Sadie the Naked House Cleaning Lady! Part 1


Sadie twirled her long brown hair around her fingers. It was 6 months before she was to take a trip overseas with her boyfriend David to Amsterdam. As Sadie loved to fuck in front of anyone who would watch and get off on it they had decided to embark on a tour and fuckfest in Amsterdam.
The only problem was if she was to take off the whole month she would need a second income to pay for it. Nothing the local paper struck her as remotely interesting or it didnt suit the hours that she could commit to.
Out of curiosity she glanced at the sex personal ad's wondering if anything would grab her attention. Topless waitress's, Table top dancers, Naked Massage. Sadie read on and a thought dawned on her. House cleaners, everybody needs a house cleaner. She kept twirling her hair and then slipped a finger gently inside her underpants and began to stroker her lips back and forth.
She thought about it some more. It couldnt be that hard she thought. She wondered if David would be upset at the prospect of her finger fucking herself or even fucking herself with one of her dildos in front of a couple or another guy with out him.
Sadie decided to place and ad to get a feel for the demand of such a service. It read:
Sadie, the naked house cleaning lady, available for exotic and erotic house cleaning. All proposals and offers considered.

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She left an email address and didnt give it another thought for a few days. When she logged on her inbox was full of 97 emails of horny males and couples wanting her services.
Holly shit she said out loud. Fuck she laughed.
It took a whole 4 hours to go through the emails and reply to those who didnt sound to sadistic.
Fee's were discussed, 1 hour of just naked cleaning and no show would cost 100. 00.
1 hour of cleaning and masterbation would cost 150. 00
1 hours of fetish and masterbation (water sports, fisting, animal or anything else considered a fetish) 200. 00.
Already she had made bookings for the next month. Out of the 97 emails she had booked 41 appointments. It was then that she thought about safety. I really should tell David. Maybe he would be turned on? Maybe he would want to partisipate?
Sadie phoned David and asked him to drop by.

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   He turned up wearing a pair of tight jeans. Sadie liked the jeans as they made his cock stick out and his balls look big.
Hi Babe she said kissing him and feeling his ass and then rubbed her pussy up against his crotch.
David kissed her for a second and then backed away looking a little nervous.
Whats wrong she said? Im a little worried why you demanded i come right away.
Oh she laughed, nothing to worry about just i need to ask you something really important. Sure replied David now looking a bit more relaxed.
How would you feel if i was to do some housecleaning as a second job until we go away? Is that why you dragged me all the way over here David replied? Why on earth would you think i would mind you doing that?
Sadie sat down and sighed. Well because i can make up to 200. 00 an hour if i take my clothes off and finger fuck myself while whoever pays watches.
David sat quiet for a second. Would there be any touching or contact? No not at all she replied. But i was thinking maybe you and i could do it together occassionally and fuck in front of couples while we clean the house. Make it like a fantasy real life show you know?
We could charge 300. 00 an hour.

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   What do you think? David went quiet. He turned and smiled and got up and walked over towards Sadie. Sadie noticed he now had a hard on and she could see a wet patch on his jeans from his wet cock.
I think we should try, but anytime that you are doing a solo show i am comming with you to keep you safe.
Im so excited screamed Sadie jumping up and down. God baby i want to fuck you right now, im so horny thinking about fingering my pussy in front of some guy i dont even know.
Sadie started rubbing her clit and guided Davids fingers into her now dripping wet hole. Fuck honey i want to feel your cock in my tight pussy. Can you put your cock in my hole then in my mouth so i can taste how sweet i am?
David was now so hard it was hard to get his jeans off. His cock was thick and about 7". Sadie was so wet and desperate to feel his hard cock that she grabbed her dildo out of the drawer and thrust it into her hole. David was taking his jeans off while Sadie was on all fours thrusting the jelly dong into her now swollen pussy that was dripping juices everywhere. Her large tits bounced with every thrust. David finally was free of his jeans and walked over, backed up to the most hottest wettest looking pussy he had ever seen.
Sadies legs were spread wide and David was dripping pre cum all over the place watching her fuck herself with a dong.

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Her asshole looked so inviting. He backed up behind her and forced his throbbing large cock into her sweet asshole. Sadie moaned and pushed herself back and was rocking back and forth on Davids rock hard cock.
Sadie pulled the Dong out of her wet Pussy and handed it to David. What do you want me to do with that he laughed and asked?
Ive seen guys have the best orgasm when fucking a girl from behind while fucking there asshole with a dong. Try it.
You know i have never put anything that big up my ass honey he said. Use my juices as a lubrication. Let me do it for you babe.
Sadie got David on all fours and lubricated the dong with her juices. Just relax babe she said stroking his balls. David was a little tense at the thought of the 8" jelly cock going into his tight asshole. Sadie put a finger in first. She usually did this and it had always turned him on. His asshole was tight and she knew it was going to cause alot of pain when she managed to get it inside.

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   Sometimes the pain was an even bigger turn on.
The head of the dong was jelly and lifelike. It was lubricated from the cum and juices from Sadies Pussy.
David relaxed a little more as he felt her fingers sliding in and out of his hole. It wasnt long before he felt his tightness stretch and the large dong jelly head ese into his ass. It was tight and painful but the pain funnily enough turned him on and he demanded more of it!
He reached around and guided Sadies hand and the dong deeper into his ass. Oh fuck baby it hurts but it fucking turning me on!
Come around here and let me fuck you from behind while keep fucking my hole with this dong.
    God honey i want to fuck your pussy so hard right now.
    Sadie smiled and let David take over fucking himself with this new peice of extasy. She got down on the lounge in front of him on all forurs and stuck her ass high in the air.
    David was so involved and intense with ramming the dong inside his asshole that he hadnt even noticed Sadie with her cheeks spread in front of him and a dripping wet pussy begging to be fucked.
    Sorry babe he said, it just feels so fucking good. Maybe we should get you fucked by a guy joked Sadie. Well if it feels this good i wouldnt say no.
    David was turned on by this thought and put his rock hard cock up against Sadies asshole.

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       You want to be fucked in the asshole, or do you want me to cum inside your pussy after i have fucked it long and hard?
    Fuck me in both babie she said, stick your cock in my pussy while its wet and fuck me like you would fuck a guy right now. I want to feel your hard cock in my hole, fuck me now baby, fuck me now she begged.
    David put his cock in her Pussy and started fucking like a dog. Sadie could tell how horny he was because his thrusts inside her were sudden and short and fast.
    Sadie reached in front and started to rub her swollen clit. It didnt take long and she was screaming and had cum. David on the otherhand wanted to come but it felt so good he held off and kept fucking himself in the ass with the dong.
    Baby said Sadie, i'd love to piss on you right now. Let me piss on your cock while you wank off and fuck yourself in the ass with the dong.
    Davie loved Sadie pissing on his cock when he was about to cum. The warmth and the taboo of it when it hit his cock made it spasm and his load would blow everywhere the second the hot liquid touched it.
    Sadie turned him over on his back and while he thrust the dong she sat over his cock and masterbated while getting ready to let hot piss drip all over his cock.
    Come on baby,immagine a hot cock inside your asshole, and your cock inside another asshole, me fucking myself on the bed while you clean around me with a duster and a horny couple watch. My pussy wet and leaking all over the couples bed and me pissing all over you, and with that Sadie let out a golden squirt all over Davids cock. As she did he came, squirting cum everywhere.

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       It was the biggest load she had ever seen. As he did Sadie leant over and sucked Davids cock in her mouth, licking up the drops of piss and cum.
    David was exausted. Babe that was awesome he said, I really think this house keeping idea will work, when can we start?
    I have appointments next Monday. I cant wait, i really think we should make something of this its a real turn on just thinking about a horny guy stroking his cock while we fuck and clean the house. Or even a c0ouple fucking while we fuck on their kitchen table while cleaning up.
    David was now more excited than Sadie and booked Monday into his diary.
    This was just the start of many naked house cleaning sessions and stories to come,
    stay tuned for part 2
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