Speeding on the highway


 there is a small intro in hte beginning. . . i always thought that details made it better =] hope you enjoy.

She shook out her long brown curly hair as she toweled off from her long, hot shower. Jackie slowly pulled out her favorite white lacy bra, with the half cut cups. She slipped it over her smooth tan shoulders, and pulled on a silky white thong. She was going riding today, and she wanted to be perfect. She finished off with a button up red flannel t-shirt which she tied to show her pierced belly button, and cut-off jean short shorts, which hung low; showing off her white thong when she sat down. She laced up her black high-heeled strappy sandals, which laced up her legs. She shook out her hair once again, making sure to have it hang on her shoulders, showing off the curls. She walked through her apartment, down the stairs, getting whoops and hollers from the guys that live in the same building with their doors wide open, knowing her ritual now. She walked outside and straddled her midnight black Yamaha YZF-R6. She sped down the road, heading for the “one-oh-niner-niner, we got a speed problem on I-85, closest cruiser please reply” Jake heard the call and sighed. There was always some lunatic driving too fast on the damn highway, and he couldn’t count the amount of times he saw them smeared all over the road. “two-oh-five-six is on I-85, ill check the call” Jake says into the receiver, and starts his car “can I have a description of the vehicle please?”
“it’s a black Yamaha motorcycle” the receiver crackles out, and Jake sighs again.

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   he hated motorcycles, he thought they were worse than regular cars. He sped down the road, turning his lights and siren on. Jackie turns her head around quickly, seeing the cop cruiser behind her. She curses silently and pulls over a bit, hoping he’ll drive by her. He doesn’t. she does a mental check of her make up and hair, hoping it looks just right. She pulls over onto the shoulder of the highway, glancing at the huge willows so close to the road. She lifts her right leg, swinging it over the bike and pulls her shorts down a bit, which began to ride up [this also shows her thong over her shorts, a view she hoped would help her. She walked casually over to the car, swaying her hips and grinning coyly. She bend over the cops opened window, showing the tips of her firm, round breasts to the young cop. “heyyy there, what is all this Jake finds the motorcyclist easily, since it is the only vehicle on the highway. The motorcycle finally pulls over, and he stops the car, readying the ticket papers. He glances up to make sure the vehicle didn’t leave, and he gasps. There, in front of his car, is probably the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. His pants instantly felt tighter as she walked closer and closer to him, and he thought they would explode as she leaned down, showing her milky breasts off a hand distance away from his face.

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   “you were speeding” Jake says without stuttering, surprising himself. “please step away from the car” he commands, and Jackie steps back, allowing the cop to exit. Jake steps out and gestures for Jackie to lean on the trunk, and she does, crossing her smooth tan legs. Jake glances down at them, envisioning himself running his fingertips across them, and he shakes his head trying to clear his thoughts. “insurance and registration please” he tells her, and she smiles again, “ I left it in my bike, come on, ill get it… follow me” she walks by him, her hips swaying side to side as he watches her and his pants tighten. Jake tries, and fails, to think of other things, but every time he glimpses those legs, he images them over his own, or under his hands. They walked to her bike, and Jackie knew her white thong can be seen over the top of he shorts. She bends over slightly, and her shorts ride up, as she searches for the papers. She knows where the papers are, but she wants to put on a show for the cop. The cop watches her and he licks his dry lips and he once again tries to clear his mind. She straddles the bike, and Jake bites his lip. She finally finds the papers and hands them to Jake, her fingers brushing his. Jake swallows and begins to copy the information onto the ticket. “you were speeding Miss, and you’ll have to pay. ”
“no, I wont” Jackie says, slowly unlacing her sandals with her feet, the straps falling down slowly.

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    “says who?” Jake replies sarcastically, “im going to give you this ticket”
“not if im not here” Jackie replies with a grin, and takes off into the forest. Jake curses and runs after her, dropping the ticket and They run through the forest, but Jake catches up to Jackie easily. “Stop!” yells Jake. “Make me!” Jackie yells back. Jake runs up and tackles her to the ground, twisting his body slightly so she doesn’t bear both their weights as they hit the ground. Jack ends up on the bottom with Jackie on top; her back is on his stomach. “I got you” Jake says, and reaches for his handcuffs. Jackie twists around in his grip, and lays on his face to face, her long curly hair catches in the sunlight and reflects it. Jake feels his cock harden under the beautiful woman, and Jackie grins to herself as she feels it rise. She grabs his handcuffs and flings them away. “now I got you” she says sexily to Jake, and his cock rises another few inches. She sits up, making sure her crotch is over his, and straddles his body. Jake licks his lips again and tries to think of ways to come out of this. Jackie leans down, her faces inches from his, “do you realllyyy want to give me the ticket, officer?” she says, licking the tip of his nose after. “y-y-y-ou deserve it” he stammers back she kisses him softly, from his earlobe, down his jawline, to his trembling mouth.

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   She softly kisses his mouth, and licks his upper and lower lips. “are you sure?” she asks him again, and he cannot even answer this time, his eyes are so full of lust and passion. She runs her fingers through his hair and spreads her body out along his. His hands run up and down her legs with his fingertips, sending warmth throughout Jackie’s body. His hands rub up her thighs and cup her ass, squeezing gently. Jackie moans with the contact, and kisses Jake deeper, probing the inside of his mouth with her tongue. Jackie slowly un-buttons his uniform, kissing his chest when it appears.   Jake groans louder, and slips her cut-off shorts down her legs, tossing them aside. Jackie slips Jake’s shirt off, and tosses it near her pants. Jake pulls her shirt over her head, and leaves her ontop of him in only white lingerie, with the sun behind her, illuminating her entire body. “you’re so beautiful” Jake says hoarsely, all the blood rushing to his growing member. “and I cant wait to feel you deep inside me” coos Jackie, grinding her thong-clad crotch into his tent. Jake moans lustily, and Jackie slides down his body, kissing and licking a trail down to waistline. She unzippers the pants and pulls them own slowly, gazing at the hard tent in his boxers. The pants are on Jake’s ankles and he kicks them off, as Jackie slides his boxers off his legs.


   Jake’s cock springs to attention under Jackie’s gaze, and a drop of precum glistens on the end. Jackie takes her forefinger and wipes up the precum, sucking it off her finger. Jake watches with his mouth slightly agape, his breathing quickening.
    Jackie grins and slowly eases her head down, and widens Jake’s legs. She turns her head, her hair splaying over his thigh. She leans down and kisses the tip of his meaty cock, drawing a sigh of pleasure from Jake. Jackie slowly kisses and licks a trail down the underside of his cock; one of her thumbs stays on the top of his head, rubbing slow circles. Jackie reaches his balls and slowly sucks each one, wrapping her tongue around it, all the while she continues to rub slow circles on his cock head. She switches to the other sack, and continues the same process of sucking and tongue wrapping. Jake holds her hair from her face, emitting low groans ever so often. Jackie finished with his balls and kisses each before working her way back up to his cock head, licking and kissing the whole way. Jake feels his balls tighten with the attention, but controlled himself, wanting to continue the pleasure. Jackie slowly eases her mouth over the meaty organ, her hot mouth stretching to take it all. Jake moaned loudly, pumping his hips slowly into Jackie’s mouth. Jackie bobbed up and down with his strokes, and soon Jake was moaning like there was no tomorrow.

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       “MMMM fuckk baby! Im about to cum! Ahhhhh yess!!” Jackie pulled off quickly, much to Jake’s displeasure, and she stuck it into her dripping cunt, the juices flowing down her leg. Jackie flips herself over, getting on her knees as Jake begins a slow fuck from behind. “mmm yess baby! You like it when I fuck you like this?” Jake groans
    “ahhh yess!! Fuck me, FUCK ME!!” Jackie replies. She pushes her body back farther, impaling Jake’s long dick deeper inside her. Soon, Jackie has her back arched, hands pushing against the ground as Jake grips her hips, thrusting himself into Jackie harder and harder. “ooohh baby! I can’t hold off much longer!” Jake manages to grunt through the rapid strokes. “cum deep inside me! Mmm baby! I want to you to be so far up that cum comes out of my mouth. ” Jackie says. “mmm! I love it when you talk dirty like that. ” Jake replies, and begins doing quick strokes and then one long, deep one. Repeating this process, Jackie reaches under herself and begins to furiously finger her sopping cunt, wanting to orgasm at the same moment as Jake. “Ahhh!! Here it cuu. . ” Jake manages to get out, right before a tremendous orgasm rips through his body, leaving him speechless as he pushes himself into her ‘til ass and stomach are one. Jackie feels his hot jism splashing inside her, and her orgasm begins, just as passionately.

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       Jackie bucks wildly on Jake’s long cock, neither saying a word since they are still flying high on their orgasm. The waves slowly subside, and Jackie and Jake collapse onto the ground, Jake’s softened but still slick dick slips out of her pussy. Jackie leans down and slowly licks all of their passion off of Jake’s dick, Jake watching her with lust. Jackie grins and begins to pull clothes on, as does Jake. They walk back to the vehicles, Jake’s arm around Jackie’s waist. They split and return to their respective vehicles, and Jake picks up the ticket he was writing before. Just before he can call her name, Jackie guns the motorcycle, making sure to grin at Jake naughtily before she speeds off down the road, leaving a trail of rubber. Jake sighs frustratedly, wanting to meet her again, and looks at the ticket stub. The only information he was able to write down was her name…. and her address. Jake smiles to himself.

     this is my first story, so comments and questions would be appreciated. if anyone enjoyed it, please email me at disiswhyimhot25@yahoo. com. .

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      . maybe ill write a sequel or another story.

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