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Topic: Melissa Gets FuckedMelissa has been my wife since she was a teen. She is a tall slim very pretty blonde, with a great ass and long legs. About 6 months ago, while fucking, I began telling her what it would be like for her to have a dick in her pussy while sucking mine. About 30 seconds of me painting the "picture". she would have an explosive orgasim, which, in turn, would make me cum, too. This would happen every time, but, she claimed it was just by chance. However, a couple weeks ago, she finally admitted the idea turn her on, but, she could never actually do it.
Last night we were at the Battlefield Mall in Springfield. Melissa was trying on tops and skirts at the Hollister store, and it was about closing time, and I noticed the manager was really looking her up and down. He was in his early twenties, probably 5 or 6 years younger than Melissa.
The dressing rooms in the store are in the back, but, have doors that go down to about your knees. You can see from the feet to the knees. The manager told us he had to lock front door, but, to take our time. When he came back to where I was standing, a skirt dropped around Melissa's ankles, and , it kinda turned me on knowing she was just a few feet away from me and the young man without a skirt on, and I knew she had to know we were watching.
I whispered to him if he thought she was hot. He shook his head "yes", and I asked him if he wiuld like to fuck her.

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   He again shook his head up and down.
I told Melissa we were watching, and she was turning us on. She said something about us being silly. I told her I had something I really wanted her to try on. I left the guy standing there and went over to a table that held thong panties. I grabbed a pair, took them to her dressing stall. I told her to open the door, and she told me to just hand them under the door. when she saw what I handed her, a pair of white lace thong panties, she asked if we really wanted her to try them on. We both said "yes". We watched her slip her feet into them, and could tell that she was pulling them up to her butt. I told her to shut her eyes. I said I had a big surprise for her.
I whispered to the boy to go into the dressing room, and fuck her. He walked thru the swinging door. I told her she could open her eyes, and she told me that they were already "wide" open.

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    Through the door, I told him to kiss her on the neck.
    I could see her bare feet facing his feet, and it was very quiet. Then, I watched as a pair of white thong panties fell to her ankles. She made a low moaning sound, and I knew he was touching her pussy. Then. . . her t-top fell to the floor, and I knew she was totally naked. I watched as her feet turned toward the mirror. His pants hit the floor, and I knew his dick was touching her butt. I became hard as a rock.
    She shifted forward, and I knew that naked butt was up against his dick. She made a sound I had never heard before, and I could hear him begining to fuck her,. The way her legs and feet moved, I knew she was fucking him back.
    He began to fuck her really fast, and she told him not to cum inside.

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       I watched her legs and feet turn back toward him. I saw her knees on the floor, and could hear the sucking sounds as she gave him a blow job. He announced that he was going to cum. She told him to cum in her mouth. He began cumming, and she made a loud muffled throaty sound, and i knew she was cumming, too.
    I opened the door just as she was licking the last drop of cum from the head of his dick. With Melissa's permission, I asked him to go home with us. We fucked her for 5 hours. She must have came 10 times. After he left, she admitted that she loved it and was ready to do it again and again and again. I think I have helped create a cumming fuck lover. . and i'm glad.
    You may know Melissa if you live in Missouri near Springfield, and you may get lucky.

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