One night Lust Part 1


I started to head back to the bar not expecting to dance such a romantic song with someone who I havent even spoken to yet. I felt him grab my hand once again and pull me close to him. I looked at him and every one else disappeared. I felt as if we were alone and what was once a room full of people now was a room with two people who desired each other´s touch with every fiber of thier being. The song ended . . . a little too soon. . . and we walked off the dance floor. I said "You are a wonderful dancer, my name is Samantha and you are?" He didn´t say a word, he just reached in his pocket and pulled out a set of keys. jingled them and I knew what he meant. I nodded in confirmation and he then led me out into the parking lot. He pointed and I smiled as I saw what he was pointing to was a ruby red convertible. I thought to myself " Well at least I know he makes a good living.

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  " I got to the door which of course he opened for me. Went around the back of the car and I unlocked the car door for him. he opened the door sat down looked at me and said " Jack" I was stunned. . . i didnt expect him to ever say a word. I said " Well. . . so you decided to speak" " Yes and now that I have I want to tell you that I am not some stranger as you may think I am. " I was confused, I think I would remember him, you dont easily forget someone like him. I replied " I am sorry. . . I dont think we have met.

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  . . I am sure I would recall meeting you. "He said nothing. . . silent yet strong . He just pulled me close and kissed me passionately. I kissed him back and he opened the roof of his car . I didn´t care because the parking lot isnt very well lit and we were in a corner away from the club entrance. I wasn´t wearing any underwear and he found that out as soon as he fingered my pussy. I wanted to moan out his name but was too afraid someone would hear so I bit my lip. He leaned forward and I turned so that i was facing him and I put my legs on his shoulders. He spread my pussy lips with his tongue and circled my around my cunt and teased me by placing his tongue right at the entrance then he flicked my clit. .

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  . i wanted his cock inside me. . . I was on the pill so that didn´t matter. I told him to fuck me but he just kept licking my pussy. I pulled his hair and said to him "Fuck me because I cant take anymore of your teasing. " He said " Not yet . . . but soon" He unzipped his jeans and i pushed his hands away and reached in his jeans and started to stroke his cock. He was so hard. I pulled it out and my jaw dropped at the sight. It was so thick and at least 11 inches long. I must have stared at it for an entire minute.

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   He chuckled and i snapped out of my hypnoitized state. I blushed and he said nothing. I places his head around my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. I could only get about half of it in my mouth without gagging so I started to jerk him off with both my hands still sucking at the head. His head rolled back as I reached with my left hand to massage his nuts. I felt a stirring in his balls a few minutes later and wrapped my mouth tightly around the head so as to not miss a drop of what was coming. I sucked hard and fondled his balls a little more and sure enough a second later his cock erupted with sweet nectar. Shot after I shot i struggled to get it all but some leaked out the corners of my mouth. I gave it one last suck and released it. It was still hard. he was ready for round two. .