Svetlana Shusterman from the real world


Ever since i saw her on the real world i have fantasized about this chick for so long.   One day this all came true.
First let me tell you a little about myself.   I am 6' 2", blond hair, blue eyes and a 7 inch member.   As you all know svetlana or svitz has 36 DD boobs as stated in FHM magazine.
Ok so im in the city one night with my buds and we just came back from the bar and we're walkin back to my friend's place to watch the football game when all of a sudden i see svitz crying on the street.   All my buds go on cuz they dont know who she is.   I go over to her and see whats the matter.   She tells me that her boyfriend just broke up with her and that tonight was their anniversary.   I try to comfort her by telling him he was an asshole anyway and everyone who watched the real world knew that.   I introduced myself and we started walking.
Svitz was a lil drunk and had a lil trouble walking so i held her as we walked.   I put my arm around her waist and we continued to walk.   We keep walking and we come across this hotel and she says "this is my place. " I ask her if i should walk her up and she said "ok. "  We get up to her room and se is staying in this amazing suite with rose petals on the bed and candles lit up everywhere.

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    "this was for my boyfriend but now we're finished" and she almost started crying again.   She found a bottle of champagne and asked me if i wanted some. "sure" i said.  
After 2 bottles of champagne we were both pretty hammered and we started to flirt a little then some more and more until the point where she was just sitting on my lap talking to me.   I realized that i might not get a chance like this again so without any thinking i kissed her.   She pulled away. "shit" i thought to myself "i blew it"  Then all of a sudden she kissed me passionately like her ex never existed.   We started making out and i ran my hands down her back and grabbed her shirt and lifted it off and she took my shirt off to reveal my chizzeled abs.   She continued to kiss me and i removed her bra.   When those tits came bouncing out i almost cummed my pants right there.   She told me to suck her nipples and i gladly did.   I slowly nibbeled on her nipples as i took off her pants.   Once her pants were off i could feel how wet she was and she could feel how hard i was.
"take off your pants” she whispered in my ear as I was biting her nipples.   I gladly did as well as my boxers ans my dick popped out immediately.

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    “Wow” she said “that is a nice cock” and after that she slowly lowered her mouth onto my dick and gave m probably the best blowjob of my entire life.   After about 5 minutes I couldn’t hold it any longer and I told her I was going to cum.   She then sucked really hard and swallowed ever drop of my cum.
“Can I return the favor?” “yes”.   SO as I lowered my face onto her pussy I could see that she was so wet that I couldn’t wait to eat her pussy.   As I started to eat her out I found the clitoris and bean to nibble on that gently and started to suck more and more.   “AHHHHH that feeeeeels sooooooooo gooooood”  “Im goooooooing to cuuuuuuuuuum” and with that she arched her back and she squirt her juices all over my face like a hose.   I slurped up every bit and swallowed every last drop.
“I want you inside me right now”  I had no problem with this at all and I searched my wallet for a condom. “im on the pill” “YES!” I thought to myself as I hated condoms and was very happy not to use one.   I had no std’s because I recently got checked after I found out that my ex was cheating on me for a while.
      We laid down on the bed and I slowly put my cock in her pussy.   “Wow you are very tight” “My ex wasn’t that big”  “haha” I thought to myself.   I started to pump slowly and with every puch I would slowly go deeper and deeper.   I started going faster and faster until I was completely inside of her.

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        “FASTER!!!”  I was going as fast as I could at this point.   “IM CUMMING” we both yelled at once and I felt her juices pour out of her while my cum shot into her.
    “I want you in my ass”  I was so excited because she has the perfect ass.   As she turned around and put her ass in the air I slowly squeezed her tits so get hard again after I blew my load.   As I entered her ass she moaned in pain.   “this is my first time anally”  I was happy because it was my first time too.   As I pumped her faster and faster I finally cum and filled her ass with so much cum it was dripping out.  
    “We should get cleaned up” I said.   With that we went into the bathroom and turned on the Jacuzzi and just sat there as the warm water cleaned us off.   She slowly made her way over to me and played with my dick a little.   I started to finger her and play with her tits.   She climbed on top of me and in no time she was bouncing up and down on my cock as we were in the Jacuzzi.   “IM CUUUUUUMING she moaned as she had her 3rd orgasm of the day and shortly after that I cum as well.   The Jacuzzi started to drain and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.   Over all that night was amazing and I hope it happens again because we still keep in touch.

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