On the road -


I had been driving for hours one night heading to Vegas from Texas. I was having horny thoughts and that had me going a couple of hours past where I was going to sleep the first night- it must have 2:00 am or so and I pulled off the road for some gas.
I pulled into a gas station in the middle of no-where and was glad one was open. I got of my car and walked into the gas station/convenience store, to pre-pay for the gas.
There was a guy behind the counter; he must have been 18 or 19 years old, nothing great to look at, but a nice body.   I gave him some money and he put it in the register. I happened to notice that he was looking at a porn magazine and laughed to myself, maybe I cold have some fun here.   I could not see his pants, so I asked “is the coffee fresh?” He said “no, but I can make a fresh pot, it will take a few minutes. ”  He walked out from the counter and I definitely could see a bulge in his blue work pants. I turned, smiling to myself and went to fill my car. I thought of my plan and walked back in. He was still by the coffee and it looked like his friendly bulge had subsided.

“Say” I began “do you sell anything like a vibrator here? I have been on the road for a few hours and my fingers just aren’t cutting it?” I thought the guy’s eyes were going to pop out of his head and I tried to look like I asked him if they had gum.   He replied “um, no we don’t sell things like that. ” “Shit” I said  “do you sell vegetables here, you know like cucumbers or zucchinis or anything?”  Again he old me “no” .  
I started to walk up and down the aisles and picked up an item ever so often, and said: “no; this won’t work.

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He called me over and said “the coffee is done. ”  I walked over to him staring at his crouch. When I looked back at his face he was looking down at his pants, trying to see what I was looking at I guess. He looked up and I was looking right at his face with eyebrows raised… “How about you? Do you think you can help out a horny girl like me?”

He managed to stutter out an “um, sure, I can try. ”  “Great” I said, “Do you have a big dick?”  He said “I think so”
I walked over to him and put my hand between his legs and brought my hand up across his balls and started to rub his dick.   It did feel nice. I asked “is there some place that’s safe?”  He told me to go into the last row of the store, he had to watch the front door, but told me at this time of night we could probably make it out by the pumps and no one would come by.   I told him “OK I’ll get slip my jeans off, why don’t you go back to the counter and grab a condom” (there was a display behind the register).

I usually like to suck a guy and get turned on, but tonight I just felt like getting fucked and didn’t even want to get eaten- just wanted to cum a couple of times and get back on the road-
I went to the back of the store and took off my pants and thong.   There were a few cases of motor oil stacked up and I felt I could bend over and lean on them.   Doug came back (that was the name on his shirt)- I almost laughed, but held it at a smile; he was walking holding up his unbuckled pants, with his dick peaking out, it already had the rubber on it. I couldn’t see its size as his pants were still covering most of him, but he did look thick.
He got to where I was standing and dropped his pants to his ankles. Now I could see it, it was probably about 7” or so, but it was really thick- I was glad that I was not in the mood to suck his dick, as thick dicks are a challenge.
I looked at his dick and then his face, he was staring at my bare pussy.

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   When he looked up I just winked at him.   I tuned around opened my legs and bent forward leaning on the boxes. He came up behind and asked “you want it in the butt? I have never done that. ”  On some other night I might have tried to take that thick dick up my butt, but not now. “No” I said “I just felt this was easiest, as I didn’t want to lie on the bare floor. ”  He stepped into me and I felt his dick rub against my labia.
    I let out a little bit of a moan. I felt him put his hands on my hips and he started to move his body, his dick was moving between my two thighs. I figured there was no way he was going to hit the target this way, so I reached between my legs and took his thick dick in my hand.

    I rubbed it along my labia and then guided him in. I could actually feel my labia having to stretch to take his thick dick inside me.  He started to pump and pump fast and hard- it was just what I needed. It only took me a few minutes and I started to cum. I was just getting into my climax when I heard him start to moan- I yelled back “hold it, don’t cum yet. ” He started to cum and luckily started banging harder.

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        I hit the peak of my climax and kept screaming to him “don’t stop- don’t stop” like a good boy he kept it up till I at least got through one strong climax.

    He pulled out of me and I stood up and turned to him. The look on his face was priceless. He looked at me and said “I never did that before. ” I looked at him and said “what fucked a girl from behind or standing?” He looked at me and said “no, I never fucked in any position. ” Now, I must have been the one with a priceless look on my face- “Um, you did really good” I said, lying- but I knew he would never forget this lay, damn, I want guys to be in love on their first—I had no intension of kissing this guy before hearing this, but I leaned into him and gave a long kiss.
    I looked down to see if anything was stirring- but no luck, so- I put my jeans on as he started to head back for the bathroom. He looked back and said- “you know I just remembered, there is a 24 hour adult book store a mile north off the next exit, if you still need something. ”  I looked at him and said-“ Oh I don’t need anything now, tiger” again lying. I headed out the door and my body was still on fire, this lay was just getting me going, I needed more – even if it was with my hands and a piece of rubber…. See part two cumming soon.

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