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    Back when I was in high school, I thought about wanting to go to the University of Oregon. The sports intrigued me and so did the the fact that they didn't have sales tax, but that's a different story. So in all, I chose to come out to Arizona and after three years, I don't regret choosing Arizona over Oregon. That is until I started talking my friend Drea. I met her through one of those online dating sites, you know, the sites where you think girls would be knocking at your mailbox where instead, they play hard to get even still. Well yeah, that's where I met Drea. Now her, unlike other girls I've dealt with is very aggresive when it comes down to things. And yes, one of those things happens to be sex. but more on that later. . . BUT WAIT!!! You live in Arizona and she is apparently in Oregon? You may ask yourself. Indeed that is true, we do live two states apart but that is exactly where my story begins.     I got in touch with my friend Jeremiah from high school in mid November. He decided to go to a community college in Oregon and then transfer to a bigger school. Me and him were best of friends throughout all of high school.

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   He had told me that him and his girlfriend just had a new baby four months ago and I had to fly out to see it, he would even pay for my ticket. So I got the time off from work and flew up to Oregon. Now for those of you who have never been to Oregon, it is balls cold when winter is getting ready to hit. At least for me it is, I'm a tropical person. I landed in Eugene and Jeremiah came and picked me up. It was nice seeing him again after so many years apart. It was like two brothers being reunited again.         We drove to his house and his girlfriend was in the kitchen cooking dinner. She was a lot better looking in person than pictures did her justice. She greeted me with a smile and a hug and me and Jeremiah proceeded to sit in the living room and watch TV. We relaxed the rest of the night, talked about the good old times, and dinner was fabulous. However, one strange thing happened during dinner.  Jeremiah and I were carrying on our conversation about the good times from high school when I felt a foot creep its way up my leg and towards my crotch. Now, I knew for a fact that it wasn't Jeremiah because, yeah, he isn't gay and neither am I. So I glanced out the corner of my eye and see that his girlfriend is concentrating pretty hard on something and I finally realized that.

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  . . well duh. . . it was her foot. One of my very good friends' girlfriend was playing with my dick at the dinner table, right in front of her boyfriend who she just had a baby by four months earlier. It was crazy.         When dinner was finished, they cleaned up the table and I went to the room I was staying in and got ready for bed. My door was cracked when I heard her say that she was going to go on her late night jog around the neighborhood. Jeremiah gave her a kiss and went to their room. I was relieved cause not only was she good at teasing with her foot, she wanted me. I knew that it was wrong, I knew that I couldn't just double cross my friend like that. I laid down in bed and turned off the desk light. A couple of minutes passed by and I still wasn't asleep.

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   That's when I heard the front door open and close. She had just gotten back from her run. I rolled onto my back and listened carefully to her footsteps as they came closer and closer to my door. They stopped. . . she slowly opened the door and crept inside closing the door behind her carefully. She was wearing some skin tight running shorts and a sports bra. For a woman who just had a baby, she had regained her figure rather fast. I knew that she couldn't have mistaken my room for that of her boyfriends. I tried my best to stay quiet so that she would think that I was asleep already and would just leave. But then the thoughts of her playing with my dick came back to mind, my dick started getting hard under the covers and made a lump. She knew that I wasn't asleep, she moved closer to the bed and began caressing the lump that my dick had created. After a while, I just couldn't take it anymore. I whispered to her "your boyfriend is down the hall".

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   "I don't care". She replied with a smile.         She pulled the covers off of me and climbed on top of me and began griding against my dick. Luckily, I was wearing basketball shorts so even though the grinding did feel great, it didn't get out of hand. That is until she took off her running shorts. My mind started to wander as I couldn't help but look at her nice, shaved pussy. She walked closer to my head and lifted on leg across my body, her pussy just being inches away from my face. She slowly started rubbing her pussy, I couldn't help myself, I fought the temptation of reaching up and rubbing it but eventually, I gave in. I reached up and used my thumb to rub at the top of her pussy. She began to moan as her clit was being stimulated by the touch of my fingers. She removed her leg and began pulling down my shorts, by this time my dick was ready to explode as my boxer briefs kept them concealed but did a bad job at it. When it flopped out, she was surprised by the size, "I thought Jeremiah's was big, this is huge".         She took it into her mouth and slowly bobbed her head back and forth on top of it. Her tongue swirled around the head as she took it back inside her mouth. Her pussy couldn't take it anymore as she climbed on top and slid it in between her lips, teasing the mouth with my head before finally sliding down on top.

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   She rode on top of me, grinding back and forth, riding me like a bronco. Her breathing became deeper and heavier, she lifted up her sports bra as her B size breast (by my guess) were set free. I reached up and began rubbing and caressing her nipples and breast. She began bucking harder as I started thrusting my dick deeper into her pussy. I couldn't believe that I was fucking my best friends girlfriend. In one long, low moan, she orgasmed all over my dick. I can't believe that happened, though it was awesome, I still can't believe it. We rolled over and I jammed my dick back inside of her pussy. I started off slow as she was still coming down from the orgasm until she said, "fuck me like you mean it". I start thrusting harder and harder, going deeper, hitting the back of her pussy and she was loving every second of it. I felt the cum building up inside my dick as I began to moan, my climax was approaching, faster, faster, faster. She pulled away from my dick and went down and put it in her mouth and began sucking. My cum drowned her The next morning, I woke up still in disbelief that what happened really did happen. I got dressed and walked into the kitchen. Jeremiah was in the kitchen cooking breakfast, his girlfriend was nowhere to be found.

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   Jeremiah-"What's up man?"Me-"Nothing much, just woke up. "Jeremiah-"How'd you sleep? I heard that bed is more comfortable than the one we have in our room"Me-"Yeah, I was out like a light. "Jeremiah-"What are your plans for today? Me and my girl gotta head to work and won't be home till the early evening, you can help yourself to anything in our house. "Me-"Thanks man"Wow, it's as if nothing ever happened. And I thought that this was going to be a boring vacation. To be continued. . . . has a huge list of honeys and escort services in Mykonos!

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