The First of Many


Finishing the long day of orientation at the college both were planning to attend, Kristin and Eric drove back to his house. It was a hot day. . . a really hot day, and all the walking around had them both rather sweaty and worn out. Making fun of each other the whole way back to Erics house was nothing out of the ordinary, in fact it was rather routine. When they arrived at his house, they both sat down on the couch and relaxed watching T. V. Kristin was very tired, as she laid her head down on Erics shoulder. She hadn't planned on falling asleep but she did.
She was awakened however, by fingers playing with the top of her pants. Kristin didn't really think much of it, because her and Eric were rather close, and often hugged, pinched, and on a couple of previous occasions made out. When the hands started moving lower is when Kristin became wide awake. She looked up at Eric who just smiled at her. "Want to get out of here?" he asked with somewhat of a smirk. Kristin was excited to say the least, at the thought of a sweaty make-out session in the back of his car.

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   Smiling back at him just as playfully she nodded her head. The two left again. . . unsure of exactly where they were going, but knew it was somewhere where they could be alone, as Erics family was home and Kristins family as well.
They drove around for about fifteen minutes, when Eric put his hand on Kristins leg, she looked at him and smiled, and took his hand in hers holding it. He lifted her hand to his lips and began kissing and sucking on her fingers. Kristin could feel herself get a little wet at the touch of his tounge on her fingers, and pulled his hand to her mouth, mimicking what he had just done to her. There were very few words spoken as they drove, and Erics hand soon wandered to Kristins leg once more. Moving his hand up he started rubbing her inner thigh, and then her crotch. Kristin drew in a breath and looked at Eric, who was calmly driving and seeming to not have a clue as to why Kristin would gasp. He rubbed her through her jeans, causing Kristin to moan softly and grab his arm, and/or her breasts.
As they drove Kristin noticed that Eric was paying less and less attention to the road, and more to what was going on with his hand, so she pushed his hand away trying to get him to concentrate. Eric looked at Kristin questioningly but obliged. As they neared her house Eric stopped his car and pulled Kristin to him for a deep and passionate kiss.

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   Out of breath and still very turned on Kristin looked at him and said "not here. . . just drive past" and Eric did as he was told. They kept driving, not sure where they were headed. Kristin noted that the houses were getting fewer and fewer and since it was later in the night, there wern't any cars passing them. So she had Eric pull off to the side of the road.
Immediatly after turing off the car Kristin attacked Eric. Kissing him hard and rather needy. She took his hand and moved it to her breasts, needing to feel him touch her.  After a few moments of awkward bumping and head knocking, Eric suggested they move to the backseat where it would be more comfortable. Kristin smiled at the idea and they both climbed in the back. Eric started kissing Kristin again and pulled her shirt up so he could have access to her breasts, pushing her bra out of the way he took one of her breasts and started toying with the nipple, causing Kristin to shudder with pleasure.  Eric then moved his mouth to Kristins nipple, sucking and licking. Moans and sighs escaped Kristins lips as she closed her eyes enjoying the feel of his warm mouth on her.

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   A few moments later Eric returned to her lips and kissed her gently before asking. . . or rather demanding "Take your pants off so I can finger your pussy" Kristin didn't need to be told twice and did as she was told.  Eric moved his fingers over her pussy lightly, tickling her clit every so often.   His fingers find there way inside Kristin and she gasps at the feeling. He fit so well inside her, and seemed to know exactly where to go, and what to do there. He thrust his fingers deeper inside, causing her back to arch, and began moving them faster, and harder bringing Kristin to a wonderful orgasm. Just as she was comming down off the heaven she was feeling she heard Eric whisper "Will you suck my cock". Kristin pulled herself up and kissing Eric started undoing his pants. Moving her lips down to his cock she kissed it lightly and softly before taking him in her mouth and sucking him off. He puts his hands on the back of her head and pulls her hair back, allowing her more ease to suck and kiss his cock. Finally Kristin cannot stand it and looks up at Eric and says "Please put your cock inside me. . .

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  . just for a little bit?" with a smirk. Eric is hesitant as they don't have any protection, but he agrees.
Kristin helps Eric take his pants off the rest of the way,and straddles his lap, lowering herself gently ontop of his cock. Kristin lets out a moan of pleasure and relief at the feel of him inside her. Eric (being a virgin) felt himself close to comming within the short amount of time he had been inside Kristin. "Then why don't you be ontop, that way you can have more control over it" Kristin suggested. Eric thought it was a good idea and laid Kristin on her back. Placing his cock back inside her, Eric began to fuck Kristin. Kristin was moaning and screaming at this point as Eric was fucking her harder and harder with each thrust.  Kristin couldn't believe how hard he was fucking her, and that he wasn't cumming.  He suddenly stopped and commanded her to get on her hands and knees, and he started fucking her from behind, holding her hips slamming his cock in her so hard, and so fast, his balls slapping against her clit.  Kristin was on the verge of cumming when Eric suddenly told her to get on her back again. Kristin again did as she was told, and Eric continued to fuck the shit out of her. kristin had never been fucked so hard in her life, and again just as she was about to cum, he pulled out of her and jacked himself off cumming on her stomach, tits, and face.

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   Both panting and drenched in sweat tried to catch thier breath. Kristin laughed and wiped what she could from her face. Both smiled at each other, and knew from that day on. . . it would only get better.

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