Sweet time at the office part 4


You start sucking me, gently while your tongue keep slowly circling around my dick. I wander how can your small mouth do this, but the sensation is great, it  feels like you are doing me twice. My member becomes bigger, my knees weaker, I must hold my self with my hands on your head. I close my eyes tight, all myself is concentrated on the sensation you donate to my body. A long moan escapes from my lips. I can hear your moans as well, indicating that you too are getting pleasure from the action of your mouth. I start thinking that also you must be wet now, and I am looking forward when the time will arrive that I can put my finger, and my tongue, in your secret part! Whow!! the thought of her smell makes my member with further pleasure. You seem to understand this as your tongue now stops, while your head goes back and forward along the shaft of my member. As usual, your movement is very soft, and delicate, the way I prefer most. It looks like you are treating it with great care as a very precious things. You know how to give pleasure to me! The movement is very slow, but the wetness created by your lips and my liquids makes the sensation very comfortable and pleasurable. I lower both my hands and put them on your breasts, softly massaging it. Your mouth keeps going up and down my shaft; when it reaches its head, you give him a tender suck and then back again until your nose gets in contact with my pubic hairs. From time to time you stop the movement and hold all my member in your mouth for a long moment, just to let me feel the sensation of your throat gently massaging the head of my cock. This is so intimate! I now feel an urge rising within my body, and this makes me squeezing both your nipples between my fingers; I do not want to hurt you, infact my move makes you release a long moan of pleasure, while your body tends to bend to one side. Your rhythm increase its movement up and down, while your tongue is kept all along the bottom part of my shaft.

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   This friction generates a great sensation of pleasure. I open my eyes now and I bent to thank you with a big kiss on he top of your head. From time to time you rise your face and look into my eyes. A smile grows on your lips; it is great but it reduces the pleasure you are giving me and, egoistically, I push your head down to continue the great job you are doing to me. You seems to understand the message, and you go back to your activity with new effectiveness. I now put my hands on the back of your head and my body starts to move in conjunction with your head, matching your rhythm. I push my manhood to the far end of your throat: you enjoy it and you do not seem scared at all about this, but eagerly you accompany my thrust. The pleasure is building in my loins, I know that I cannot last for very long, the pleasure is so great now! I wish to resist in order to extend this pleasure, but at the same time I need to release the tension of excitement within my body. I know that we can do it again very shortly, tomorrow, or throughout an entire life. You hands are cupped around my testicles, gently squeezing and caressing them. May be you have been keeping them in your hands since a long time, but I did not realize it until now. .