Resisting Temptation......


I'm 20 years old and have known this guy David for years. I met him through a friend when i was about 16 and he was 18 and didn't know him well at all. I always thought he was gorgeous but never even thought he would take a second look at me, I was never the prettiest girl but i always did ok with guys. Even though i knew he would never be interested in me, i couldn't help trying to get him to notice me. Whenever i knew he would be around, i always made a special effort to make sure i looked my best! One day my world crashed around me when he brought this girl over and introduced her as his girlfriend. I was devastated i thought she was so much prettier than me and i was really jealous of her. Then one day, David just disappeared.
 We hardly heard from him for about a year until one day he came back to town and told us he was going to be a dad. I was really happy for him and had luckily got over my childhood crush! I wished him all the best as he got on a bus and left and i thought that he would be another friend that had moved on out of this shitty little town that we lived in.
Four years later and by coincidence, me and my friends stumbled upon him in our local with his friends. We started talking and catching up and he told us that he was still with his girlfriend and had 2 kids and also that he was living back in town. I loved the fact that he was home and one of my friends took a real shining for his best mate so i was glad that we would be spending more time together. David had changed a little but i still thought he was gorgeous but didn't dream of doing anything about it because of his family. That was until one night when we were out and he told me that he used to like me which just brought back all my feelings i ever had for him.
It started out as innocent kissing at the end of the night and gradually became more and more intense. One day he text me and asked me to go for a drink and since this had became a regular occurance, i assumed that we would all be there, including his girlfriend.

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   But, when i turned up it was just him and my heart skipped a beat. We were in a pub where nobody kknew us and that meant we had nothing to hide. As we sat in the corner laughing and joking, i felt his hand stroking my thigh which instantly made me wet. I returned the favour by doing the same and felt that he was really hard! Result!! He suggested that we left and i jumped at the chance. We both knew the night wasn't over and i didn't want it to be, but i knew we couldn't go back to his so i suggested my place. He quickly agreed and in the taxi home he subtly fingered my pussy with his huge hands and kissed my neck sending me in to a wave of lust and making me want him right there.
As soon as we were in my house, i pulled him close to me and started kissing him passionately and i could feel him pressing his crotch in against mine. He pusehed me up against the wall and his hands were all over me. He started kissing me all down my body, lingering at my hard nipples and sucking them for a while, and then right down to my soaking wet pussy. i loved the fact that i was pinned against the wall and couldn't get away, i was completely at his mercy and i was fucking loving it! i could feel his tongue running alll over my pussy and he sucked hard on my clit, he was driving my wild and i wanted him so bad! He stuck his tongue inside me and started fucking my pussy with it and it made me squirm with pleasure. I pushed him onto the floor and undid his jeans and started sucking his cock. I started off slow just sucking the top of it and i could feel it getting harder i was playing with his balls and sucking him so hard when he told me to stop. I thought he had come to his senses and remembered about his family, but was relieved when he told me he was going to come but wanted to fuck me first!
he lay me flat on my back and we started kissing again while he fingered my pussy. then he got on top of me and i felt his hard cock slam into me, it felt brilliant! I was moaning so loud and loved the fact that he made me feel so good about myself. I could feel his hard cock fucking my pussy over and over again and i was so close to an orgasm! then he said he had to pull out because he had to come and he came all over my tits! I wiped it off with my fingers and licked them clean and then he licked my pussy again! i was sitting on his face and his tongue was going all over me, flicking my clit so hard that i was pulling his hair and couldn't stop myself grinding on his face until i came! It was brilliant! I think it felt so much better because he really shouldn't have been here but it was the best sex i've ever had!!
 I guess he just couldn't resist the temptation!

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