Story#2 Alone????


I finally had the house to myself the Kids were gone at my mom’s for the weekend and my husband was out playing golf with the boys
It has been so long since I was alone this was going to be a perfectly peaceful . For the first part of the day I ran errands but that went unusually quick and I got back with plenty of time to spare.
 I grabbed my book I’d been trying to read for months, a bottle of wine and a glass. I sat in the corner of the couch and started reading. Now this was the life. After the first few pages I noticed it was getting pretty warm. The sun shining in the windows this time of day was murder. So I decided to open the back door and put on something cooler.
I could put on my silk baby doll pajamas lay on the couch read my book and drink my wine. Now this is really the life. So that was what I did. I went up stairs and found the light purple sink shorts and top. I out them on and went back downstairs.
The cooler clothing didn’t seem to help to much Before long I was really hot. I took my shirt at the collar and began the lift it up and down try to fan cool air, I could feel sweat dripping between my breasts and down my chest, the cool air felt really good.
The under part of my arm bushed against my nipple and I could feel it getting hard.

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   And the more I rubbed my arm against it the better it felt. I began to rub it a little harder and meaning to even more each time. Until I had let go of my shirt and ran my fingers around my breast. The feeling of the silk on my finger tips and the tingling in my nipples I couldn’t help but begin to rub with both hands.
I can do this now and not have to worry about anyone walking in. I was taking full advantage of this.
The more I rubbed my breast and down my stomach I could feel my fingers drifting lower and lower. First the bottom of my shirt, and then the top of the shorts. I ran my hands over my hips and down my thighs. On my way back up to my breasts  My middle finger caught the top of my clit and I could feel that I was wet enough to have soaked through my shorts. As I rubbed both my hands up my stomach and grabbed each breast on my hands I squeezed them against me and pushed them towards my mouth. God I wish I could suck on my nipples. I imagined taking another woman’s breasts into my hands and suck them and rub them just like I liked it. I could myself straddling her leg and beginning to slowly rub wet pussy against her. I can feel her moving beneath me doing the same.

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 I could heat her breathing get faster and faster as we started grinding harder and harder. And moving my lips apart so that I can grind my clit against her.  

By this time I had spread my legs and had one on top of the couch and the other one on the floor. My fingers slowly going inside me feels so good. As I am pushing my fingers deeper and deeper inside and grinding my hips in to my hand.
I can smell my husband’s cologne. He home early I bet he loved walking in on this.  He must have sensed I was going to look up at him, because just then I felt his hand gently cover my eyes. I tried to stop but I had to keep going I was going to cum any second.

I picked up the pace rubbing my clit. When I could hear him unzipping his pants. As I began it put my fingers inside me again and rub my clit with the other, I could hear him just above my stoking himself.
    He whispered to me to keep my eyes closed and I felt him move over to the side of me kneeling down. I could hear his hand pounding against his body and the quiet moans every now and then. I felt him take my head and turn it towards him.

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       And he rubbed against my cheek and lips. He had my head in one had and was stroking his cock on my face with the other. As he rubbed his cock around my lips I opened them just enough to rub my tongue against the tip and wrap my lips around the very top. Kissing it.  He slowly put it in my mouth just a little farther each time. Until he let go and grabbed my head with both hands. I could feel his hands guiding is cock deeper and deeper in my mouth until he was fucking my mouth with his cock. His moans got a little louder and his breathing a little deeper until I could feel his cum in my mouth. He kept cumming and cumming. Until I heard his final long release breath. God that really had me hot and very wet. He moved and sat on the table but I wasn’t done yet. I had held on for so long that it didn’t take but a few strokes until I came so hard I began to feel cum all over my thighs.
    I had done this before with him but never myself had I done this. When I had finally recovered from the best orgasm I had ever had I opened my eyes and no one was there.

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       Had he left, were was he? I called out to him but no answer. I went upstairs to jump in the shower maybe that was where he was. But he wasn’t there, back down stairs I had walked around the corner to see the front door was ajar. That was weird I didnt hear him go out. I looked out front and didn’t see his truck. Nor had I heard it. This was very weird. He wasnt supposed to be home until 6:30 or so and it was only 3. .

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