Offering....My Wife


She is certainly lovely and sensual, a knockout blonde with the full breasts and tight buns to cause turned heads in any room full of red-blooded males.   Trouble is that, when she is sober and normal her prudish instincts are in control and she is OH so proper.    On the other hand, when she has had a drink or two too many, her 'other' side comes out. . . the one I am about to describe and can't believe we actually got to enjoy!!
We have been married about 15 years, during which time we both have lusted often for each other and played the fantasy games to heighten our 'personal nights' which we set aswide every month to simply spend in as much lust and passion as we can manage.   We dring a bit and talk about things that, in sober moments, neither of us would do, but the plain talking about it is enhancement for an absolutely sensual night.   we fuck until we wear out. . . like the old dating days!
When sober, my wife, Sandy, would not entertain the idea of a threesome or another man between her thighs. . . however, I've noticed that her interests and resistance seem to change, at least verbally, when she has had about three strong shots of tequila or rum, and her conversations take on a more sexual tone, especially about various men she happens to see wherever we are for the evening.
Ordinarily, if a guy is sitting at a bar and makes eye contact with her, she'll look away and avoid him, but with a foundation of some good alcohol, she'll let her glance linger with his, and then say something like, " Hmm, that guy seems interested in my 'mind'. .

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  . wonder what kind of a package he has to offer?"  Or, "Hmm, wonder what he'd do if I walked over and sat on his lap?"  I would really like to find out.
Knowing that she would never be able to actually do anything about this, even when 3/4 in the bag, I decided to move thigs along to the fulfillment of a longstanding dream of mine and give her also what she secretly wanted, which was what I too had secretly wanted for years. . . to give her to another man while I watched, and filmed, her willing seduction and bedding!
She would never do it voluntarily, but her intoxicated conversation-confessions had clearly shown me that her other self really wanted to find out how another man would feel between her legs. . . and I also wanted to watch another man between her legs, so I set about to make that happen.
Several weeks of browsing in the "Seeking" ads on a popular website offered a wide variety of potential players, and after some initial forays and emails, I finally chose Dan, who lived in a town about an hour from ours.   We exchanged pics. . . mine of my wife in a bikini and in a wet t-shirt (see the pic) and his of his body and particularly of his rather large, stiff, cock. .

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  . which he was offering. . . a nine incher with girth to match.   I didn't know if Sandy could take that much, but now with things moving along, I hoped to find out.
I worked out the scenario. . . on a Friday night we would go to a favorite watering hole with a live band and a dance floor, and Dan would precede us.   Worst case would be that he wouldn't show and Sandy and I would just enjoy another night of drinking and dancing to some good tunes.   But best case, if Dan did come, I would 'enhance' Sandy's straight up tequilas with a little magic potion. . . specifically some 190 proof grain laced with a bit of rohypnol,.

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  . . and soon she would be ready for anything Dan and I wanted to do.    She would enjoy her deeply buried fantasy of a fun fuck.   I would get my fantasy of watching and filming her being serviced by a heavily hung young stud, and Dan would get his nuts off into a sensuous, tight, hot lady.   A win,win,win situation if there ever was one.
The chosen Friday night came and we got dressed to go.   I suggested to Sandy that she wear that "squishy" bra, which was like no bra at all. . . and a little tiny thong under her fairly short skirt.   She said, "Unh Hnn. . . and what are you expecting from this.


  . . . quick access to the good stuff?"
I laughed and replied, "Well, I just want to make all your secret lovers stand around with hard-ons while I rub and fondle you on the dance floor. . . and maybe one of them will work up his nerve to ask you to dance and do a little fondling himself. "  To which she snorted, "Yeah, fat chance!"  and to which I thought, "A lot fatter than you'd ever suspect, sweet thing. "
So off we went to Charley's, one of our favorite spots, and quickly we found a table near the back of the room in the shadows.   I went to fetch our drinks and to check on Dan, and sure enough, he was there. . . the Plan was on!  I got our drinks, and as Dan watched, I added just a bit of 'potion' to Sandy's. . .

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  and then took Dan in to introduce him as a colleague from my many trade shows.   He played the game and explained that he was down from Philadelphia visiting friends and was delighted to run into an "old trade show buddy. "  He then excused himself after some light conversation.
A few numbers later, after Sandy and I had worked up a little sweat on the dance floor and she had inhaled most of her drink, Dan came in to ask her to dance, as per plan.   I got her a fresh drink which I liberally laced with the 'combo' of 190 and roofies. . . and the game was fully in play!  Two fast numbers later, she and Dan returned and she slurped half her drink down for liquid.   The night was now set, and I smiled broadly at Dan.    He knew it, and smiled back!   He excused himself and Sandy proceeded to finish the rest of her drink.   Things would soon begin!  I excused myself for a run to the bathroom. . . told Dan, "about 30 minutes" and went back to our table.
Surely enough, in about 30 minutes Sandy was having trouble making full sentences, and the time was now!  I scooped her up and guided her toward the exit, nodding to Dan on the way and he trailed behind us.

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    We reached the car with Sandy almost out on her feet, and I said, "Oh, Dan needed to come early tonight, so I'm giving him a ride home, in the car, now!"   This made no impression on her at all.   Then I said that we'd get into the back seat since Dan knew just what he was doing. . . and we did.   Dan got into the drivers seat and we began driving away.   Very quickly and right on schedule, Sandy tilted over and soon eased into deep slumberland in my lap. . . all according to the playbook. . . We were right on track!
I reached behind the seat of our wagon, picked up both a video camera and a pair of scissors, then turned the camera on and handed it to Dan to focus on Sandy as I 'prepared' her for the evening's ride.   I also reached down into the door's side pocket and retrieved one of those sleep masks and put them on my dozing wife before turning on the interior overhead light.   I had earlier decided that trying to pull her entire sweater off and remove her bra was a bit too much trouble, and instead, I'd simply snip the spaghetti shoulder straps of the bra and sacrifice it for this evening's events, so I set about doing just that.

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  . . . I rolled Sandy forward, eased her sweater up so I could get to her large full breasts with ease, snipped the strapss at the rear of her bra and unfastened it, letting her magnificent mounds fall free as I pulled the bra forward.   After fondling them for a minute and thinking, "Oh you full rounded, beauties, someone else will be playing with you in just a couple of minutes," I told Dan, "OK, I think the lady is just about ready to begin tonight's entertainment. "  I eased the sweater back down over her tits as he pulled off into a parking lot, and we got ready to exchange places.   He was filming all of this for my later viewing.
He got out, then opened my door, and he and I gently exchanged positions, his now being in the back seat with my drugged wife lying in his lap.   I got into the drivers seat and turned, while running the camera, and said, "I told Sandy on the walk out to the car that you had to come early tonight and I was giving you a ride in the car now. . . what I didn't tell her was that it was so she could give you a ride between her legs, later. . . and that you were going to cum, in her!
He smiled and I continued, "Well, you've seen the pictures of these nice tits, and we have about 15 minutes driving ahead of us.

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  . . quite enough time I'd think for you to let your hands do some exploring and become quite intimately familiar with those beauties. . . . so enjoy them and have fun. . . for now they're all yours!  As I turned to face forward and start the drive home, I could see him sliding Sandy's sweater up and beginning to fondle her nice rounded tits with their rose-hued little nipples.   The night was underway!  My camera was catching it all! My cock was straining against my Levis with the enormity of this evening.
We drove on to the house in a quiet suburban area, and I flicked off the overhead light.   I opened the backseat door to gently pull my fuzzy wife into a semi-upright position for the move into the house.   Dan moved on ahead of with the camera and stood in the shadows filming us as I maneuvered Sandy down the walk and into the front door, heading her straight upstairs.   I knew she would have to pee at a critical minute, so directed her into the bathroom and then over onto our big kingsized bed where she promptly lapsed again into a semi-conscious state.

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   I peeked out into the hall and directed Dan to our guest room telling him to "give me a couple of minutes to get her ready" and then he should join us for fun and games.   I took the camera and went back into our bedroom to prepare Sandy for the first strange cock she had had in many years.   I set the camera up on its tripod and turned it on.
She was dozing and hardly waked up at all when I sat her up, removed her sweater and skirt, and then her thong, leaving her wholly naked, legs spread, on the bed.   I knew that in just moments Dan would come through the door, see this beautiful blond lying ready to receive, and go instantly into hard dick action on her lovely defenseless body.   I also reached above the mattress behind her head and extracted a soft, silken rope that I used to tie her arms above her head 'prisoner' fashion so she wouldn't be able to reach down and remove her light mask or interfere with whatever was being done to her.   She was truly a 'captive' available for whatever Dand wanted to do to her sensuous body.   I leaned over and licked her clit several times.   She stiffed a little, but didn't really wake up.
Dan came into the room, naked and half aroused, and smiled broadly when he saw what was waiting for him.   I picked up the camera for some better angles on my filming as he moved up onto the bed, opened her legs wider, and gently dove into her muff for some early "dining at the 'Y'"    As expected, Sandy's body began to respond to his tongue, which was thrusting up and down over her clit and soon she began to roll her hips up and down to meet his probing.   In only a minute she was moaning and bucking as he ate into her growing wetness!  He obviously was enjoying it too since his cock now looked like a miniature forearm hanging below his stomach.   Watching him push that into Sandy was going to be unbelievable!
He moved in between her thighs and began easing the head of his cock in between her now very wet cunt lips, gaining a little more and a little entry with each thrust forward.   His hands were squeezing and fondling her full breasts as she was moaning, "Uhnnn. .

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  . . uhnnn. . . uhnnn" each time he pushed into her a little further.   His big cockhead disappeared, then an inch and another inch as he rocked forward and she pulled down on his hips with her legs digging into his ass. And suddenly with a hard lunge he was in!   All nine inches were buried in my wife up to his balls and she was moaning and squealing with pain and pleasure. . . . "Ahhhh. . . .


  . ahhhhh. . . . . ohhhhh yesss" as she pulled back and forth while I filmed the ride. . . . and then she climaxed in a wild frenzy of humping and flinging about on her silk 'restraints' and growling and moaning like in the days of our earliest lovemaking. . . completely out of control to the sensations raging betweem her thighs.   The Dan came.

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  . . unable I guess to resist the fierce sensual animal that he was riding, and I kept filming as he shuddered and thrust harder as he exploded into Sandy's writhing body!    And they were spent.   Lying exhausted on the bed, they gradually caught their breath and I filmed from different angles as Dan's huge cock softened and slipped from my wife's well lubricated pussy!  I had my film, Dan had his hot fuck, and Sandy had her first strange cock in 15 years.   It was a win,win,win for us all, and I have the tape to prove it!
I drove Dan back to his car at Charley's and we parted, never to meet again. A repeat performance wasn't what this was all about, and anyway, all of us had what we wanted.   I keep the tape well hidden, and take it out for viewing when I want to get a rush to go jump Sandy's bones for no apparent reason. . . and with the roofies I put in her drink that night, she only has a vague memory of a few of the events that occurred. . . so everything has happened right according to plan.
Would love to show you the video, but that just can't happen. .

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  . so let your imagination fill in the picture part of this.   I'll have to keep the original for 'private screenings. '  Maybe one of these days I'll need to add a second evening and film to the collection.
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