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I had always wondered what young women saw in dating older men, and like most people I figured it was for money.   This weekend I learned an important lesson, that being that older men really know how to satisfy a woman.
I’m 28, a computer professional, and not a virgin, but my sexual experience is limited to a guy I dated in college, and my ex-husband.   Both of which were okay, but the only way I could get to orgasm was to do it myself after they finished, and had rolled over to sleep.   I’d had friends tell me that it would get better with experience, but my husband and I divorced a less than a year after we were married, and I didn’t really have a chance for it to get better.
Recently I took a promotion, which made me a project manager, but I had to move to another building away from my old boss.   Cliff was a great guy, but a bit on the pudgy side and about 2 years older than my father.   We shared an office and became great friends for the two years I worked for him.   I had the utmost respect for him, as he is a family man, and somewhat of a pillar of the community.   Nevertheless I used to tease him by wearing low cut tops, often going braless.   Cliff warned me one time that I really needed to stop doing that, because while he wouldn’t really do anything, he certainly would look.   In one of our many conversations that often went from wild stories to morality, he told me point blank that he did not consider what two consenting adults did as immoral, which included sex outside of marriage.   I took that as a hint that he might fool around if properly tempted.
This last week was the four-month anniversary of my divorce, and quite frankly I was getting a bit on the horny side.   I’ve never had a one-night stand with a stranger, and I certainly don’t plan on starting now, so I thought of Cliff.   So I called him and set up a lunch date with him.

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    Before I left the office for lunch, I went to the ladies room and took my bra off, and made sure that adequate cleavage was showing.   I wanted to have Cliff’s attention focused on my two girls, to see if he was still the old horny goat I thought he was.
At the restaurant, Cliff helped me with my coat and when I sat across the table from him, he laughed and said I hadn’t changed.   We ate lunch and he was truly concerned how I was doing after my divorce, plus the usual shop chit-chat.   Knowing that Cliff really is a gentleman, I didn’t want to shock him too much, but I told him I was having a problem with some shelving in my house.   Since he is real handy with such things, I asked if he’d mind coming over one afternoon or evening to see if he could help me with it.   His wife was out of town visiting their son’s family over the weekend, and he agreed to come over on Saturday to fix things for me.
 I decided that I had to be bold to get Cliff to ring my bell, because he has a daughter that is 2 years older than me, and while he often made jokes and talked about sex, he was a gentleman and I’d have to make the first move.   Cliff showed up at the agreed time, and fixed my shelf after about 25 minutes.   He asked if there was anything else he could do for me since he had the rest of the day and evening free.   I took this as my opening, and told him point blank what I needed fixed.   He sort of laughed, and said “look I’m older than your dad”, that’s when I told him I didn’t care, and that I wanted him to make love to me.   I also reminded him of our conversation where he’d told me that anything two consenting adults did as okay, and that he’d didn’t consider that immoral.   He pointed out that he was married, and that under no circumstances would he leave his wife for me, and that if we did what I asked, that there would be no strings and it would just be for the physical fun of it.   I agreed, took him by the hand and lead him to my bedroom.

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Once there, I unbuttoned my shirt and let it drop.   I had a thin lacy bra on and as I reached to unhook it, Cliff reached behind me and in a swift motion, my bra and my breasts came free.   Obviously he had a bit of experience in removing a woman’s bra.   I reached to unzip my jeans, but he stopped me and asked to let him do it.   Slowly he unzipped me, and took my jeans off.   Stepping out of them I lay back on the bed, and he came beside me.   I helped him out of his clothes, and then he took command.   As I lay on my back, he started kissing my ears and neck, slowly working his way down my shoulders to my breasts.   He was not in a hurry, and I looked at my clock, and couldn’t believe that 20 minutes had passed and I still had my panties on.   By now my ex-husband would have been sound asleep, and I’d be working myself to orgasm.
He continued to kiss, lick and nibble on every part of my exposed body.   My nipples were rock hard and I was breathing in shallow gasps.   He had me more turned on than any man had ever done before, and he really hadn’t touched me sexually yet.  His busy mouth kept working its way down my body, and when he came to the top of my panties, he bypassed them and went to my knees.   There he began kissing and licking my legs and thighs.

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    I moaned and spread the wider for him, but when he got to my inner thighs, I could feel his breath against the thin damp material of the crotch of my panties.   He swirled his tongue over my pussy and gently grasped my pussy lips with his teeth through the cloth.   I gasp as I started to feel a tingling in my stomach that no man had ever given me before.   Slowly I felt him pull my panties down and off of my legs.   I looked at the clock again, and an hour had elapsed.
My breath was coming in short gasps, and then as he spread my pussy lips apart, he took his tongue and curled it around my clit and pulled.   My guts suddenly went into spasms, my pussy clinched and I came harder than I ever had in my life.   I cried out and tried to push him away because the sensations were just too much for me to stand.   He stopped, took me in his arms and began to caress and whisper gently to me.   After a bit I calmed down, and he began his journey of exploring my body again.   I wanted him inside of me, I wanted him to cum in me so I could make him as happy as he had made me, but he wasn’t close to being done.   As soon he reached the top of my slit, he pulled my pussy lips wide apart, exposing my inner lips to the air.   Gently he blew a warm breath across my pussy, and I gasp and cried out as that talented tongue found my opening and dipped inside of me.   My ex considered such things dirty, so I’d never had this done to me before.
I exploded in orgasm again as he licked and kissed my inner folds.

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    His finger exploring inside of me, stroking a sensitive area I never new existed.   As I came this time, he didn’t take me in his arms.   Instead he moved between my thighs and I could feel the rubbery head of his dick sliding up and down my wet gash.   I felt it at my entrance and ever so easily he slid in to his full depth.   He wasn’t real big, but since it had been a while since I’d had sex, I felt as if I was completely stuffed.   I cried out as our pelvic bones met with his full length inside of me.   He just lay there, holding me tight, and gently stroking my hair and ears, grinding his pubic bone into my clit.   After a few minutes, I came again; thrashing and crying out in pleasure.   As I came, he pulled out and rammed into me with all his strength and my body shook as my orgasm came in waves.   Again and again he rammed into me; pulling his cock completely out with each stroke.   I cried and begged him to cum inside of me; I was ready and wanted all of him.  
Then he stopped, and pulled out of my quivering pussy.   I wanted to cry because I felt so empty inside.   Then he rolled me over on my stomach, and raised my butt high in the air.   I felt him exploring me from behind, and it was such an odd feeling.

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    I had never had sex except with the man on top, so this was something new, but for Cliff I was ready to try anything. I’d read about doggy style, and how it was supposed to be enjoyable for both the man and the woman, but I could never get my ex to try it.   I will say that I felt more exposed and helpless as I ever had, as he explored every inch of my pussy with his fingers and tongue.   He pulled my pussy lips wide, almost to the point it hurt, and rubbed his swollen member up and down my gash.   Then in one swift motion buried his full length inside of me; I screamed with pleasure, my pillow muffling the sounds I was making as he rammed into me again and again.   My body was on fire as he grabbed my ass and spread me wide open, then he rammed into me with his deepest thrust yet. As he was buried deep inside of me, he let out a deep moan and I knew he was filling me with his seed.   Hanging on to my hips, not letting me move away I could feel his cock twitching inside of me, which put me over the top again.
As he pulled out of me and I could feel our mixture of juices gush out and start running down my inner thighs.   We collapsed in each others arms, him whispering to me and stroking my hair.   I looked at the clock, and 2 hours had elapsed.   I fell asleep, totally satisfied for the first time in my life.  
I woke up sometime later, and Cliff was still holding me, snoring gently and stroking my hair in his sleep.   I tried to get up without waking him, but wasn’t successful.   We got up, and showered together, ate a couple of sandwiches, and then led me back to bed and he gave me the best massage I had ever had.

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    This time I went to sleep and didn’t wake up until well after midnight.   I looked around, but Cliff was gone.   I found a note from him on the dining room table.   In his note, he thanked me for letting him live a dream of having sex with a young woman again, and he hoped he had not disappointed me.   I started crying when I read his note, knowing that I would probably never have sex with him again.   So I went back to bed and cried myself to sleep.
You younger ladies out there, never give up a chance to bed an older man.   The young guys may be stallions, but the gentle touch, experience, and caring of a man twice your age is unbelievable.   I wouldn’t marry a man that is twice my age, and I don’t suggest others do it.   I want to find my own guy that is my age, grow old together, and develop a wonderful sex life of our own.   I just hope and pray that he will be half as good as Cliff was to me that night.
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