I am a photographer, for one of, if not the most sexual explicit magazine in the world. I won’t even mention what the name is, because chances are if your not a frequent visitor to adult video and book store, you never heard of it. But it’s well know, and has been around since the late sixties, and has published some very, very, hardcore material. Imagine Hustler, and Penthouse, magazines on steroids and you got us. The only reason it has had no controversy in the US, like Hustler, is because it is based in Barcelona Spain. Europeans have such a laid back view on sex and life, and that is what has been the success of this publication. I often ask myself, “What the hell am I doing shooting shit like this?” I look at this young girl in my studio here, even though I called it a day, she lays there on the floor, continued being hammered by four guys, in the mouth, ass, and pussy. She is covered with hot cum, sweat pouring from her pores, and yet she still willingly lays there. This particular girl is from Italy, Milan. She answered an ad to model, and when it was told that she would be modeling nude, without hesitation, she signed up. She looks no more than seventeen, barely speaks a word of English, but she knows that after she finishes her job, she will receive a check for about fifteen hundred US dollars. Not bad, for five hours of work, and a ticket to my studio in Maui. I found out that 99% of the women who do this, do it for the travel and money, Why else would they let men fuck them like they do, for this magazine. ”That’s it guys! Get off her and get out. ”They guys raise off her, all the while beating their cock’s for the last time trying to cum on her naturally tanned body, and long blond hair. She stands up, and walks away from the men.

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   I hand her a towel, and she wipes her face off. “Men! Dey, are such pigs!” I look at her and smile. She grins back and sit in a chair. “You want to take a shower?” I ask her. She nods her head. I point her to the bath room. The young cocks get their money and leave. I could care less about the men. Most of them I get at clubs from around the Island. Most if not all are tourist. Most sneak away from their wives of family. The women though I take very good care of. Because they are the ones that are in demand. Mostly all the men’s faces are never photographed, so they can be totally anonymous. When I first started, I would shot, light sexual scenes, but when my publisher could not use them, they encouraged me to be a little more hard.

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   And the girls they sent me, began to expect to be fucked hard. If you model for me, for this magazine, expect three things, you will do one to four men. You will do full vaginal and anal sex, and you will get covered with cum. Those are what sells the photo’s. That’s why, I am so, respectful of these women, and treat them like gold. Taitianna walks out of the bathroom, dripping wet, and walks over to me. She is about the fiftieth model I’ve shot, but at times, I still get such a rush at seeing a nude sexual woman. She sits down on a foot stool, and spreads her legs. Her long blond hair dripping wet, beads of water race down her small chest, onto her nipples. She looks at me, waiting for me to do something. But I couldn’t. The last thing that a photographer wants is a reputation of fucking the hires. Plus I’m married. Married to one of my models. A six foot, olive colored, long black haired, green eyed, Spanish Nymphomaniac.

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   Well maybe she’s not a nymph, but God, she sure knows how to fuck and make me happy. “How old are you Taitianna?”She looked at me puzzled. “I don’t understand. ”“Your age. ” I said“Oh! Six- one. No, No one- six. ”“Sixteen!”“SI, SI!”Oh god I thought. But, fuck, I’m protected by corporate lawyers. “Tempting Jay. Very Tempting. ”I looked toward the door and saw my wife standing there. “I thought you weren’t coming home until tomorrow. ” I asked her. “I finished a day early. ”“How’d everything go?”“I was fucked by five hundred a seventy five men, I’ sore”“I told you.

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  ”“Whatever. I’m out. ”“What do you mean?”“I quit porn, for good… Where did Milt get this young girl from?“Italy. ”Maria, my wife spoke to her in Italian. Five years of being married to her, and you would think I would pick up one of the six languages she speaks. Most of the time, it was such a turn on, to hear her moan and groan ad scream in Italian, Spanish, French, German, and Arabic. Before, my wife became the European, Gang-bang queen, she was a language professor at Oxford, until they phased out that department. The rest, well is history. But even though, for years I wanted her to stop Porning, I deep inside didn’t want to. If that makes any sense. I mean, it such a turn on seeing her being fucked ravenously by men. Suck a turn on to see, hundreds of men take their turn in fucking her pussy and ass. It is such a high, to see her dripping from head to toe, in cum. And it’s even more of a turn on, knowing that I can fuck her like that anytime I want. “She want’s to stay here with us.

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  ” Maria say’s to me. “Why?” I ask. “Her mother threw her out after she was found fucking her step dad. ”“I’m going to kill Milt. Doesn’t he do checks on these girls?”“She can stay. We can use her as an assistant. Teach her the trade. Plus, Nyssa and Nyah can have someone there age around her. ” Maria saidOh yeah, Maria has identical twin, incestuous, teenage lesbian’s daughter’s living with us as well. I live in a totally fucked up dysfunctional house. And now I have a new addition, a non English speaking, throw away slut. Maria walks over to me, and gives me a look of seduction. My heart raced, my cock got hard. She rubs my face, with her soft hands. “Fuck me in the ass.

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  ” She commands me. She turns around and bends over, hiking up her short skirt, exposing her smooth bottom. She spreads her cheeks, and readies her hole for probing. I unzip my pants and pull my cock out and guide it into her tight ass hole. She screamed in Spanish, as I drove my cock deep in her. I pulled her hair, and moved in and out of her hard and fast. Her cheeks tightened around my cock. I looked up and saw Taitianna, fingering herself. I told Taitianna to let Maria eat her cunt. It’s amazing that even though we spoke different languages, she knew what I was asking of her. I felt the cum rushing to the head of my cock and I pulled out of Maria’s ass. I Pulled Maria up, all the while holding my cock tight. I turned her around and pushed her to the ground, and unloaded a wade of thick cum in her mouth. Taitianna , kneeled down, and kissed Maria, on the lips, licking the cum dripping from the side of her mouth. A few minutes latter, the two of them were in a sixty nine tongue fucking each others pussy.

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  I walked out to the yard over looking the Moon lit Pacific ocean. I thought is this really what I want to do? God! I mean, I have become so callused, I feel nothing emotionally anymore. But yet I couldn’t walk away from this life. The money, the women, the sex. I had everything that I needed and then some. From a distance, I could hear a car rolling up the drive way. I turned and saw it was the twins, Jeep. Nyssa got out and walked over to me. “Hey. Where have you guys been?” I asked her. “We were at a party in Pukalani. . ” “Where is you sister?” I asked“She’s went back to a hotel with some guy she met. ”“We have a new house guest. ”“Who?”“A young girl your mother, said can stay with us.

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   She’s from Italy. ”“Cool. ”“You want to meet her. ”“Not now. ”I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight. She smelled so sweet. She began to bump into my crotch, which at this point was rock hard. “You can fuck me if you want. ” Nyssa said. I pulled her tight shorts down, and spread her legs. My cock entered her well fucked sixteen year old cunt. She and her sister had been exposed to sex since birth. Her mother introduced them to dick at the tender age of eight. And since then, they both have been fucking non stop. I don’t want them to live in this life style, but I think it’s too late for them to change.

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   They had been programmed for sex. And even though they lived a normal teenage life, at times they felt they had to fuck who ever asked them. I was partially to blame, because if they asked me, I would. End part 1.

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