After stopping at her office to see if she had any messages, Dr. Cossett put on her coat and headed to her car and said to herself, "Kinda cool out tonight, I gotta remember to bring along my gloves!!!" As she was reaching for the door on her new Caddy, from out of the shadows a lone figure appeared and asked softly, "Are you Dr. Olivia!?!" "Momentarily taken aback, she stared fearfully at the unknown speaker and replied evenly, "Yes I am, who are you and what do you want!?!" Now stepping into the light, she could see it was a young man of eighteen or nineteen, and quite slight of build who replied, "I'm Jeff, I tried to get you on the phone, but I can never get through, and I just had to talk to you, so I just came down here hoping that I'd find you!!!" "Well, Jeff," she said in a much more relaxed voice, "it's really late and I have to get home, but if you give me your number, I'll have one of my people call you at home tomorrow night and make sure that you get on the air, is that okay with you!?!" While shaking his head from side to side he replied, "I don't want to talk on the air, I'd be too embarrassed, I just have a couple of questions, it would only take a minute, please!?!" She was just about to blow him off when tears welled up in his eyes and he began softly sobbing!!!Knowing it was a stupid thing to do, and since she was freezing her buns off, she offered, "All right, Jeff, get in the car and tell me about it, but I can only give you a couple of minutes, understand!?!" While wiping the tears from his cheeks, a smile broke out over his face as he quickly hopped into the passenger seat and waited until Olivia started the car to get the heat going in the Caddy!!! Now turning to face him she asked, "Okay Jeff, now what seems to be the trouble!?!" "Well," he said nervously, "it's between me and Adele, she's my girl friend, we wanna do it, but she's really scared!!!" "How old are you and Adele," the doctor asked!?! "We're both eighteen, he replied quickly, "why!?" "You're both pretty young," Dr. Olivia said casually, "and it's not unusual for not only the girl, but the boy as well to be afraid their first time!!!" "Oh, it's not that," he replied, "she's done it with another guy along time ago, i-it's something else!!!" Growing a little bit impatient with him, Olivia demanded, "Okay then Jeff, what is it then why is she so nervous!?!" Now growing red in the cheeks, he answered softly, "She says it's because of me, because I'm too big for her!!!" A smile broke across Olivia's face as she replied, "Jeff, I'm sure that your girl friend is exaggerating the situation, all men are pretty much the same size give or take and inch or two, but not nearly enough to strike fear into the heart of your average female!!!"Shaking his head from side to side, he said sadly, "I don't know, but I think she may be right, cuz my first girl friend told me the same thing, she even called me a freak and told all of her friends!!!" "Children can be cruel sometimes," she said softly, "but I'm sure you'll find the right girl who'll love you for who you are!!!" The tears again began streaming down his face and he cried, "I knew you couldn't help me, nobody can, it's just like Adele said, I'm a freak and that's just the way it is!!!" Seeing that he was going off the deep end, Olivia put her hand on his arm and said, "Look Jeff, I know it's hard, but this will pass, I'm sure everything will work out just fine for you, here, tell you what, it's a little irregular, but I've got and idea, why don't you just show me your penis and I can tell you right away if you have a problem or not, after all, I'm quite a bit older than you and have had a little bit more experience!!! He looked at her doubtfully, but she continued quickly, "Do you want me to help you or not, I think this could clear the whole thing up once and for all!?!" Still a little unsure of himself, he replied slowly, "Well, if you think it will help, okay, I'll do it!!!"The car was now toasty warm as Jeff slowly slid down his zipper, lifted his butt off the seat, and slid down his jeans and under shorts with one quick shove!!! Olivia turned on the car's interior lights to get a better look, and what she saw draped across the boy's skinny little thigh nearly stunned her into speechlessness, it was the largest penis she had ever seen in her life, and it wasn't even fully erect yet!!! Her voice immediately grew husky as she stared at the improbable organ and said thickly, "M-my god, it's beautiful, I've never seen........." "You're just saying that to make me feel good," he whined, "you hate it just like my girlfriend does, don't you!?!" With her mouth now dry as dust, she stammered, "No, of course not, Jeff, it's just that I was a little surprised that's all, in fact you have the most beautiful penis I've ever seen!!!" He finally quieted down a little and asked almost hopefully, "Really, Dr. Olivia, do you really mean that!?!" "I certainly do," she said while trying to regain her composure, "may I ask you a question, please?!?" "Sure," he replied, "ask away!!!" "Has Adele ever put the head of your penis into her mouth," Olivia questioned softly?!? "Oh, no," he replied quickly, "I'd never ever ask her to do that, I'm sure she'd just laugh at me!!!" As their talk grew more intimate, Jeff's penis grew longer and thicker, until it was now raised slightly off his thigh, and just hanging menacingly in the air!!! "Well, Jeff," she went on, while clearing her throat, "I'm going to do something that I normally never would consider, but since your situation is so desperate, I'm going to make and exception," and after saying that, she calmly leaned over and took the stunned young man's pecker head into her mouth and sucked him to a hard quick orgasm!!!" He came so abruptly, that he hardly had time to warn her of his climax, but she didn't care one way or the other, because from the second she put it into her mouth, she knew that she was going to let him ejaculate down her throat, and that is exactly what she did!!!""Holy smokes," he said when it was over, "t-that was incredible, no one has ever made me feel that way before, and you really liked it, I mean me cumming in your mouth and all!?!" She kissed him softly on the cheek and whispered into his ear, "Not only did I love it, just sucking your magnificent pecker has made my vagina very wet, would mind terribly if I took off my panties and sat on you huge prick?!?" The expression on his face was priceless, if she had had a camera along she would have saved it for posterity, but since he was pretty much shocked into silence, she took it for a yes, and without bothering to slide off her undies, she merely grabbed them and ripped them off, he easily straddled his lap and again whispered, "Come on baby, guide it into the doctor's pussy, be a good boy and help her out!!!" Ten inches of brutally thick cock flesh was now pointing straight up at her dripping pussy, and it was all she could do to keep from just plopping down hard on it, but even in her now lustful state, she realized that a cock this size could literally tear her apart, so patience was the rule of the moment, as she slowly lowered her twat onto his huge head and gently let her cunt inhale the gigantic invader!!! As each inch disappeared in side of her, the feeling of fullness made her feel like a true fuck slave to this incredible piece of cock flesh!!! "Oh, baby," she gasped, "I-I've never felt so truly fucked in my whole life, it's better than I could have ever imagined, ohhhhhhhhhhhh godddddddddddddd, I'm fucking cumming so hard and you're not even moving it, it is just stretching me so wide and filling me so deep, ohhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!" To Jeff, this was an epiphany of sorts, as it made him realize that maybe, just maybe, that older and more experienced woman would appreciate his member more than Adele would!!! Although he wasn't very experienced himself, being a normal red blooded American lad, he had seen his share of porno videos, and even he knew that while Dr. Olivia might like sitting on his organ, she'd like it a lot better if he was riding her and jamming her like a hammer, so he wrapped his arms around her back, and while holding her tight, rolled hard to his left, pinning her beneath him, and at his very long and thick mercy!!!Sensing that she was his, he said crudely, "I can tell you love it, well now you're gonna get it," and like a bolt of lightning going off in her cunt, he started pounding his thickness in and out of her helpless feminine organ, while she literally begged him to fuck her like a whore!!!" 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