Suzie and Mandy and Me - 1


I own a two-bedroom log cabin on several acres of land. I was divorced long ago, and have chosen not to remarry, simply out of fear that I would end up with a real ‘jewel’ just like my first wife. Fortunately, we had no children, and she was given no alimony by the judge who saw her for the low life that she was. I dated over the years, even had a few sexual relations in that time, but no committed relationships.
After we broke up, my father died suddenly. In his will, he revealed that he had a substantial savings, and since I was his only living relative, I inherited a large sum of money. Rather than spend it on expensive cars and a huge house, I lived a modest lifestyle, and the inheritance has since grown to levels I couldn’t forsee. Though my cabin is modest-looking from the outside, I have all the modern appliances inside, with nicely appointed rooms--in other words, all the creature comforts inside a house that attracts no attention. I work only if I wish to, writing books at my leisure.
It was a Friday evening, and as I was driving my pickup truck toward my home in a light rainfall, I saw a lady on the shoulder of the road waving me down. I hit the brakes hard, coming to a screeching stop. She ran toward the car, crying as she did, and I noticed that her clothes were torn and tattered. She was shivering, not so much due to the cold (it was actually 80 degrees) as the fact that she was soaking wet and apparently scared to death.
“I hope you can help me! I had a fight with my ex-boyfriend, and he blindfolded me and drove me for miles before putting me and my daughter out on the side of the road. PLEASE help us! I’ll do anything to return the favor!”
She started to cry again, and began to beg some more, but I interrupted her. She looked up at me with sad eyes.

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   “I’ll help you however I can, just don’t cry. You said something about a daughter…”
“She’s hiding in the woods” she replied.
“Go ahead and call her, and I’ll take you both to my home. It’s just a little way down the road. ”
“I may have to go get her…he hasn’t allowed us to eat in three days, and she’s kind of weak. ”
“Lead me to her, then” I said, sensing some urgency in the situation. “I’ll help you get her here. ”
She led me into the woods, but had trouble finding her, so she called out “Mandy! Where are you, Sweetie? I’ve found us some help!”
Then we heard a weak “Mommy!! I’m over here!” I trained my high-powered flashlight in the direction of her voice, and suddenly saw a frail-looking teenager. She was tall enough to be in her mid teens, but a bit underdeveloped for her age. “Who’s that?” she asked upon seeing me.
“It’s OK, he’s going to help us. ”
Mandy began crying, then slumped to the ground. I ran to her, picked her up, and carried her to my truck. I could see that she had some breast growth, though they were still quite small, A-cup if she was lucky. She, too, was soaking wet, and had some mud on her as well.

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   I glanced over at her mother, and handed her the flashlight, but not before noticing that her own blonde hair matched her daughter’s perfectly. Her boobs were maybe a B-cup, but no more. Both of them were about 5’5” tall, Mandy maybe a tiny bit shorter, but obviously Mandy was still growing and developing. I carried Mandy back to the truck, and sat her in the middle of the seat, while her mother climbed into the far side. Mandy closed her eyes and quickly fell asleep, since the last few days had been a real trial for her.
On the way home, I kept stealing glances at the two ladies next to me. Both had very pretty faces, with high cheekbones, and blue eyes, and I couldn’t help but notice that both had large erect nipples at the end of their boobs. I felt a strong sense of pity for them as we headed toward my house.
“I’ve heard Mandy’s name, but I haven’t heard yours yet” I said to the mother.
“Mine is Suzanne, but most people call me Suzie for short. ”
“OK, Suzie, mine is Ike. How did you two get into such a predicament?”
“I was completely fooled by him. At first, he was a complete gentleman, and he and I worked at the same store. But later, he started drinking, then gambling, then drinking some more. He lost his job, but rather than find another, he began drinking more heavily.

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   When he became physically abusive, I got a restraining order against him. For a while, it worked, and things calmed down. But then, a few days ago, he burst into the house, forced us into his car, and you pretty much know the rest. ” Suzie made eye contact with me then, and I could see the pain in her soul. “So his putting us out may be a blessing in disguise, since he doesn’t know where we are. ”
I noticed just then she broke eye contact with me, and cast her eyes upon my crotch. Without my being aware, my cock was semi-erect, and was obvious through my shorts since I was wearing no underwear. Suzie moved her hand inside her shorts and down to her pussy, staring at my cock outline the entire time. Incredibly, she began running her finger up and down her pussy lips. Her legs spread out a little to allow her more access, and then she began to get more aggressive, dipping her finger into her pussy. When she withdrew it, I could easily see her wetness on her finger. My cock had begun getting stiff as she put on her show, and by now was fully erect. She then pulled her shorts down to her knees, revealing that she had no panties on, and began an in and out movement with her finger. This increased the flow of pussy juice on her finger. Soon she pulled her soaked finger out of her pussy hole, and spread her pussy lips wide, allowing her finger easier access to her clit.

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   With just a few quick, light touches of her clit, Suzie began shaking. Her body seemed to freeze as she came, and she began moving her finger back in and out of her pussy hole once more. Still looking at my now fully erect cock through my pants, she came again, lifting her ass off the seat, and revealing a small wet spot where her pussy juices drained out of her hole. As she finally came down, her ass settled back onto the seat, just as I turned into my driveway.
“That was nice, Suzie. I haven’t had a show like that ever before” I said honestly.
“Glad to do it, Ike” she replied as she pulled her shorts back up. “As I said before, I’ll do whatever it takes to repay you for your help. ” My mind began to wonder just how willing she was, but I was going to find out soon.
Once inside, I went into my bedroom, and found two long shirts that they could use until we could find them some decent clothing tomorrow. I noticed that they both needed a bath, and since Mandy was still sleeping, Suzie took hers first. I handed one of the shirts to Suzie, and she slipped her shirt off right in front of me. I said to her “I don’t think there’s much point in washing this, since it will probably fall apart in the washer. ” She agreed, and slipped into the bathroom for her shower. I put some soup and burgers on for them, and after just a short while, Suzie came into the kitchen wearing the shirt I gave her, though she didn’t bother to button it up.

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   She then woke Mandy up to take her bath. I handed the other shirt to Mandy, and she took it with her into the bathroom.
Suzie began taking over in the kitchen, so I straightened up the house a bit. At that point, I heard a thud from the bathroom, and we ran in to find Mandy naked in a heap on the floor. She was so weak and tired that she passed out, so I picked her up and set her in the tub. She was still out, but I laid her so that her head remained above water level. I got the bar of soap and began washing her from top to bottom while Suzie attended to the cooking. I paid special attention to her nipples, making them stand at attention, before moving down to her belly, then through her pussy hair to her legs. I spread her knees apart so that I could give her a thorough cleansing, first down her right leg to her foot, then starting with her left foot and working back up her left leg.
When I reached her pussy, I put some more soap on my hand, and began cleaning her lips, lightly covered with blonde pussy hair. I started rubbing them long enough to make her inner lips begin to show themselves. I applied a little more pressure, and quickly my finger slipped between her pussy lips. I inserted a fingertip into her pussy hole, then pulled it out and concentrated on her clit, before moving back into her pussy. I didn’t know whether she was a virgin, so I only went in as far as the first joint on my finger. I moved it in and out a few times before she began to moan and stir.

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   I decided then that I should quit before I got into trouble.
Since she was waking, I stood her up and washed off her back and cute little ass, then I lifted her up, grabbed a towel, and carried her to my guest bed. After drying her off, I handed her the shirt again, stole one more glance at her naked body, then went back to the kitchen.
By now, the food was just about finished, and I set the table while Suzie went to get Mandy from the bed. When they came back, Mandy had the shirt on still unbuttoned just like her mother. Just as I was thinking that I liked the view, Suzie said “What I’d like to do is have dinner naked--all of us!” Though this was a bit strange to me, I thought it was only fair since I was the only one who hadn’t been seen in the nude so far. So I pulled my shorts and underwear off, exposing my erect cock, and Mandy and her mother pulled their shirts off, as they stared straight at my cock the whole time.
We sat down to supper, and I kept looking back and forth between Suzie’s and Mandy’s naked bodies. To say that they were attractive would almost be an insult--their bodies very similar to one another’s, with tiny waistlines, large nipples, and beautiful blue eyes and sparse blonde pussy hair. I asked Suzie “Don’t you mind me seeing you two naked like this?”
She replied “My ex-boyfriend usually demanded that we keep our clothes off when we were inside, so we’re used to that. I don’t have any problem with nudity in the first place, and I’ve tried to tell Mandy all her life that there is nothing shameful with her body. It’s really a comfortable way to live, as long as it’s not forced. ”
I glanced at Mandy to try to gauge her reaction, and she spoke for the first time since we put her in the truck. “Mom told me that you helped give me a bath after I passed out, so I don’t have any problem with being naked now. ” Either she was mostly asleep during her bath, or she’s protecting me by not saying that I finger-fucked her.

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   We made eye contact, and there was a slight smile on her face when we did.
I replied, “It does take some getting used to, but if you two can do it, I can try it myself. It is nice not having to worry about what to wear inside your own house, I have to admit. So I guess nude is the way to go!”
Both ladies smiled then, and we all got back to dinner. After, we sat down in the living room, and ordered some clothes from a catalog for them, since it would be difficult for them to go shopping sans clothes. The one thing I noticed was that no bras were ordered, and only a minimal order of panties. When I asked about that, Suzie explained that, even when they had to dress, they didn’t wear bras, and wore panties were worn only when they had their periods.
“I will place the order for your clothes with overnight delivery,” I said. “But since it is already late in the evening, it will be Monday before they’re delivered. So it looks like we’ll have to hang out around the house for a couple of days. I’ll show you around the property if you like; we can ride around in my 4-wheeler. ” When I said that, Mandy’s eyes lit up.
“That sounds like fun. Maybe we can even pack a picnic lunch…”
“If that’s OK with your mom…” (Suzie nodded her head) “. .

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  . then it’s a date. ” We all smiled at having some fun tomorrow.
After ordering the clothing, I put on some soft jazz. Suzie leaned against one arm of the couch, and said “C’mon and lean your head against me, Ike. ” I took her up on her invitation and leaned back against her boobs. Her legs were spread apart, and her pussy lips were spread as well. Mandy leaned against the other arm of the couch, and spread her legs and pussy lips in a similar way as her mother’s. My cock, already at half-mast, was growing to a full erection once more as I looked at Mandy’s naked body.
She reached out and tentatively touched my 6” cock, but pulled away quickly when it jumped at her touch. I said “It’s OK, Mandy. That was just an involuntary twitch. Feel free to touch me. ” Mandy reached out again, and this time grabbed my cock in her hand.
“What’s coming out of it, Ike?” I looked to see what she was talking about, and noticed a drop of pre-cum already leaking out of the head.

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“That’s just a little lubrication that comes out when it gets excited like this” I explained. “It’s nothing to worry about. ”
She scooped it off the head and rubbed it between her fingers. When she noticed that it was a little slick, she rubbed it on her nipples, causing them to become fully erect. I looked at her pussy, and her inner lips began protruding more and more. I even saw a little wetness in her pussy as she continued to feel my cock. Soon, though, she released my dick and I thought I was going to be disappointed. But her hand went immediately to her pussy, stroking between her lips, moving up and down, which caused a squishing noise as she did. After a short while, her finger moved up to her clit, while her other hand began rubbing her erect nipples. It took only several touches of her clit to cause her pussy to cum. She struggled to keep her legs spread wide apart as she tried to put on her best show for me. She was breathing hard by now, but that didn’t stop her from continuing to put pressure on her clit. When her breath caught with her second orgasm, her finger moved from her clit back to her pussy lips, stroking up and down rapidly until her cum was draining from her pussy in a steady stream.
“Oh, GOD, that was intense!” Mandy exclaimed. “Seeing your cock brings out the best in me.

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“Yes, it looked pretty good to me as well” I agreed.
“Well I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m horny now!” added Suzie. “Ike, I want you to fuck me now!” She climbed out from under me, and we moved to fuck with her on top of me. She was plenty wet, and very hot, as my cock easily slid into her fuck hole. Mandy stayed in her position as her mother moved her hips up and down, slapping against my midsection, and quickly drawing my cum from me. I reached up and grabbed her little boobs, concentrating on her already-erect nipples. I moved my head up and took one nipple into my mouth, sucking for all I was worth. She sat straight up, so I reached down with one hand, and felt for her clit as she rubbed her pussy against me. When I found her erect clit, just the smallest amount of pressure brought her to a mind-bending orgasm, eliciting a long low moan from her throat. I looked around her body to see what Mandy was doing, and saw her rubbing her own pussy furiously. One more touch of Suzie’s clit, and she came again, this time so intensely that she fell against my body with a slap, her breathing quite ragged. I could feel her cunt juices flowing over my balls and onto the couch cushion.
And then I could feel my own cum approaching. I wanted to give Mandy a show of my own, so as I began to spurt, I pulled out of Suzie’s pussy and shot cum all over her back and ass. My breathing was as heavy as if I had just run a footrace, matching the speed of both young women with me.


   It was a heavenly experience.
Mandy then reached out and began spreading my cum all over her mother’s back and ass. What was left on her fingers she licked off, savoring the taste of my cum. “Your cum tastes great, Ike. I think it could become a permanent part of my diet!”
“Thanks for the compliment, Mandy. Now what I’d like to do is taste your cum. Come and sit on my face. ” Mandy quickly moved up, and I immediately sank my tongue deep into her pussy. She was still quite wet and very warm inside, and I moved my tongue around to get as much as possible. I could feel her juices begin to dribble out of her pussy, and began to suck on her inner lips, pulling them as far as I could without hurting her. I then moved my tongue to her clit, sticking one finger slowly into her cunt at the same time. I carefully moved the finger in and out, getting in slightly deeper each time, while licking her love button again and again. I finally did reach a stopping point in her cunt, letting me know that she was still a virgin, and decided to push it no farther. I wanted this to be pure pleasure for her. So I began licking harder on her clit, and quickly she tensed up, then her cum began flowing into my waiting mouth.

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   I moved from her clit to catch as much of her cum as I could, and she had another orgasm, adding to the quantity of juices flowing from her hole.
Mandy then leaned back, allowing me to look right into her fuck hole. Her inner lips were sagging down, and were spread wide apart. I moved my finger in and out of her pussy again, and her juices started flowing down my finger and onto my chest. One more touch on her clit with my thumb, and I could see her cum yet again. With that, she fell on her back, pussy staring me directly in the face, juices cascading out of her pussy hole and soaking my chest.
Suzie then said “My turn!” and Mandy moved to her original position at the end of the couch, legs spread wide. Her own finger stroked her pussy insides lazily as she watched me eat her mother out. Suzie sat on me, facing Mandy, and I stuck my tongue into her pussy deep into her wet and warm folds. I felt her juices immediately begin to flow, and I sucked her even harder, trying to drink each drop. When she came, she fell forward with her face right beside my hardening cock. Quickly she stuck it into her mouth and began sucking like a baby on a mother’s tit. I then stuck one, then two fingers into her cunt, and began rhythmic movements. Her juices began flowing copiously, soaking my fingers and face. When I attacked her clit with my other hand, squeezing it hard between her cunt lips, she nearly screamed with the force of her orgasm, nearly drowning me with more of her juices.

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   I began cumming myself then, and Suzie swallowed most of my cum, allowing a little to escape her mouth and run back down my cock.
“Mandy, why don’t you join in?” she asked her daughter. Mandy quickly scrambled over to my cock, licking the rest of my cum off my shrinking dick and her mother’s hand. Both ladies then kissed each other, mashing their boobs together, then finally lying down atop me in a tangle of naked limbs, flowing juices, and sweat.
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