Surfs Up part 2


Kristy's eye were fixed on my quite obvious hard on under the thin blanket me and Kate were asleep under. I watched as her at first concerned scoal turned in to a cheeky grin then quickly back to a serious look as she diverted her eyes upto mine. Kate was still asleep snuggled up to me my arm around her shoulders her head resting on my chest. I blinked sleepily as Kristy's eye again glanced at my hard on. She finally spoke; "surfs up this morning down around the heads but it looks like somthing else may be a lil up!" she smiled and walked up to the side of the bed then swiftly, to my utmost surprise slid under the blanket next to me. She whispered to Kate but Kate was in a deep sleep. "That must be a lil embarassing for you Seb" she whispered glancing back down at my crouch " i et you were hoping that she didnt wake and that i didnt come in here right now" she continuedwhispering close to my ear her hand on my chest laying on her side.
"Well to be honest i only woke when i heard the screen door close so this is all catching me by surprise lil miss misschief: i whispered back. She moved a lil closer and as she did the lanket rose and fell causing a woft of air to blow up over us. The smell of my and katy's cum was ripe so i quickly tried to pass of the smell as Bleach or something. Kristy was not fooled easily how ever and moved even closer with her now much fuller breast pushing against me she whispered " you sure its bleach smells like something else to me".
The previous night i had reacted so nervously and cautiosly too Katy's action but this morning I was different Kristy wasnt drunk, she knew what she was saying and doing and i was getting turned on no end! "So . . . . .


  . " she whispered and traced her hand down my belly until it was resting just ontop of the wiast band of my briefs. "you gona tell me what the smell really is or am i gonna have to investigate myself? Her whisper bring her lips so close to my ear and neck i could feel her breath. I aint sayin a word" i replied hoping like hell she would invetigate. I didnt need to hope much as, as soon as i finished the sentence her hand slipped under my briefs andfor the second time in less than 12 hours i had another cousin with her hand wraped around my hard cock. Thee difference this time was this was an older and alot more confident and experinced cousin.
Kristy with out saying a word sli down under the blankets being carful not to bump kate and took my in her mouth. She took 3 long deep sucks then silently returned to my ear. "You have cum at least once already in the last lil while i can taste it" her whispers had turned  raspy and sultry. my free hand was now laying between me and Kristy her body against it, her tits in to my shoulder and my finger near the top of her board shorts. " well this is one part i didnt touch last night i siad and i sli my hand straight down the front of her shorts under her nikkers and placed it firmly on her pussy. She shudderd and to my surprise she was totally shaven and dripping wet. I started rubbing my finger up and down the full length of her pussy and she quickly undid the draw string on her shorts and wiggled out of both them and her nikkers. she lay back and her out side leg spread out from under the bad and she let it slip down so her foot was hanging completly off. kristy was wriggling and she pulled the front of her bikini down to expose her full d cup tits.

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   she worked her nipples as i started to work her clitty! Her breathing was increasing and i quietly shooshed her as moans started escaping her wide open mouth. she let out another moan and this time i knew Kate would have to have heard it. I stopped rubbing Kristy's clit and glanced down at kate. Her eyes were open staring at her sister who hadnt stopped wriggling her hps into my hand and squeezing her nipples. Kate didnt say a word she just grabbed my cock and started rubbing it again.
    I was in heaven!! Kate lifted her head and moved my arm out from under her. She grabbed my hand and put it straight up under her skirt to my yet new surprise of no nikkers at all
    i started rubbing Krisy again who was oblivious to her lil sisters awakening and she instantly started moaning again. Kate's pussy was tight she wiggled a lil and then pushed my middle finger inside her. She let out a lil breath but still Kristy didnt notice. Kristy with her eyes closed mouth open was surley about to pop, Kate was rubbing me and i wanted to cum all over both of them. Suddenly kristy stopped playing with one of her nipples and swiftly put her hand under the blanket only to grab a hand full of her sisters pumping little hand! Her eyes shot open and her head moved quickly to look across at her sister, but at the same time her body went into orgasmic spasm which caused a chain reaction. a few more pumps and i pushed back the covers with my non needed hand and started bursting strings of sticky cum up on to my stomach and chest and as soon as the first string landed Kate was off spasming and twitching through her orgasm.
    AS we all came down our eyes were darting from one person to the next. Kate was the one out of all of us that seemed un phased she wasstaring more at the cum all over my stomach and chest and with out any warning she rolled over onto her side and licked along string from my chest. I let out an appreciative moan as she took another lick.

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       Kristy not to be out down moved down and wrapped her lips around my cock starring straight at her sister as she sucked and licked every inch. Kate watched with intent and she started rubbing her smaller perky tits as she watched her sister. The sight was amazing and it took no time for me to start getting hard again. Kristy's eyes looked up to me as she felt me growing in her mouth she was now on all fours between my legs and kate was still next to me but now rubbing her clit at the same time as caresssing her now exposed nipples. My eyes were like pinball machines they darted from one amazing view to the next. Could this get any better i thought to myself. . . . . . . . . ?

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