The Demonstrration Part III


School ended at 3:30 and Sarah rushed out to bring flowers to Mabel Hutton knowing that they would not think it strange that she didn’t stay long knowing that she worked in her father’s store every afternoon.   Mabel’s mother answered her knock and when Sarah learned that Mabel was sleeping she insisted that the sick girl not be disturbed.   So she left the flowers and after bidding Mrs. Hutton good by, Sarah made her way to the Doctor’s train arrived shortly before her appointment.  
 The doctor’s examination room was similar to the one she’d been pleasured in at noon by his assistant and she couldn’t explain or even understand the massive wave of arousal that now possessed her whole being, but Doctor Jacobs understood.   He greeted her warmly and with her arm about her waist had shown, practically drawn her into the room.   There he had kissed her full on the lips, her mouth opening, seemingly of it own accord, to accept the penetration of his tongue, the stimulation already building the strange, hot wetness between her legs that she craved.
 Finally breaking their embrace He urged her to prepare for the treatment expecting her to shyly head for the dressing cubical, but she boldly removed her clothes while holding his gaze, her pink nipples reaching proudly outward as if offering themselves as a sacrifice.   She was lovely, he thought and just the age a girl blossomed sexually.   He decided to act on her boldness, kissing her once more as his hands roamed her back creeping toward her exposed buttocks. When his finger probed to rub over her anal opening he was surprised and pleased to find her wetness already overspreading her ass and using her wetness he ran his finger repeatedly over and then just into her tight anal opening as she moaned in his kiss, her body literally shaking with arousal.
 In minutes his hands left the moist cleft of her buttocks and slid smoothly around her now sweaty body until they reached the underside of her soft, sensitive breasts.   His fingers traced the upward curve of her perfectly formed, yet still growing breasts, circling her nipples coming agonizingly close to her responsive tips, but never doing more than brushing by the edges leaving her panting with desire and crying out in frustration as her arousal moved to a new and higher level.  
 Desperate she dropped to her knees in front of him and ran her hands over the clear outline of his stiff and engorged manhood.   Jacobs quickly lowered his pants and for the first time she beheld an erect penis and his was impressive, the large purple head atop a long slightly curving shaft and his hairy sack containing the male organs.   A thrill ran through her as she ran her fingers over the sack felling the hard, ball-like structures within and making his whole cock bob and move from her stimulus.

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   Then his hands guided the tip of his organ to her mouth and she eagerly opened for it.   His hands gently found her head and guided her actions.   Part of her was shocked at her own actions, but his moans of pleasure thrilled her.
 After about ten minutes she heard his voice say softly, “Sarah?”  She looked up at him while his cock slid in and out of her warm, wet mouth while her tongue flickered over his more sensitive parts.   “Sarah, I am getting ready to reach my own climax.   When I do, my sperm, like nay other man’s will squirt into your mouth and you will have to drink it down.   If you don’t want to do this you need to stop right now.   She just looked at him and quickened her pace until at last he could hold out no longer and exploded in her mouth.

     Sarah was thrilled at the idea of his organ’s emission in her mouth, however, she hadn’t expected so much or for it to come with such force.   The first sprays few so strong no thought was required to swallow.   There was no choice as it literally blasted down her throat, but the rest of his seed filled her mouth as she gulped the first part and though she tried globs escaped her lips ran down her chin and dripped unto her breasts
     He stood her up and his hands were instantly on her breasts rubbing his own seed into them pulling and tugging on her nipples covered in his think white love juices. She moaned in pleasure, in fear, and in pain as he used her boobs freely for his pleasure as much as hers.   Several minutes passed with no noise except her sighs and moans.   She didn’t notice her noised getting louder and quicker, but he worked her nipples like the master lover he was until suddenly her climax rippled through her body without his ever making contact with the boiling volcano brewing between her legs.   She collapsed against him and slid down to the floor.

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        Gradually she came to her senses and looked up at his semi-soft cock hanging inches in front of her face.   She kissed, licked the head his sperm still leaking form the small opening, then she sucked it gently until he pulled it away and helped her up to her feet once more.  
    She became aware of other moans from someplace close by and looked questioningly at Doctor Jacobs.   He put a finger to his lips requesting silence and then motioned her over to the far wall and showed her the tiny peephole into the next treatment room.   There on the bed was none other than Henry Wittcomb stark nude and the doctor’s female assistant was holding in her hand Henry’s engorged and oiled penis stroking him up and down.   She leaned against the wall fascinated as Doctor Jacob’s hands reached between her legs, pressed her thighs apart to gain access to her vulva So she stood, watching the woman who had so pleasured her that afternoon, stimulate Henry while this skilled Doctor had his hands in her own sex, beginning to be masturbate her as well.   She responded at once aroused beyond belief at the idea of secretly sharing sex with Henry.
     To be continued.
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