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Topic: the next morningYou awaken to soft kisses on your ear and the back of your neck.   Shivers run down your spine and you smile with the memories of what put you to sleep.   With your eyes still closed you reach back to pull me closer but my hand finds yours and guides it back down to your leg.   Your smile turns into a small whimpering pout as the kisses track down your spine… and you shiver as my lips slow at your waistline… whispering air across your buttocks, kissing the crack of your ass.   You smile again as I push you further over onto the pillow at your tummy. . .

I continue to breathe as I brush my lips between your cheeks… teasing with my tongue, tasting the salty leftovers left behind from what put you to sleep last night.   Your body settles comfortably, you spread your legs wider to allow for more access and sensations.   You’ve yet to open your eyes, relishing the vibes, the heat, the breath.   Tickling your anus, the taint, and parting the lips of your flower, making sure you feel everything, slow, gentle, warm…  your legs are smooth, soft, and tremble at times.   Your lips are open, breathing with the sensations, waiting for the next one, wanting it to come faster, bigger, but loving how slow and smooth and gentle its moving.

My tongue enters your anus and your eyes pop open, not expecting that warmth there!  Intriguing sensations, small, probing, soft, wiggling ones.   So soft and smooth and welcome.   You close your eyes and push back into it wanting more.   My fingers find their way to your flower and part your lips and add to the sensations now racing through your body.

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    “mmmmmmmmm” a moan escapes your lips, “I love waking up like this…”  a small wave of an orgasm rolls up your back and flashes through your eyes.   You open your legs even wider, reaching up with your butt, almost to your knees… 

I pull out my tongue, my fingers, now soft and wet, and get onto my knees and start kneading your butt cheeks.   Spreading them wide, closing them tight, twisting gently, moving them around, watching your anus flex, and your flower pout with each grip.   You push back, flexing, finding a rhythm to match my massage.   I push my penis close to your flower, brushing the lips, barely touching, but suddenly making you aware that its there.   You reach for it, and I dodge away, continuing to massage and flex your cheeks, and teasing you.  

Finally I slow the massaging, and bring the tip of my cock to your taint, slowly teasing down, parting the lips of your flower, and running the edges to the top and back again…  illiciting another long enjoyable moan.   “I want it…. . pleeeeeeeeease…. ”  to which I smile.   I gently settle the tip at the very entrance.   Matching your motion so that there’s no entry, no pushing, but no escaping.   Contact.   My soft head, nuzzled gently into your heat.

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    Rolling with your motion, matching your speed, and then a gentle push.   Soft.   Gentle.   A push.   And another.   Maybe an inch or so of motion in and out.   Sensual and slow, and driving you a little crazy.   Your senses are waking up, muscles are ready for the day, and you want MORE!

You push up away from the headboard and take all 8 inches as deep as it will go with a satisfied sigh.   You shake your hair back out of your face and settle back onto the pillow as I drag the length of my penis out of you to the head, and run it all the way back in.   Deep to the bottom.   I hear a grunt of approval as I touch bottom and smile, shifting for the next angle.

I gently grab your hips and pull you back towards me as I start to build my speed, adjust my angles with each stroke, and hold on for the ride.   Your eyes are open now, as you look back over your shoulder trying to see.   You brace with one arm and reach back for one of my nipples, but can’t reach it before I switch angles and direction and plunge back in, sending stars through your vision.   “Uhnnnnn”  your head goes back down to the pillow while the next three waves build up and crash over you, sending electricity from head to toe and weakening your arms and legs.

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    You missed dinner last night, were put to sleep with an internal massage not unlike what you’re feeling now, and you’re starting to lose your strength, and the waves are getting higher.  

Your body wavers on unsteady arms and legs.   You walk your arms up the headboard to an almost upright position and my hands find your back, and wander around the edges and sensitive edges of your breasts.   You sigh, feeling our connection flexing, pulsing, and you want to feel more.   My hands slowly caress your breasts and two fingers find your nipples and pluck… maybe a little harder than I wanted, but definitely enough to get your attention, arch your back and make you drive hard back onto me.   “I … don’t … think… I can… do much more of this…. ” You pant out.   I smile.  

“That’s why I’m doing it.   I want you exhausted.   Sated.   Completed. ”  You smile at that… and roll your eyes as the next wave washes over you.   You know you’re not going to be able to last much longer.   It feels so damn good…  and it explodes over you again and you slip down the headboard, and gently settle onto the pillow again, only to arch back up with the next stroke and explosion.

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Suddenly I pull out, letting your body relax back down onto the pillow.   Your lips are trembling, your legs are trembling, and you have no strength left in your arms and my penis finds your anus.   Wet.   Soft.   Swollen.   The head enters and the pain is a shock.   Its warm and larger than you expected and you suddenly start hyperventilating from the sudden invasion.   I pull out a little bit, wiggling and re-enter, causing another fit of breathing.   You start seeing stars as I pull out again and back in… this time keeping the forward pressure on, with a minor wiggle back matching the forward pressure as I slowly fill your anus with moving back and forth, overwhelming you.   You can’t believe the difference in feelings.   The lack of sensations from your flower is maddening as its flexing and pulsing from the abuse that just moved into your ass.   But the gentle ministrations are causing other sensations, and tiny little waves and you collapse… wanting to know why I haven’t allowed myself to come yet…  not last nite… not tonite… 

I slowly settle deep deep inside you and slow my movements to the smallest  imperceptible flex of my cock.   I gently lower onto your back, pulling the covers back up over us, and curling around you, deep inside you, my arm covering your breast, my hand cupping your other breast.   Completely overwhelmed, and exhausted, you settle against me, feeling me deep inside, flexing, still moving, hypnotic.   You are pulsing with me, flexing… you feel me swell and your smile grows… you will get your wish… 

My eyes roll back, and I explode deep inside you.

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    And I exhale… and settle into the back of your neck for another hour together… connected.  

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