. Terry could begin to smell the aroma of NurseDee and pulled her head toward her clit and dangling lips. Lick me she softly moaned. NurseDee slide her tongue up along Terry’s slit to the throbbing little knob that seemed to have a pulse of its own. Terry gasped and pushed NurseDee’s head into her pubic mound even more. More droplets formed at the tips of Terry’s lower lips until enough wetness had collected that it began to repel down between her spread legs, in the open air, desperately clinging to those dangling pussy lips, as its own weight pulled it away, separating and dripping onto NurseDees thigh.
NurseDee had one hand wrapped around Terry’s ass pulling her hot box into her mouth as her other hand messaged and rubbed all over her own pussy through her white pantyhose.

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   NurseDee couldn’t take much more and began tugging and pulling at her panty hose until she managed to poke a hole in them and continued to tug and pull at them until she had created a tear in them large enough to free her throbbing clit and pounding pussy. As she tongued and ate Terry’s snatch, NurseDee rubbed her clit and fingered her pussy until she felt that rush come over her body again, but this time it wasn’t from a flashback but from an orgasm that was building deep inside her. She rubbed and fingered herself furiously until she threw her head back away from Terry’s cunt and let out a moan anyone near by was sure to hear. NurseDee came as she remained there, squatting and arched back away from Terry, still clutching onto Terry’s ass for support with her fingers dancing around inside herself. As her body heaved and contracted from the orgasm a squirt of moisture made its way to the floor and lay between Terry’s feet.
NurseDee didn’t want Terry to feel left out and was somewhat dismayed that she wasn’t able to finish the job with her tongue before she lost control and fingered herself into oblivion, so she lead Terry back to the examine table and told her to lay down. She brought the table stirrups out and placed Terry’s legs up in them. Next she began to trace the outline of Terry’s soaking pussy with one of her own pussy soaked fingers. She traced round and round with smaller and smaller circles until she let one finger slip in. Terry’s box was so hot and so wet that one finger slide in and out with too much ease so NurseDee slipped a second finger in. Terry laid there on the examine table just taking it all in. As NurseDee began to slip a third finger into her, Terry gasped a little and raised her hands to begin playing with her nipple rings. Terry pulled on and twisted her nipple rings as NurseDee slide three fingers in and out of her pussy. As Terry’s excitement began to grow, NurseDee slipped a forth finger inside her and pushed up against her pussy until it swallowed her hand up past her knuckles with just the thumb still exposed. Terry’s moaning and nipple play grew heavier and more intense.

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   NurseDee began to rub Terry’s clit with her other hand while still finger fucking her with four fingers. After a moment or two, Terry’s pussy began to relax and take NurseDee’s hand with a little more ease. Distracting Terry with some concentrated clit play, NurseDee paused her hand in Terry’s pussy to position her thumb for entry. Terry seemed to be reeling in the clit play and was almost madly tugging and twisting at her nipple rings. NurseDee began to push her whole hand toward Terry’s vaginal opening. She stood there between Terry’s legs watching her play with her nipples as if almost lost in a dream somewhere, slowly her hand began to stretch and push apart the opening of that hot box. Terry stiffened up momentarily and then relaxed as if to welcome the intrusion. NurseDee continued to apply a little more pressure bit by bit. Terry’s pussy was tight around the back of her hand, but NurseDee continued to coax and persuade Terry’s pussy to open. Terry once again stiffened up as the maximum girth of NurseDee’s hand began to enter her pussy. They were there, the point of no return, just a little further and the entire fist would be in. NurseDee backed off just a little to fool Terry’s pussy into relaxing just the tiniest of bit and then pushed one last time to pop her fist in. Ahhh, Terry let out as NurseDee’s fist slipped past the entrance and into her body.
NurseDee was getting all creamy again from all the pussy play and watching Terry play with her nipples. She pulled her fist back toward Terry’s G-spot and Terry gasped at the pleasure and slight pain that hit her all of a sudden and at the same time.

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   NurseDee relaxed and slide her fist back in…. Again she pulled back and up…Terry gasped again and shuttered a little this time seeming to feel more pleasure than pain. NurseDee repeated this sequence until Terry started moaning and groaning as if trying to orgasm but unable. NurseDee tried it a few more times but this time concentrating and rubbing Terry’s G-spot slightly different. That was it, that’s all it took. Terry began to heave and thrust and cum and orgasm…. over and over again each time a little harder than the first…until all of a sudden Terry’s pussy began squirting fluid from it. The power of Terry’s orgasmic heaving, the feeling of Terry’s pussy wrapped so tight around her fist and the sight of Terry’s pussy squirting fluid out and all over her was too much for her to take and NurseDee had a spontaneous orgasm as well. Both women, overcome with delirium had never noticed that the doctor had entered the room and witnessed the end to this spectacular event…
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