Reality beyond fantasy


From about the age of 15 I began to realise that I really loved women, well girls at that stage and that certain things about them really turned me on. When I was older some of my mates would say they were a “tit” man or a “leg” man. I was definitely a leg man. I would spend a lot of time staring at nice legs, looking up skirts when I had the chance and fantasising about my ideal sexual scenarios…and there were many! What is it about legs that make them really sexy? Is it the shape? Is it the colour of the panty-hose or stockings? Who knows? All I knew was that some chicks had great legs and the shorter the skirt the better.
Like most adolescents my fantasies didn’t stop at girls my own age. There were one or two teachers at my school who were gorgeous and had great bodies. Of course they had great legs and the fashion at the time tended to show them off to good effect.
Once into Senior School we had an area where we congregated at lunch time and in between classes. This was conveniently located at the foot of the staircase where we had a great view of one of the teachers referred to above as they returned to the staff room on the first floor.
This  teacher, a blond, liked to wear short skirts. Let’s just call her Mrs Smith. She taught Domestic Science a subject which unfortunately was only available to female students. After al,l male students would look pretty stupid doing needlework and homecrafts! However it did mean that we were deprived of lusting after Mrs Smith’s gorgeous body for an hour every two days. She knew how to dress seductively, not that I believe she meant to other than just to make herself look feminine and attractive like any other woman would do. When she climbed the stairs about 20 sets of eyes followed her every move as more and more of those gorgeous legs came into view until just a glimpse of those white lace panties had my cock rock hard. She used to stay close to the wall but once she realised the effect she was having I’m sure she started to come closer to the banister to give us a better view.

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   Or at least I’d like to think so.
Then it began…
On one occasion I was alone and Mrs Smith came for the direction of the dining hall returning to the class room. She began to climb the stairs. My eyes followed her every step. How I would have loved to run my hands up those legs and inside her underwear. I was rock hard and looking for a quiet place to relieve myself when, suddenly, she stopped, turned and came to the banister. With her right leg on the stair one level above her left leg and bent slightly I had a full view of her crotch, suspenders and all. My heart was hammering and my cock throbbing itself to destruction. I couldn’t help noticing her white lace bra through her blouse covering her gorgeous breasts. This teacher of around 28 years of age was definitely a hot young male student’s idea of a real woman
“Excuse me young man” she said, with what I could swear was a knowing smile on her face, “Would you kindly assist me?”
“Yes miss”, I stammered, failing miserably to hide the awe I held her in and eyes moving from her beautiful lips to her white lace covered crotch exactly at my eye level.
“Thank you”, she replied, “Can you follow me to my room?”
“Of course Miss”, I blurted as she spun round wafting me with her intoxicating perfume. Everything about this woman was sensual and sexual. I ran round the bottom of the banister and caught up with her at the bottom of the second flight of stairs.
“I have a load of books and other items to organise in my store room”, she said, glancing over her left shoulder. I barely heard the remark as my eyes bored into her shapely butt as she ascended the stairs in front of me.

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“I’d be happy to help, Miss, my classes don’t re-start for another hour” I replied, having slightly regained my composure.
We arrived at her class room, she dumped her bag on the table and opened the store room door. I followed her inside to find a considerable amount of re-arrangement underway and a set of step ladders open against the shelving to the rear.
“It’s a bit claustrophobic”, she said, “I hope you’re not too hot”
“Not at all Miss”, I replied, lying through my teeth as I thought about the word ‘hot’.
“Firstly I need to retrieve this little lot from the top shelf. ”, she said as she gestured towards the ladders. “Would you mind steadying these while I decide on what has to be moved”
Before I could reply she had begun climbing what turned out to be a very unsteady set of step ladders. I leapt forward and grabbed hold of them.
“Thank you”, she said as she looked down with that same smile I had noticed earlier and into which I was reading all sorts of meanings which couldn’t possibly be true or so I thought.
She stopped about three steps from the top and began to move books around on the shelf. The view I had was exquisite. As she bent forward to reach to the rear of the shelving she had to stretch her left leg out to balance herself leaving me with a perfect view of her legs, thighs, crotch and suspenders. I couldn’t help noticing that her panties sunk into her pussy crack slightly. The bulge in my pants returned greater than before, my heart began to pound and I began desperately to think of ways I could get away with touching any piece of this woman and so fulfil countless nights of fantasy.
“Take these” she said softly, wakening me from my dreams, and handed me a stack of dust covered books.

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   Again I was hit by a waft of perfume and as her hand brushed mine gently a bolt of electricity shot through my over-sexed body. I’m sure she was aware of it as her deep blue eyes met mine momentarily. I turned to lay down the books and returned to the foot of the ladders just as she lost her footing and was about to fall. Instinctively I reached up and held her legs firmly. She quickly regained her balance but the feeling of my hands against her stockings was so damned good I kept them there. I might never get to touch them again, I thought! I’m sure she must have felt my hot blood pounding through my fingertips
“Are you okay?” I asked.
“It’s my knee but yes…. thank you…Jack”; she spoke my name for the first time. It never entered my head that I hadn’t mentioned my name before. She spun to face me my hands still gently holding her legs just below the knee and with one hand on my right shoulder she slowly came down one step at a time. There was no where for my hands to go except upwards. As she descended my hands slid slowly above her knees until they reached the hem of her skirt on the outside of her thighs. I was dizzy with anticipation and desire, and the smell of her perfume.
“You’re trembling Jack”, she quizzed
“Yes Miss”, I replied
By this time she was at the foot of the ladder leaning on the fourth or fifth step, her right foot on the bottom step, knee bent upward and touching the outside of my left leg, my hands still touching her at thigh level now slightly underneath her skirt.
    There was no way she could miss the huge bulge in the front of my pants.

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    “Do I really have this effect on you Jack?”, she enquired
    “Yes you do Miss”, I stuttered
    “Do my legs feel good, Jack”, she asked provocatively
    “Very good Miss”, I stuttered again
    “I know you look at me Jack. To be honest I’m flattered and to be honest I like the feeling of your hands on my legs. I think you are a passionate boy Jack”. Her gaze was a little sad I thought and somehow I wondered why life was disappointing for her. Yet I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and suddenly all I could think about was avoiding premature ejaculation and what an embarrassment that would be?
    She bent forward and whispered in my ear “Touch me Jack”, and kissed my ear lobe. I turned my face and our lips met. Her lips were softer than anyone could imagine, they parted and our tongues met as we kissed deeply. My hands slipped slowly up her skirt. She wriggled until I was standing between her open legs. Gently I stroked the inside of her thighs moving closer to her crotch until my thumb made contact. It was warm and damp
    “Oooohhh” she sighed, clearly turned on. “Touch me “, she whispered again as I pulled her panties to one side and found her inviting and very wet pussy lips.
    “Hold on” she gasped as she pulled away briefly and turned the key in the lock.
    Returning to her position we continued to kiss deeply and passionately.
    By now I was getting into my swing.

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       Slowly I unbuttoned her blouse as she fumbled and found my zipper.   Pushing her blouse to one side I gazed on her gorgeous breasts and reached round to unclip her bra. It was as if she couldn’t wait to have them free and as her bra dropped I bent forward to caress and kiss her nipples. Almost simultaneously she dropped my pants to the floor and I felt her soft hands on my rock hard cock. I couldn’t believe it was happening…but IT WAS. Her breasts were soft but yet firm. I teased her nipples with my tongue and lips. She responded instantly. Young as I was I knew she was very turned on.
    “Finger me” she gasped.
    Quickly I pulled her panties to her feet and still sucking energetically at her breasts I slipped my fingers inside her swollen pussy. One, then two and finally to her delight, three fingers.   Her clitoris stood out making it easy for my thumb to stimulate it while my fingers slid in and out. How did I know all this I thought to myself while she began to moan and suck my ear lobe.
    In a few minutes she came to some sort of climax and everything down there got very sticky.

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       She gasped and lowered herself to my cock. In an instant her lips slowly slipped over the head and her tongue found the magic spot. Rythmically she slid my cock in and our of her mouth, her lips and tongue finding a thousand pleasurable spots, her hands cupping and caressing my balls. Strangely I had time to think that I’d prefer not to cum in her mouth…what an idiot
    “Please”, I said, “I want inside you”. I gazed into her eyes and saw longing as deep as my own.
    She pulled me towards her and guided my hard cock towards the entrance to her cum-sodden pussy.  The head slipped in about an inch. It was awesome, warm, inviting and like no other feeling ever. Our lips met again as my cock slipped all the way in. What a feeling. I could hardly stand, the feeling was so intense in my groin. Harder and faster I thrust and deciding I needed to stimulate this Goddess as much as possible reached down and fingered her clitoris at the same time. The effect was electric and as she came to another climax I couldn’t hold back any longer and spasmed everything I had deep inside her. Our lips met in another deep kiss.
    We slumped apart and looked hard at one another.

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       I could see the look in her eyes saying something like…. ”You might only be a young and inexperienced man but that did it for me”
    Life was never to be the same.
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