Some unexpected fun overseas....


     I've been living in the US for the past 16 years, but I'm originally from India; and for the past several years I've made it a point to go back and visit my family every winter when I have a month off from school. Its a pretty routine trip by this point, so I don't think too much into it, and for the most part I know what to expect. A long flight, and hopping between two towns, staying with my aunt for a few days, with my uncle a few days, and switching back and forth. All the while getting in as much time with my cousins as I can, that’s the part I really look forward to. I do have cousins in the US that I'm very close to, but since I don't get to see my family in India very often, I've gained a special appreciation for my relationship with them. In particular is my cousin Maya. While I love all my cousins very much, she and I have always had a special bond. Even when I'd visit as a child, while the rest of our cousins would be off playing with the neighborhood children, she and I would prefer to find some quiet corner and talk for hours on end. And that tradition continues to this day. However this time around I got a real wake up call.      This trip was my first chance to see Maya in over two years (I didn't get a chance to go last year), and she has really matured in that time. She's not the little girl I remembered. She was always a pretty little thing, and even when we were younger I would catch boys checking her out. But when I first laid eyes on her at the airport this time around I was quite surprised. . .

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  she had grown from a cute little girl into a beautiful young woman. Her long, curly hair was trimmed to just past her shoulders, her skin was perfectly tanned, and her tight fitting clothes revealed some very pleasing curves. When I first saw her there my first instinct was to give her a great big hug, picking her up and giving her a kiss on the cheek as I always do. And since the rest of the family was there I was quickly distracted from my initial shock. However it would not be long until I gained a much deeper appreciation of her beauty.      I had been in the country two or three days at that point, and the initial excitement was over. Things had settled down, my uncle went back to work, my cousins went back to school, with the exception of Maya, who was also on break from college. So one afternoon she and I found ourselves alone at home, my uncle off at work, our other cousins away at school and my aunt away for the week visiting a friend. So as is our way, with nothing else to do we just sat down on the bed and started chatting about anything and everything. The conversation went from family issues to future plans to school, and eventually came to the topic of dorm life. It was then that she started telling me about all the parties she started going to and all the new people she had met. But what really struck me was when she started talking about boys. Having grown up in a very religious and orthodox household, she wasn't allowed to associate with boys much while growing up, but she really started exploring when she was off on her own. She told me of all the guys she'd met, some she'd been interested in, some who became more than just good friends. But she eventually began telling me that she was a bit disappointed with most of the guys she'd come across.

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   How growing up she saw how I was much more liberal minded that most traditional Indian guys, and how she'd always envisioned meeting a guy who thought the way I did. And she even confessed to having had a crush on me when we were younger.      She went on and on, complaining about the guys there, eventually just wanting a hug, which I was happy to give her. And I told her that she'll eventually find herself an amazing guy, to which she responded "What if I already have?” I was a little confused, but I quickly got my answer when rather than breaking the hug she slowly slid a hand down my back and gave my ass a squeeze. I found myself confused, nervous and slightly turned on at the same time. This couldn't be right. . . could it? But my moral dilemma would have to wait, she quickly put her hands to my chest, pushing me down onto the bed, and straddled my hips. "I'm sorry" she told me, "but this is something I've thought about time and time again, and I'd rather you stop me and hate me than have to go on not knowing". I was still in shock, but before I could voice any objection (not that I really had any), she laid down on top of me, pressing her lips to mine and sliding both her hands onto my chest. At this point the only reaction I could come up with was to put my hands around her, pressing her into me and kissing her back. I was nervous, and a little confused as to whether I should be doing this, but my doubts quickly faded as she slid her tongue past my lips, sliding it around my own. I moved one hand down her back and helped myself to that perfectly shaped ass which I had first admired at the airport. I found it was just as tight as it was round.

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   My other hand found its way up onto her chest, gently cupping her breast through her shirt. Her breasts weren't very large, but they were perfectly proportioned to her body, and fit just right in the palm of my hand. Giving her breast a squeeze, I could feel her nipple already beginning to poke through, the thin material of her shirt and bra doing nothing to conceal her excitement. We kissed for several minutes, our lips never parting, our hands exploring each others' bodies. I was lost in the moment, I could have laid there enjoying her soft mouth forever, but she had other ideas. She eventually broke our kiss, sitting up, still straddling me, and took hold of the edge of her shirt, raising it over her head and tossing it to the side, revealing a very thin black, cotton bra. . . one which she felt she no longer needed (and correctly so), it soon found itself next to her shirt. Returning to our kiss I slid both hands onto her breasts, taking her erect nipples between my thumb and index fingers, softly pinching them as I felt her hand creeping down my stomach and onto my crotch where she slowly began stroking my quickly growing member through my jeans. I gently massaged both her breasts in the palms of my hands, squeezing them, caressing them as I circled my thumbs over her nipples. Her sweet breath filled my mouth, our lips pressed tightly together as she unbuckled my belt, her fingers making quick work of the button and zipper of my jeans. I kissed across her cheek and moved onto her neck, kissing up and down, my hands still fondling her small, firm breasts. She ran one hand through my hair while working the other into my jeans, making her way to the gap in my boxers and trailing a finger across the surface of my cock. While this was by no means the first time I’d had a girls hand on my cock, it was more exhilarating than usual.

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   I don’t know if it was the taboo nature of the whole scenario, the chance of being walked in on, or both, but my gorgeous cousin had given my one of the hardest erections I’d ever had, and she wasted no time in doing something about it. I felt her reach into my boxers and wrap her fingers around my cock, gently tugging at it until it sprang free. The coolness of the air hitting me as I felt her wrap her fist around me and slowly move her hand up and down the length of my cock. Her hand was cool, her skin was soft, and I could have cum right then and there, but I’m glad I didn’t or I would have missed out on something much better. I continue kissing her soft lips as I reached down with one hand and cupped her tight, round ass, once more giving it a hard squeeze. I slipped my hand under the waist band of her pants and massaged her ass through her thin panties, grabbing at it and pinching it. She was very gentle as she softly stroked the length of my cock, gently rubbing her thumb over the head while moving her fingers up and down the length of the shaft. I still had one hand working her chest, while the other worked its way down her ass, slipping down between her legs and sliding a finger onto her slit from behind. I could feel a definite wet spot on her panties as I continued to stroke her slit from behind. I put my hands to her waist, laying her down next to me, my lips never parting hers, and her hand never leaving my cock. I slid my hand down her stomach and under the waist band of her pants and her panties. I found that she was cleanly shaven as I moved a finger down between her legs. I slid my finger across the length of her slit, gently parting her lips and feeling the moisture gathering on my finger tip. Moving up I could feel her swollen clit as I slowly began to circle my finger over it. Her only reaction was to grip my cock even harder as she continued stroking it.

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   I rubbed her clit for several minutes before sliding back down her slit and slowly pushing two fingers into her. I heard her gasp as I slid my fingers deep into her, burying them to the knuckles before proceeding to move them slowly in and out of her. Her pussy was tight around my fingers, but also very warm and very wet. I could tell she was enjoying this. I slid them almost all the way out before moving them all the way back in. Sliding in and out, brushing my thumb over her clit with every stroke. Her breathing turned to a low moan as she began moving her hand faster and harder over my cock. As I continue fingering her tight pussy, she broke our kiss and stared into my eyes while jerking me off. The look of passion in her eyes was one I’d never seen before, but one I’ll never forget. She rubbed her thumb over the head of my cock, spreading the drops of precum that had begun to leak out over it. I picked up my pace, fingering her much harder and faster now, pressing down onto her clit with my thumb as I slid two fingers in and out. She reached down and put her hand to mine, pulling my hand away from her pussy. Putting her mouth to my neck she began to make her way down my body, kissing down my chest and across my stomach. Eventually coming to the base of my cock, she touched the tip of her tongue to it and licked up and down the length of the shaft. I tried to put my hands to the sides of her head, but she only pushed them away, leaving me to grab the sheets as she deftly worked her tongue all over my rock hard cock.

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   I could see a drop of precum glistening at the tip of my cock, and I’m sure she saw it to as she wrapped her lips around the head and began licking it like a lollipop. She grabbed my cock with both hands and worked her sexy little mouth all over the head, licking it, kissing it and sucking on it with just the slightest bit of pressure. The site was almost too much to bear, my eyes must have rolled back in my head. I couldn’t believe that my sexy cousin was giving me one of the greatest blow jobs I’d ever gotten. I couldn’t help but wonder how she had gotten to be so talented…just how much practice had she gotten? But that question soon left my mind along with any other clear thought as I felt her move her lips down the length of my cock, taking the whole thing into her mouth in one swift motion. Her lips touched down as the base of my cock. I could feel the head rubbing up against the back of her throat as she began twirling her tongue around me. There was a low rumbling coming from the back of her throat, it was very warm and felt like nothing I’d ever felt before. She began moving her head up and down, sliding my cock in and out of her mouth, her lips forming a tight seal around it as she took it all in with each stroke. She blew me for what seemed like an eternity. She eventually pulled her mouth away, much to my disappointment. But as I soon found out, I was in for more, much more. She put her hands to my jeans and boxers, sliding both down my legs and tossing them aside before standing up at the foot of the bed. Once there she proceeded to put her hands to the waist band of her pants, sliding them off. She then turned around, and bent over, giving me a perfect view of her panties stretched across her perfectly shaped ass.

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   She took hold of them and slid her panties off, revealing her perfectly shaved little pussy. Walking around the edge of the bed she bent over and took hold of my cock once again. Putting her lips to it she put the head in her mouth and sucked nice and hard, pulling it from her mouth with a loud “pop!” I tried to sit up, only to have her push me back down and straddle my hips, pushing my cock against my stomach. “Please, let me just finish what I started” she said as she lifted herself onto her knees, taking hold of my cock and positioning the tip at her pussy. She lowered herself onto the head of my anxiously awaiting cock, gently moving it around her pussy. “I’ve never done this before” was all she said before releasing all her weight onto my cock, sliding the length of it deep into her pussy in one motion. I broke through her tight, virgin pussy as I took in the incredibly sexy moans she was letting out. I felt the length of my cock slide into her tight, sexy pussy, buried to the hilt before she began moving up and down. The walls of her pussy wrapped tightly around me, moving over my cock as a look of pleasure and pain over took her face. Her low moans quickly turned to a loud scream as she began moving faster and harder, her hips grinding hard into mine as I grabbed hold of her hips and pulled her into me, pushing my hips back against hers. I heard her screams die down for a moment, only to come back even louder as I felt the walls of her pussy contract around my cock, her juices beginning to flow down my cock and onto my lap. The feeling of her hot juices and the undulating muscles of her pussy were too much for me to bear and quickly sent me over. “I’m about to cum” I warned her, to which she reacted only by moving even faster, bouncing up and down on my cock. I could feel my balls tighten at the moment that I shot one round after another of my seed deep into her sexy little pussy. She soon collapsed onto me, laying down next to me, my cock still inside of her.

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   We were both drenched in sweat and out of breath. A thousand thoughts were racing through my mind…What have I done? Was this wrong? She must have knew what I was thinking because before I could get one word out she put a finger to my lips and told me “Don’t worry, no one has to know, and we don’t have to talk about it ever again if you don’t want to”.   The remainder of my visit went by pretty routinely, spent some time with the family, did some sight seeing. Neither Maya nor I made any mention of that afternoon, it seemed like we were both pretending that nothing happened. But in fact we both knew that something did happen, and since then things have never been the same between us…. they’ve been better. More To Come….