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We had just finished playing rugby, and for once, we had won, myself being very proud, I had been team captain of the team for three years, and this was a triumph that couldn’t be any better. We had beaten Seaton Town by a long shot, and were slowly heading our way towards the top of the local league. All of our players were heading over to the changing room, but me, and my best friend Alex stayed a little bit behind, and shook the hands of the player’s we had beaten, and their captain, there was no sore winners here, they played well, but on the day we had just been the better team. After commiserations to the opponent team it was time for us two to go to the changing rooms, while walking over I took my by now sweaty rugby jersey off, revealing my muscular chest, rolling down to my stomach with its six pack. We made it into the changing room, and began to weave amongst the other members of the team, shaking hands and congratulating. Then after the rest of the player’s got showered and changed, and most of them had gone home, me and Alex both ventured into the shower, took off our shorts, and undergarments and went to sit on the bench together while we talked about how the day had gone, and other things, those other things usually being girls and sex, to state the facts. I began to talk about how my girlfriend Emma had taken my cock in her mouth before the game, gave me a good luck sucking and swallowed all of my cum. Alex by this time was stroking his cock with his hand. Alex had been my friend for about eight years, and we’d been playing rugby together for 7 years. At the end of every match it was the same routine we’d be the last in the showers, and would play about with ourselves often until we came, recounting sexual experiences and fantasies. He began to play with his cock franticly, when suddenly I stopped his hand with mine, leant over to his ear, and with my hard cock just lightly touching his spoke to him, ‘we’ve played well today, we both deserve a reward. ’ I gently pulled my dick away from his, not wanting to give the wrong impression to him, but failing as my cock rubbed his when I pulled it away. Alex looked over to me as I sat back down properly again, “What are you proposing we do?”I looked over at him, down from his head to his lean torso, with his six pack, one that was fighting to beat the good looks of mine, and to his cock, a thick yet long eight inches or so, that is where his body did beat mine, his cock was longer than mine, but about the same thickness perhaps. After a short pause I replied, “I’m going to get your hot stud of a cock some action!”I finished in the shower, washing the mud from my legs, and washing my hair, then drying off with my towel and putting my rugby gear in my bag, then producing from my bag a magazine, the sort of magazine you can only get from certain retailers! An extreme porn magazine one which I am surprised hadn’t been forced underground. Alex followed me out of the shower just half a minute later and put his kit away in his bag, and came and sat down next to me and peered over into the depths of my magazine, in it was a photograph of a lady sat on top of some hay bails, squirting from her pink pussy her juice. I turned the page, there was a black woman, being fucked hard (by the looks of it) in the ass by a huge cock that probably wouldn’t cram itself even half the way in her.

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   Alex’s cock however was now becoming less and less hard by the second. I got my phone out, and texted my girlfriend to come and meet me at the changing rooms. Then I went to the video section of my phone and found the video I had taken of me fucking my girlfriend doggy style. His cock slowly rose as he watched the video further, then when at about the end of the video (the part where I shot cum up Emma’s back) I heard a voice from the other end of the changing rooms. “OH MY GOD,” I looked at the source of the call, it was a thin brunette girl, she mustn’t have been older than ourselves, maybe about the same age. She stood there looking on at us in shock. “Who are you?” asked Alex. I looked at her again, I had seen her, she was standing at the sidelines of the rugby field cheering one of the opponent’s team members on. “I’m Jessica, I came here looking for my brother Steve he’s from the other team,” she said “But, I’ve come here looking for him, and found something else, a pair of the hottest boys I have ever seen. ”“Why thanks,” I said to her sweetly. “It’s a pity…” she said. I didn’t need for her to finish, it could have only been two things, she must have thought we were gay. “No, no, no,” I said, “we aren’t gay!”She took a few steps closer to us, and began to look more closely at my and Alex’s love poles. “You guys really are hot!” she spoke seductively, “would any of you care to let me play with your hot dicks?”I didn’t need to think, “If you want!” I said to her, as I leaned back slightly to push my cock further in the air. Alex looked on as Jessica’s hand glided down my wet hard cock, she got to the bottom of my shaft and started to wank my rock hard pole.

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   “This is fun!” she said gleefully with a look of horniness and shear happiness on her face. “It would be even better inside of you!” I said to her, as she began to remove her top with her sticky hands. She pulled away her top, then her bra, her tits were small, but really sexy, I have always fell for girls with little tits, my girlfriends however would be a little bigger than Jessica’s. I looked down Jess’s body, as she unbuttoned her jeans, and pulled them down to her legs. Then she removed her panties, showing me her shaven cunt, which was already really wet. Alex who was still sat next to me began to wank his cock heavily, and as Jess lowered her body over me, he manoeuvred himself so that as Jess leaned forward as I rammed my cock in and out of her pussy, his cock was in-between her mouth and mine, every time Jessica bounced with me fucking her, Alex’s cock sprang onto my mouth. I feeling very turned on by then began to tentatively open my mouth, and lick his penis as it sprang to and fro. With Jessica doing the same, until in one moment myself and her both had each side of Alex’s engorged head in the clutch of our lips at once. I stopped fucking, and Jess stopped bouncing, and we both began to give head to Alex’s long cock, working on his shaft and his purple red dick head. Until he suddenly let go of his cum, I however shocked myself by rushing my mouth to the end of his cock and lapping the cum from his throbbing dick. “Oh, my God,” I said, shocked at what I had done, “this is so not like me!”“That’s ok James,” Alex replied thoughtfully, “it was lovely!”I was shocked at Alex’s acceptance of what I had just done. My girlfriend arrived at that very moment, I started fucking Jessica again, she looked at what I was doing and shrugged. “Alex, since James is tied up with this other girl, do you want some fun honey?” she said. I felt suddenly aroused by the thought of watching my best friend and my girlfriend fucking. “Yes please Emma, you don’t mind?” Alex replied.

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   “Well, James doesn’t seem to mind fucking the shit out of other people does he?”Emma began to take her clothes off, Alex started pulling at his cock, it didn’t take him much to get himself hard again, his long cock wet and shiny after me and Jess licked it and sucked it!I watched as Emma pulled her panties off revealing her hot little tight pussy, she fingered her clit seductively, signalling to Alex her lust for his huge cock. I was still fucking Jessica, her cunt now being severely battered by my rock hard love pole. “oh… fuck, yeah… fuck me baby” was the cry I heard from the direction of Alex and Emma, I looked over, Emma was laying down on the wooden bench, while Alex holding her legs up high pounded her pink pussy, the one I had fucked so many times, with his long, sleek, sexy cock. I still had Jessica bouncing on my dick while I thrusted up at her. “Where do you want me to come Jessie?” I asked. “Pull out and let me suck you as you fire your white shots from your hot fuck pole,” she replied. “What ever you say baby,” I felt myself starting to come, so I pulled away from her cunt and just as the first shot of my come spurted from my dick she put her mouth over it, and with her tongue lapping over my cock sucked my come right from me, after she sucked me dry and after her giving my cock a big kiss I began to wank my dick until I was hard again, I walked over to where Emma and Alex were fucking, and put my cock on her tits, slapping it down on her nipples, making her tits ripple a little, Alex looked down between Emma’s legs at my cock. “Your dick is so amazing,” he said. “Yours is way better,” I said. Suddenly he stopped fucking my girlfriend, pulled quickly out of her cunt and put his dick next to mine. “Look, see, yours is bigger,” I said. “But yours is much nicer, I’d rather be fucked by yours than mine!” he replied. “Woah, don’t say that, I licked your cock and enjoyed your come, it doesn’t mean I’m gay!” I said, shocked. “No, I meant, if I was a women,” he said, trying to relieve himself of any guilt for saying it. I looked down, then run my hand along his cock, I had to admit, as much as I wasn’t gay I was envious of Alex’s dick.

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   I and Jessica walked out of the changing rooms, each fully dressed, her brother had already gone, and I agreed to give her a lift to her house. We got into the car, and we started talking. “James, we can stay in touch?” she asked. “Yeah,” “I really enjoyed it baby,” she said seductively. The truth was so did I, her pussy was the best, and her body was a dream. I gave her my email address. Driving back home I thought about how much I wanted a cock like Alex’s. Mine was long, but not as long as his! I would have to compete with Alex the only way I physically could, I would have to go to the gym again, I still had my membership, I could go back there and exercise again, and beat his muscle and six pack by miles. I got back home, said hi to mum who was sat rather sexily on the sofa, with her slender body running down to her hot legs, I went upstairs, I stood by the big mirror in the bathroom, took all my clothes off, and got myself hard. I pulled at my cock, how I wish that it is as long as Alex’s. I went into my room, and pulled a magazine from the draws near my bed. I lay back on my bed, and peered into the magazine, looking at some of the gorgeous women that were in it. Before I had time to do anything I noticed my mum staring at me through the doorway. It’s not the first time my mum had seen me naked, I remember when I was a little younger we used to go swimming, and we’d share cubicles to get changed in. I remember her after swimming, in her nice blue panties, while she dried her boobs, and her shapely tummy, and especially after swimming, her blue swimming bottoms had a groove in them where her pussy was.

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   I used to look at it in ecstasy, my mother was so hot, often when I took my trunks off I would have a rock hard pole, but I would often blame it on me being cold after getting out of the pool, she would laugh and joke about it, sometimes touching it, but nothing too sexual, often just her rubbing her finger down the whole length of it, or tickling it on the underside, while she laughed. But, this time, she was stood there watching me stroking my dick, which was the hardest it had ever been, it was as wet as a swimming pool, and she was stood watching me pull on it and I didn’t stop. “James,” she said in a soft tone. “As much as I love watching what you are doing, I would like to chat with you. ” “What!” I was taken aback by her saying she liked what I was doing. She came and sat beside me on the bed. “I got a call today from the gym, you haven’t been there for a while, they wondered if you were going to cancel your membership. ” I looked up at her, still with one hand around my cock, she didn’t seem to care about what I was doing. “I was going to go back mum, I am so pissed off, my friend Alex and I, we get along ok, but I have a little problem, please don’t freak out when I just come out and say this!” I said. “I won’t I promise,” she said sweetly. “Alex’s cock is way bigger than mine, and the only thing I have that’s better than him is my six pack, and muscle, but soon, I won’t even have that to separate us by. So I’ll have to work out again!” Mum laughed. “Well we can go up there tomorrow, and we can both have a good work out, I haven’t had one in such a long time!” “I’m going to ride the horse soon mum, you want to come?” I asked her, I go to ride our lovely black beauty Katie everyday, in the fields that are on the farm we keep her on, the stable girl there looks after her when we can’t. “No I’ll give it a miss today James, and don’t fuck Katie,” she said with a smile, looking down at my dick which I was slowly stroking, “you look as horny as a stallion on Viagra, if you need to fuck something fuck Stephanie the stable girl, I am sure she won’t mind!” This is the most abruptly sexual way I had heard my mother speak ever! “I’ll not need to fuck her, I’m going to release my load when you go, on this magazine!” I said laughing. “No, your dick is way too good to waste like that, you and me could have some fun baby, or you could go down to the farm, surprise Stephanie, hug her from behind, rub her stomach, then up to her breasts, then go in for the kill, you could fuck her on the hey bails!”“You dirty bitch!” I remarked.

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   “Yeah and don’t you forget it!”I started pulling on my dick again, mum looked at me, and then began to remove her clothes, she pulled off her shirt and revealed her sexy toned and muscular abdomen. “Look at my six pack baby,” she said, I wasn’t looking at her six pack, I was looking at her hot, sexy tits. She then began to pull her trousers down, the waist band expanded over her thighs and legs, until only her panties remained on her hot fucking body. I stopped wanking and let my mum take over, she run her hand up and down my dick and with glee bent down to lick my head as she wanked away at my shaft. “Oh my baby you dick is so fucking nice, is it this nice when it’s inside of someone?” she said between lapping my cock. “Yeah, it’s the best inside a lovely pussy!” I moaned, the fact that this sort of thing isn’t meant to go on was making me more and more horny. Mum suddenly and without warning released her grip of my dick and lowered her mouth onto it. Only managing to get three quarters of the way down my dick before she gagged slightly. “Its ok, I never expected you to take my cock!” I said while running my hands on her face, pulling her hair away from it while she sucked me off. I pulled out of her mouth and told her to bend over in front of me, I positioned myself just right and at first I tease my sexy mother by using the head of my cock on clit, then rubbing my full shaft up and down her pussy slit, mum reached down and when the head of my dick passed her pussy hole she pushed it in I slide into her surprisingly tight cunt and pushed my cock as far as it would go into her. She groaned and moaned as I began to draw my cock in and out of her hot cunt. I couldn’t believe it, I was fucking my mum, and she was enjoying it. I must have been shagging my mum’s hot pussy for about fifteen minutes when my cock began to tingle, and I released a load of cum into her cunt. I then suddenly and quickly pulled my still hard cock out of my mum, the full reality of what I had just done had hit me. I had had sex with my own mother.

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   I had fucked the pussy that I had came from. “I really got to go to the stable,” I said, with a hint of sadness, as I hurriedly pulled my jeans back on, not worrying about putting the soaking in cum pants, that were below my mums pussy on the floor, back onto my body. Pulling the zip of the jeans up over my still rigid cock, and still with an element of sensuality rubbing my hand down my mums spine right to her hot shapely ass to say goodbye I left the house, closing the door afterwards. The hardened cock under my jeans was as stiff as it ever could be, because at the time it was noticeable, and I mean very noticeable, and some of the other residents of the street on which I live were outside, and potentially watching I decided to undo my jean button, sink my hand into there, and pull my dick up, so that it stood straight, it didn’t quite work as planned, as the tip of my cock and some of the shaft just went above the button and waist strip of my jeans. So I walked as normal to the stables, it was a nice walk, but a long one, my dick was still so hard, I thought that the motion of walking would have already got my dick so agitated that I’d have shot come up my six pack, and could let my cock recede back into my jeans. But it did not. But, it was not noticeable, and the walk was certainly pleasurable. I arrived at the stables to find Stephanie in a bit of a pickle; she was trying to reach the food supplement from the top shelves of the store room. However she was having difficulty. I ran over, greeted her by putting my hand over her shoulder, and said;“Need some help?” She replied that she did. So she stepped to one side, and I reached up high to grab the box of supplement. “OH MY GOD!” was the cry I heard as I reached up. I looked down, with the motion of my stretching out to retrieve the food supplement for the horses I had levered my cock further out from the top of my jeans, what’s more, I had stretched enough for my shirt to lift and expose my hard, wet dick. I was expecting a telling off, but actually she laughed. “Charming, thanks for the help James,” she said as she slowly lifted my shirt up again, then cupped her hand on the underside of my dick, rubbing it slightly then let go.

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   With a thin smile on her face, she fought to break the silence “I can see you’re the one who needs some help”. I looked at Stephanie, she looked unsure. “I’m going to go and sit on the stacks of hay, and just sort this little problem out myself” I said to her. “Little problem?” she laughed, “that thing looks really big to me!”I walked off to the hay piles, which stood in the corner of the stable, with a wall behind, and all the stables for the horses in front. I perched myself right at the top of the pile, undone my belt, unbuttoned my jeans, and before being able to do anything else the force of my erect cock pushed the jeans down a little. I began to pub my hands down and up my cock, it was really wet, and my hand just slipped and glided up and down it. My mind began to think, and my thoughts were wild. I thought and imagined what mum had said, for me not to fuck Katie, our horse. I looked over to her stable block. But my lovely, friendly, silky soft furred, black mare was no where to be seen. I never once felt cautious that I was possibly sharing one of the most intimate moments with a stable full of horses. In fact it made me even hornier. I was sat, with my dick in my hand, in front of three male horses and two female horses, with Katie being absent somewhere! I heard a voice, but I was too tied up in my mental fantasy, it was only Stephanie’s voice so I had nothing to worry about, I still franticly rubbed my dick for a few minutes after I heard the voice, until the clip-clop of hooves awoke me from my sensual half daydream. “I’ve brought Katie in, she’s had a really good run round in the field,” it was Stephanie’s voice, she could see what I was doing, but I think she was just talking for the sake of it. I opened my eyes, looked down to the stable yard and saw Katie, in all her magnificence, I wanked my dick one last time, but I felt a overwhelming climax, and suddenly, my dick exploded into shooting a stream of cum.

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   I groaned as my dick continued to shoot its white load. “Everything ok sweetness?” It was Stephanie’s voice again, I couldn’t talk, I had stopped coming but I was still in utter shock over what I had just done. “Everything looks ok,” she smiled as she walked out of Katie’s stable, she looked up at me, my cock was covered in my own come, so was my jeans, “but you’ll need to tidy yourself up a bit. ”She put Katie back into her stable, I looked at her as she slowly walked in, her shapely bum, as sexy as a horse backside can be, was turning me on again. I couldn’t believe it; I found my lovely black horse sexy. I climbed down from the hay stacks, my dick was now soft again, but still quite long, and still covered in come. Stephanie walked over, and laughed. “So we got our big problem sorted out then?” she chuckled, rather overly girly. “I most certainly did!” I exclaimed. She looked down at my cock. Her eyes studied it fully. “Well all that come needs to be cleaned off your cock don’t it!”I nodded. Suddenly she got to her knees, and even though my dick was now flaccid she took it into her mouth, then clamped her lips around the very bottom of my shaft. Then, she slowly, and dabbing my soft cock with her tongue every once in a while, she pulled her mouth away from my shaft bottom, to the head of my dick. Then after taking all the come from my cock she released the grip from my dick, and swallowed the come.

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  “I’m getting hard again baby, I don’t want to have the same problem again Stephanie,” I said. “That’s ok, we can fuck. You’ve got the biggest tool I have ever seen on a man. I want it inside me, I want to feel what it’s like in my little pussy, but you got to be gentle when you do it James. I’ve only been fucked by smaller dicks than yours, and I don’t want this to hurt… my cunt is small inside and outside, so I’ve always been reluctant to let bigger cocks fuck me…” she said. “I promise I’ll be gentle. ”“Then if you don’t mind, could we get started?” she said, as she pulled her riding trousers down to her knees and her pink panties likewise. She bent over; she had a really nice arse, shapely, no cellulite, no fat, just a lovely smooth backside. I looked down at her pussy, as she lifted her rear end up by straightening her legs a little. “Fuck me James; I want this more than I have ever wanted anything right now. ”I thought for a second, I pulled my foreskin back, and placed my full dick along the crack of her bum. “In my pussy please you sexy stud!” she shrieked. “I know where you want it baby, but your ass is just so fucking hot!” I replied. But then following her orders I put the tip of my cock over her pussy, she was right about it being small, I pushed gently until the head of my dick was inside, then gradually more and more until one quarter was inside her. She moaned with delight and pleasure, as I humped away slowly at her cunt.


   I pulled out quickly, and started to wank my cock as I gave direction to Stephanie. “Steph, get on Katie, she’ll stand still for you, jump on her, and lay with your ass in her middle back, your tummy and head along her neck, and your legs split down the side, I’ll get on and fuck you. ”She did as I said, and I followed, Stephanie had her arms around Katie’s neck, hugging her as I fucked away at her pussy, she moaned louder this time. I think I was hitting her g spot when I was plunging my cock into the still tight pussy. Until I felt climax again, “I’m going to come,” I pulled out of her pussy and sprayed another white load on Stephanie’s ass, and then I shot the last bits on Katie’s shining black fur. “Even Katie’s got some come, oh that was the best fuck ever you sexy little bitch. ” Stephanie was shaking all over, her voice was slightly higher, “oh fuck, you gave my pussy what it fucking needed, I guess we gotta thank Katie for letting us use her back”… ========================End of part one=======================.

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