She Grins At You


Topic: She Grins At YouShe grins at you. You know, not the normal everyday smile, but the one that tells you that you won’t be displeased by the end of the night. Pushing herself off the kitchen counter, she gracefully passes you by giving you a once over look before grinning that same grin to herself. Oh yes, she’s going to have plenty fun tonight. In the small en suite bathroom just off in the corner of their bedroom, she leans over the counter, outlining her round green eyes with black, making them stand out and with just one look she could have you in the palm of her hands, and she knows it. Glancing up to the corner or the mirror she see’s you leaning on the door frame, admiring the curves of her body, the way she smiles to herself in the reflection, the way she bites her lip knowing exactly what you’re thinking when you look at her like that. Just to tease, she leans more over the counter, sticking her ass out and swaying it slowly and moaning your name softly, and turns around to face you as soon as you grabs her hips from behind, still you pull her close to you, the start of a long night evident with the slight bulge in your jeans. “No, no. Mustn’t touch. ” She wiggles her finger side to side at you with one hand, and snakes her other hand between them to stroke your growing cock lightly with her palm and fingertips. “Baby…” You groan. Although you could easily gain control, you’d rather see what she has planned. She pulls your face down for a kiss, just a small one but it still promises a lot more to come. “You’ll never be ready in time. Go get dressed silly. ” She pushes you off her and shoos you out of the room for now, smirking as she shuts the door on you.

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  What seems like hours go by after you finish dressing in a simple blue dress shirt and black slacks, she emerges from their bedroom, wearing an expensive looking dark green, off the shoulder summer dress which comes down to about mid-thigh finished off with a pair of black strapy heels. “God damn baby …” You reach out and pull her close to you, tilting her chin up and leaning in to kiss her gently, lovingly. “You get more and more beautiful everyday. ” She smiles softly at you and pulls away slightly, slipping her hand into yours. “Ready to go?” You nod and follow her lead. ---You groan when you notice where you’re going. That new nightclub everyone has been raving about for the last few weeks. “Baby, you know I can’t dance  …” She ignores you and slides over from the drivers seat and into you lap, straddling it, her dress riding up slightly over her hips, flashing a new pair of panties you’ve never seen before. Slowly, she rocks her hips against yours, leaning forward to kiss and lick a trail from your collar to your oversensitive ear. Lightly tracing the edge of your ear with her lips, she whispers, “Just follow my lead, love. ” Your hands grip her hips and push her harder against your growing cock. “C’mon, let’s just forget this place and go somewhere more … Private. ” You mutter in her ear while nuzzling her neck. She laughs and pushes open the car door and slides out of your lap and onto the pavement, pulling her dress back down over her bottom, giving you a small shake before turning around to face you holding out her hand and calling out your name sweetly. You give in and take her hand, following her into the shiny doors of the nightclub.


  Instantly hit with a wave of people and loud music, you feel uneasy, out of your element. Grinning, she drags you to the dance floor. You stop at the edge and watch her go into the sea of people all moving and swaying to the beat of the sound. Nervous, you just watch her; watch her as she moves effortlessly, rocking her hips, flicking her hair, twisting around. You watch as she attracts different men all around her, watching her just like you are. They reach out to touch her, to dance with her, pulling her close to them. She knows you are watching. Waiting for you to come over and take her for yourself. You grow jealous of all the hands touching her, all the eyes undressing her. You growl and start to make your way through the crowd to her, pushing the current man off and away from her. Standing behind her, you grab her hips and pull her back against you hard, hard enough to let her know you aren’t going to let her go for the rest of the night. “You’re fucking evil. ” You growl into her ear, standing awkwardly still in the crowd of moving bodies. . “Just move with me.

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   You know how. ” She coo’s into your ear, grinding her ass against your concealed cock, smiling to herself when she hears you moan into her ear. She turns around and straddles your knee, rubbing her panty-clad sex against your thigh, you can feel the heat from her pussy, her wetness seeping though onto your pants. Reaching between her legs, you rub her gently through the thin material and smirk as she blushes. “Mmhmm, for them,” You start to say, as you eye some of the men who were previously all hands on with her, “You aren’t shy at all, but the second I touch you…” You rub her slit harder, working the material between her lips, soaking it with her juices. She moans against your chest, unable to form a sentence, no longer in control. You pull her from the sea of people, to the very back of the room where no one is paying attention. You turn her around roughly, pushing her up against the wall, slipping an arm around her waist and pulling her bottom half away from the wall, keeping her chest, head and arms pinned up against it. Slipping a hand underneath her dress, you pull her soaked panties down slightly and to the side, sliding a finger easily inside her body. Pumping slowly within her, you growl and bite her neck hard enough to make her cry out and leave small indents. “It’s my turn. ”You let your grip on her go slightly, and she knows it’s time to go. You take her outside, an arm around her, keeping her close, restraining yourself from tearing off her clothes and fucking her against the hood of her car as she leaves you for a moment to slip into the driver’s seat. Once on the road, the grin plays along her soft lips again as she reaches over with her one free hand and unzips your pants, fishing around to pull your cock out of your boxers, smirking when you gasp. She plays with your cock the whole drive home, pumping it slowing with her small hand, brushing her thumb over the head and licking her lips.

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   As soon as she pulls into their driveway and shuts off the car, she’s up on her hands and knees, cock in hand. Softly she kisses the head, brushing her lips against the sensitive skin, snaking the tip of her tongue out to lightly tease, flicking it over the head and down the thick shaft and back up to take the head of your cock in her warm, wet mouth, swirling her tongue around and taking more and more of you into her mouth, inch by inch, listening to you moan her name. Tangling your hand in her soft auburn hair, you resist the urge to push her down further on you cock, remembering she’s not a porn star, and the hand that’s gently squeezing and caressing your balls, may not be so gentle anymore if you do. “Fuck baby …” You moan again, laying your head back against the headrest, petting her hair as she brings you closer to orgasm. Slowly, she pulls your cock out of her mouth, very lightly grazing her teeth over the sensitive head of your cock before filling her mouth with you again, repeating this between steady strokes of her small strong hand. Your eyes close and you groan, a shudder going through your body. You untangle your hand from her hair for a moment to snake down and into her dress, cupping her breast, pinching her nipple slightly, just a little, and rub it between your fingers before sliding those fingers over her breast again and squeezing it one more time, before sliding them around her body to her back, caressing her skin from her ass up to her neck, running your fingers into her hair again and letting them rest there. “Mmmm, so close …” She moans softly and smiles the best she can with a mouth full of cock, her tongue writhing along the underside of you. She bobs her head up and down your cock, sucking hard and making wet slurping noises. You moan louder and your fingers re-tangle themselves into her hair. “Mmmfaster. Please. ” You beg. “Oh god, just a little more…” You gasp and shiver, body tensing as she brings you to the edge of orgasm. She quickly pumps her hand along your thick shaft, pulling your cock out until just the head sits just inside her mouth.

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   Your hands fall from her and to your sides. “Oh fuck baby!” You cry out as you curl your hands into fists, your body twitching as your orgasm takes over you, arching you’re back trying not to thrust yourself down her throat. She moans against your twitching cock as you cum inside her mouth. Swallowing every drop like you trained her to do; she lets your cock fall from her mouth with a quiet, ‘pop’ as she sits back up wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Panting hard, you reach over and grab her, pulling her into your lap and kissing her hard, you can still taste yourself on her soft lips. “I love you so fucking much baby. ” She grins that grin and tries to straighten out her dress. “I don’t think we’re done just yet. ”“Not even close. ” You grin and scoop her up into your arms as you slide out of the car door, wobbling slightly as you slowly regain your composure, your cock hardening for round two. You set her down onto her feet and shut the front door of the house behind you, not even giving her a second to breath; you push her back up against the door.
    “C-can’t even wait to get into the house, can you?” She chuckles. “No fucking way. ” You growl as you reach under her dress with both hands, grabbing her panties and in one swift movement, you tear them off, tossing them to the floor. She stays against the door, her ass pulled out from against the door, leaving just her head, chest and hands against the door once again as you fall to your knees, nuzzling her ass, snaking your tongue out to taste her wetness.

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       You lap softly at her clit, working your tongue between her lips mumbling something as your tongue works its way inside her. “Unh… What was that?” She moaned out softly. You withdraw your tongue for a moment. “Mm, my bunny tastes good. ” You kiss her mound, wrapping your tongue around her clit as you slip a finger inside her. You let her clit go to lick it in slow, long strokes, your finger pumping faster as you growl against her clit. The vibrations make her cry out, moaning your name loudly. You pull away and stand up, grasping your cock in on hand, you bend her over a little more, rubbing the hot head of your cock against her throbbing clit, and pinching it with the other hand roughly, teasing her slowly like she did to you all night. “Mm, you want this baby; you want my cock in your tight little pussy?” Pinching her clit a bit harder, you push the head of your cock into her pussy slowly before pulling out painfully slow. “Hmm? Is that what my bunny wants?” You tease her slowly; pushing no more then just the head of your cock in and pulling it back out. “Oh f-fuck. Please. ” She moaned with a shaky voice. “I’m all y-yours. ” She cries out as you grab her hips and pull her all the way onto your cock.

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       “Fuck you’re tight. ” You grunt, shuddering, you drink in all the sensations of the moment. You pull back out of her slowly. “I love you baby. ” You tell her before driving your cock back in her, starting a slow, powerful rhythm. “I love you too. ”You moan louder now, the feeling of her body surrounding you, gripping you, rising to meet each thrust and swallow you, overpowering your mind. You pump a little faster, letting her keep up with you as your cock drives harder into her, hips meeting her ass with a soft smack over and over, your cock rubbing her just right as it moves in and out of her, your fingers stroking her clit with every move. Your pace quickens a little more, thick shaft driving in and out of her mound, your body drowning in the pleasure that is her body, reacting to her reactions to you until a frenzy of electric fire races along your nerves, the impulse to just pound and pound until they become one eating at the edges of your control until all you has left is pleasure and restraint wrapped in your love for her as your hips dive the tiniest bit harder, control beginning to slip from you as your orgasm builds and the wrapping begins to tear in the face of need and the naked face of your soul begins to shine from your eyes and the eternal love you have for her can be seen within it. She cries out your name loudly. “I… I’m so fucking close. Uunh…” Her pussy grips at your cock, squeezing it tightly with every thrust. Her breath catches in her throat and she cries out moments later, tossing her head back and screaming your name. You feel her body spasm around your cock, her mound clenching your invading cock and squeezing, driving you over the edge as well, your hips slamming into her ass as you moan and lose control, your orgasm consuming you in a blinding flash of ecstasy as you cum, cock throbbing against her quivering pussy. You reach forward and pull her back hard against you, growling in her ear in the voice that drives her crazy.

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       “This,” You growl, thrusting hard against her still twitching mound. “This is mine. ” You thrust again, just as hard and she cries out. “It’s no one else’s” You thrust again, only not so hard, softer, bringing her back down from the high of her orgasm, wrapping your arms around her gently. “I love you. So fucking much. ” You lay your head on her shoulder, kissing along her neck and shoulder blade. You shudder again, aftershocks still playing along your nerves with every twitch and caress from her body. The night ending just as it started. That same grin on her face. You know. The one that means you won’t be displeased by the very end of the night. Fin. .

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