Sweet Revenge


Fear rushed through her and she flailed her arms about hopelessly at her attacker before he managed to grab them and pin them above her head, before he hand cuffed both wrists to the bed. She sobbed against the gag as she felt the person lift off her. She struggled but knew there was no escape. She was completely stuck. Her legs spread apart and her arms hopelessly cuffed together above her head. She moaned in dismay and lay back frightened, her eyes wide open with fear. She heard the person move towards the door. Then light flashed into the room. She shut her eyes to the sudden change in light, before opening them slowly to see who it was that had her in such a precarious position. Her eyes opened wide again in shock. It was Adam. ‘Why,’ she tried to ask through the gag, but it came out muffled and distorted sounding more like a moan. He smiled down at her, a sick and twisted smile. “My dear sweet Kate,” he said with fake sympathy, “I know what you’ve been up to, and I don’t like it, you slut!” he spat the words at her, each causing more fear to well from within, the word slut seem to resound through her mind. She tried to sob again, tried to show any sign of remorse she could, she’d never seen him so angry, so furious. He stood at the foot of the bed now, smiling down at her with contempt in his eyes.

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   She struggled against her bonds but to no avail. He picked up scissors from the table beside her and she writhed and moaned in fear. He ignored her protests and proceeded to attempt to cut her clothes from her body. “If you keep wriggling I’ll end up stabbing you bitch. ” He was able to get the rest of her clothes off without her struggling and smiled wickedly at her naked body. “I’m going to make you never want another man again you slut. ” She whimpered and shut her eyes to try and block him out, but he grabbed some clothes pegs and put one on each nipple. Pain shot through her straight from her nipples. ‘He’d planned all of this…how long has he known?’ Her last thought before blinding pain shot through her as he pulled on the clothes pegs, her nipples being drawn up from her breasts, causing them to not only to redden with blood, but to harden too. She tried to writhe in pain but it only made them hurt worse, so she lay as still as she could, tears formed in her eyes and she begged with them for Adam to stop. He looked down at her and let go of the clothes pegs, leaving them still on her nipples, the pain then was able to subside to a dull ache. He smiled and trailed his hands down her naked body, from the underside of her breasts, lightly trailing them down her body, over her stomach, down her thighs and around to her inner thighs, where he kept gently rubbing his fingers against her, moving them ever so slowly up between her legs to her most private area. She tried to close her legs but the cuffs on her ankles dug in to her skin and wouldn’t let her move enough to hide her pussy from him. His fingers reached her pussy and caressed lightly around the lips, small tingles of pleasure mixed with the dull pain of her clamped nipples caused the fear within her to subside. She hoped he wouldn’t notice her still damp pussy from the fuck she’d had before she got here.

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   It seemed hope had abandoned her. He slid two of his fingers hard and deep within her wet pussy. He moved them around in a slow circular motion causing a moan to be muffled by the gag, which was part pleasure and part indignation. She knew she was completely at his mercy, she knew he would be able to do whatever he wanted to her and there was nothing she could do, it wasn’t scaring her any more though, it was turning her on. His fingers left her pussy, causing it to ache with desire to be filled. “You dirty slut,” he murmured angrily, before he reached out with his other hand and withdrew the gag from her mouth, then pushed his juice covered fingers into her mouth. She sucked and licked away at his fingers tasting both her juice and Sean’s on them. “I know you’ve been out fucking, you dirty slut, I’m going to make you beg for me to fuck you. ” She moaned seductively around his fingers and he withdrew them, quickly putting the gag back into place in her mouth. He slid down the bed to the end, leaning forward between her legs and looking straight into her now slightly parted pussy lips. Juices coated the soft pink lips. He knew he was turning her on; things were going exactly as he’d planned. He slid two of his fingers again within her aching pussy. Her pussy seemed to draw them deeper within it, but he was in control. He started up working them in circular motions within her, as if stirring her aching pussy to more desire.

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   With his free hand he reached up to pull on first one, then the other clothes peg. Pleasure and pain coursed through her body, pain shooting from her nipples to her pussy, pleasure from her pussy to her nipples, they mixed into a feeling she hadn’t felt before. It caused her pussy to ache for another finger, ache for him to move them faster, ache for release. He didn’t though, he wanted her begging for it, he wanted her to be his and only his, to be his dirty little slut. Juices poured from her pussy, drooling out from the lips, and sliding down between her legs, down to her ass and pooling on the bed, soaking into it. He leant down with his fingers still working around inside her wet pussy, his other hand moved from her aching nipples down her stomach to the top of her pussy, his fingers, one on either side of her clit, rubbing against it, and let his tongue lick around his fingers, lick her sweet juices from her pussy lips. She tried to buck her hips, to get his tongue into her pussy, but she couldn’t. He grinned and let his tongue slip back into his mouth and withdraw from between her legs. He tasted the juice on his lips and smiled down at her. His hands also withdrew from between her legs causing her to squeal against her gag and plead with her eyes to him, to have him fill her again. He unzipped the fly on his jeans and pulled his cock from within. The large erect penis seemed to swell even more as he eyes watched it. He got on top of the bed and between her legs, positioning his cock against her wet pussy lips, his arms on either side of her breasts and his chest level with hers. His back arched slightly as he slowly pushed his cock within her. The lips spread and welcomed his hard cock within her.

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   Her eyes closed in pure pleasure as his cock filled her. He grinned down at her and quickly began pounding his up and down inside her. Pain and pleasure mixed again, not only because his chest kept brushing against the clothes pegs, but because of the hard, deep movements his cock was making inside her delicate pussy. She eventually became accustomed to the pounding his cock was giving her wet pussy and started trying to buck against his cock. The thrusting of his cock within her, she could feel it against every wall within her pussy; his cock seemed a perfect fit for her pussy. She could feel his cock begin to swell, and her clit pulsed, begging to be touched. His cock plunged one last time within her before he withdrew it from her aching pussy and wrapped a hand around it. One quick stroke was all it took for it started pulsing and his eyes shut over, she could see the look of pleasure on his face and she wanted so much to feel it too. Cum squirted from the swollen head of his cock, three large blobs squirted in quick succession to land, one on her cheek, one on her neck, and the other between her breasts. The rest dribbled from the head, down his hand and dripped onto her stomach, pooling there. She loved the feel of the sticky warm cum on her, but still ached for release, ached for her pussy to be filled and for her own orgasm. He leant forward and whispered into her ear “I’m going to release you now my slut, you’re going to pleasure yourself for me, and make a good show of it, understand?” She nodded in response, and he withdrew the keys for the handcuffs, undoing them and taking them off of her, before sitting down in a chair opposite the bed. She quickly pulled the gag from her mouth and threw it to the floor next to the bed. Her pussy juices had soaked a large pool into the bed and she smiled at how wet she was. She certainly was going to make a good show of this.

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   She rolled over onto her stomach and got onto her knees, raising her ass in the air and keeping her head on the bed. She reached around, one hand going from above her ass, down between the cheeks, fingers trail gently across her asshole, then down to the bottom of her pussy, the other hand coming up from between her legs, stopping at the top of her pussy. With a finger on each side of her wet pussy she spread it wide, exposing the pink flesh within to Adam. Her hands slid back up her body to her breasts as she spun around facing Adam and sat on her heels, spreading her knees wide exposing herself again. She tugged gently on the pegs still on her nipples, moaning softly at the pain and pleasure mix, before taking them off and throwing them down next to the gag. She cupped her breasts and stared straight into Adam’s eyes. She rubbed the palm of each hand over the erect nipples on her breasts and moaned again, seductively moving her hips in slow circles. Sliding her hands from her breasts, she slid them down her body. She fell back onto the bed and spread her legs wide, with her thighs up in the air and bent at the knee, keeping her feet on the bed. A hand slide down over each inner thigh and reached her pussy, wasting no time and sliding three fingers straight into her juicy wet pussy, the other reaching her hard aching clit and pinching it between two fingers. She pumped the three fingers in and out of her wet pussy, letting fingertips brush against her g-spot as they slid in and out. The two fingers let go of her clit and move to the sides of it, her clit poking through the gap between them. She rubbed the fingers up and down against her clit, stimulating it as she fucked her pussy. It wasn’t long before she felt herself at the each of a huge orgasm. She let her fingers slide up from the side of her clit and pinch it again, as she buried her three fingers as deep as she could within her wet pussy.

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   Her eyes locked onto Adam’s and she moaned loud as the orgasm rushed through her. Shooting straight from her clit and pussy, up her spine and exploding within her. The tingling sensation it produced within her head forced her to smile as she continue moaning. Cum drooling from her pussy around her fingers, rolled down between her legs to the bed and soaked it more. Her legs collapsed flat against the bed and the fingers slowly withdrew from her pussy. She unclenched the pinched fingers on her clit and sighed in soft contentment. She felt Adam kiss her and whisper “Well done my slut, when you wake I have some toys for you. ” And with those words in her mind, she fell into a deep exhausted sleep. .