Soldiers Return Part 3


A Soldiers Return Part 3.
I woke up to the sound of the kettle and went downstairs, it was almost lunchtime and Jenny’s Dad was still there. He looked like he had been dragged through a hedge backwards. What a hangover he had, so I made some “gunfire” as they call it in the Army. After a few mugs of that he looked a bit better. Jenny came down and announced she wanted to cook me a romantic meal, she had never cooked anything for me, so I gave her the money she wanted, and we walked to the village together. Although I was still worried about going to Sue’s, Jenny told me to do what I was told. The pub was empty, but the Landlady ran round and kissed me, congratulating me she said, “ The beer is on the house, at last a son in the village!”When the club came in what a party it was, but I didn’t want too much as I had to go to Sue’s. So I made my excuses and left them to it I got to Sue’s and was stunned when she opened the door. She had a tight pair of leather jeans on and a very sexy blouse, I also noticed with no bra, and sexy make up. I had only ever seen her (yesterday), in warm clothes, so was amazed at her fit body. She kissed me with her arms wrapped around me, I could feel her breasts pushing into me, and then she almost dragged me indoors. Sitting me on the sofa, I noticed an ashtray and some cigarettes, she told me to help myself as she went to the kitchen. Suddenly bringing a bottle of Champagne and two glasses out. After opening it she became quite giggly as the bubbles and the alcohol seemed to hit her, I could tell she was not used to it.
I was worried the twins would walk in, but she assured me they wouldn’t.

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  Saying she had to go, she popped upstairs, I assumed she was going to the toilet, I was very wrong!She walked down in a sexy black and red outfit. Sue started telling me about how her Husband had left her Seven years ago, and she had never been near a man since, but after what she did yesterday to me, she had masturbated in the night. Telling me she had also missed the first party I attended, she would love to try anal sex, as she had done everything else (or so she thought)!She went and opened another bottle of Champagne, I warned her to be careful if she was not used to it.  
She sat next to me, putting her arm around me kissing me on the neck, then moved up to my lips, she was so sexy and hot I put my hand on her thighs and started to run my finger up and down, very gently. She grabbed my hand and moved it up, telling me she had shaved last night, everywhere, as she was waiting for me. As I started to feel her Vagina, she suddenly stood up, taking her outfit off, what a gorgeous sight. She had lovely breasts, so firm and pert. Then she pulled me up, taking my top off, then telling me to get undressed. We stood there naked; she kissed me then put her hand down to feel my testicles, so I put my finger inside her slit on her Clitoris, as we kissed, I could feel her getting very wet, as she was very turned on.
I was very gentle, as she got more and more excited, her juices started leaking onto my fingers, and her nipples were massive. Suddenly she grabbed me and started to come whilst making a lot of noise, mind you I was turned on, as she was kissing me very deeply. Once she had got her breath back, she walked over to a drawer and got a tube of lubricant out, for anal sex. Jenny had told her it will a bit uncomfortable at first, but then it will be nice, which I did not know. I put her in the doggy position, put some lubricant on her private hole and started to enter her slowly. I felt her tense as my helmet, penetrated her sphincter muscle, but as I pushed deeper she relaxed a bit, so I kept pushing and urged her to push against me.

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  Pulling on her shoulders as it went deep inside her. Getting faster I started to go in and out, she had put her head down and her blonde hair was now swinging like her breasts. The sighs then the moaning got deep, then even deeper, she made a sudden sound like she had come, and I was not far off.
Suddenly as I was really going hard in and out my penis slipped out, as I tried to put it back in it went straight into her vagina, as she had said nothing I carried on. Then I did not last long as I came inside her. I tried to explain, to no avail. Quietly she whispered “ It happens I suppose, don’t worry about it. ”  We seemed to collapse together, pure lust I am afraid. We got up and I kissed her, she wrapped her arms around me, then pouring some more Champagne, she asked me not to get dressed. Going upstairs she slowly ran a bath, whilst I had a cigarette. She took the champagne and me upstairs, getting in the bath, she told me to get in, so I did. Whilst soaping each other, we started to kiss as I rubbed my hands over that wonderful body. Looking me straight in the eyes she said “I want you to do that to the twins. ” I looked a bit bemused “Anal sex with them, when you get a moment, for I enjoyed that, and they must learn!”As we sipped the Champagne it seemed to turn her on again. I got out of the bath with a hard on, as her hands had been everywhere.

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Sue explained as we dried ourselves, that there were a lot of lonely mothers in the village, and for their help with everything, they could look after things whilst Jenny went to college, in return for favours, or payment in kind as they say. So I asked what she meant?“It is quite easy, a lot of the mothers like me have not had sex in years, so you look after us, we look after the baby and you, when you need a rest!”
Grabbing my hand she led me down to her bedroom; as she pushed the door open, in there was a magnificent bed, I really was turned on. Sipping a glass of Champagne, she slowly dripped some on her breasts, I soon got the message, and I slowly slid my tongue down every single bit of them. Then she lay on the bed, her naked body set me alight again. “ You are the first man to make me come everywhere, now let us do it properly you have already come inside me, so it is too late to even worry about anything. ”So I almost dived on the bed and swivelled around to have a sixty-nine, Sue whispered “I have never done this before!” Well there is a first time for anything I thought. Pushing my tongue into her shaven mound she arched up to almost invite me in, whilst sucking me. She did not take long as suddenly, she just pulled her mouth out of me and started to moan, getting louder by the minute. Then it got quicker her breathing faster, till finally she gushed her juices all over my face. I did not even give her time to get her breath back, as I turned around and entered her, she wrapped her arms and legs around my back as I started to pump into her. She started to moan very loudly, then I felt her starting to scratch my back and pull me hard into to her. Suddenly she started to wriggle and scream out, as all her body went into a spasm of ecstasy, and her fingernails dug into my back, scraping it. Her arms dropped to her side and then her legs, her beautiful eyes looked at me “ Save yourself till after your present, for that was amazing, I am stunned with what I have been missing all these years!”So pulling out we got up, Sue gave me a Housecoat and then she put one on. I was intrigued by this present as we went downstairs, for I thought I had my present already. Sue went to a cupboard and pulled a bottle of whisky out, pouring two large ones “Put your shoes on and you will need this as it is cold in the Garage!”Getting something out of a drawer she took me into the kitchen, then through a side door into the Garage.

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  There inside was a beautiful Land Rover; I was getting confused, for what had this to do with me, plus it was cold out there. Sue pulled out a logbook and the keys from her housecoat pocket giving them to me, I looked at her “I can’t afford that I have the cottage to do and a baby on the way. ” “ My ex husband had to give me the house and this in our divorce as he ran away, he did not contest anything, I do not drive, so it is yours as you will need it. ”I looked at her in disbelief, thinking she was joking, her eyes lit up and she kissed me “ happy now, for I am!”“I have had the man from the Garage service it, just sort the insurance out and drop the papers off tomorrow, and he will drop it of for you. ”We both had a slug of whisky, her gorgeous eyes looking at me; she just said “ lets christen the Land Rover, now!”Sue opened the back door and slipped her housecoat off, her nipples were very erect as the cold hit them, her breasts firm and enticing. She climbed on the bench seat, but I stopped her moving all the way in, then suddenly bent over and started to go down on her. Putting my hands under her buttocks I lifted her upwards into my waiting tongue, then felt the gorgeous warmth of her. She was amazingly horny and very turned on, gasping as my tongue went inside her and I moved her juices up to lick her clitoris. It did not take long, as she was rampant, her mouth and the screams coming out, I am sure the entire village could hear. I gave her no rest, as I pulled her out, climbing in I sat in the middle of the seat, pulling my housecoat apart to reveal a massive hard on. So I slowly coaxed Sue in “ sit on me, windscreen round!” She climbed in; then she slowly lowered, putting her hand on my hard on she put it in to her, it went really deep and she gasped again. I put my arms around her and started to feel those wonderful breasts. As it became more exciting Sue put her legs up on the top of the front seats and gave it everything. Bouncing up and down she started to come, so did I!Grabbing her I spurted my load as she came, magnificent!What a day, what a village. She reminded me not to forget tomorrow, as she had a job for me.

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I went home to a wonderful steak meal and a lot of questions from Jenny, who was very interested in what had gone on. It seemed it was natural to her for me to do this, although I felt guilty she assured me it was not and to do what was asked. So next morning I went down the pub and to my surprise Sue walked in looking stunning again. Women don’t normally come in the pub so that was a shock to say the least. After getting her a drink we sat down, her hand kept wandering under the table to feel me, which set me alight. Suddenly she told me all about the woman I was going to see, explaining she was shy and nervous. So we left as Sue wanted to do some shopping, she handed me a carrier bag with a bottle of vodka and two packets of cigarettes in, that will work she remarked. Sue ushered me to the woman’s house knocked the door and left me.
The woman opened the door and was really shy her name was Linda. After a few Vodkas she seemed to come to life and became very talkative, plus flirty. I slowly put my arm around her, then kissed her deeply, which she seemed to enjoy. I stood her up and took her blouse off, what a lovely pair of breasts she had. Taking my shirt off she suddenly took her skirt off just leaving her knickers on, so I slowly pulled them down. What a sight another shaven mound “ Sue told me to shave for you”. “Be gentle for it has been years since my ex husband left”, as I took off my trousers and pants.

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  Linda bowed her head as she looked at me “you are going to put that in me”, yes I replied slowly. Starting to kiss her she became turned on; when I started on her breasts she really was enjoying it. Laying her on the floor I started on her clitoris, her breathing became shallower, and then the sighs came out before a massive explosion and noise. I could stand it no longer and she helped me put it in, she was very tight and tried at first to resist me, which made me push even harder. As I pumped into her she started to come, very loudly indeed, continuing I tried to control myself, as he suddenly came so did I. “I felt that” she said slowly as I pulled out, the amount of sperm around her entrance was amazing, for it was dripping everywhere. We had another drink and then Linda got up and produced a tube of lubricant which I recognised as mine” Sue gave it to me”.
She got down in th doggy position “ Sue has told me all about this, so lets do it”. I lubed her up and slowly entered her, she tid gasp at first and again tried to resust me in her anus, to no avail I am afraid. Pushing in deeper with every thrust, she did not seem to enjoy it like Sue, until I got all the way in, then she did. She came very quickly and I was not far behind, the feeling was stunning, as she had never done it before. We stood up and kissed, sperm ran out of both orifices and to my amazement she invited me back. The phone rang and it was Sue, she wanted me to pop into her place on the way home. What next?
To be continued.  Kohima.

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