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Jay smiled a stupid grin at the girl and pushed the door open, stepping inside unconcerned he was entering the women’s toilets with a stranger. The door closed and the girl pushed him roughly against the wall, her lips inches away from his. “Now as I see it, we have a nice looking guy and a horny girl, I think you know what’s needed. ” She stated. A dumbfounded look crossed Jay’s face, before her lips pressed to his and her tongue slipped from her mouth, pushing past his lips and into his mouth. Her soft warm tongue melted against his and he felt his crotch begin to stir with excitement. Her hands pawed at his shirt, fumbling to undo the buttons in a rush. He let his hands slide down her back and cup her tight ass, squeezing it for good measure. She pushed his shirt open and ran her hands up and down his chest, before breaking their kiss and taking his hand in hers. Her soft hands dragged him into a stall where she closed and locked the door. She pushed him down on the toilet and knelt before him, her hands moving to his waist, unbuckling his belt, and sliding his jeans down his legs. A tent of silk covered his crotch; the royal blue boxers had a damp patch at the very tip of its rise. She leant in and flicked her tongue out across the material, stroking the head of his cock with her tongue, through the thin material of his boxers. She smiled that wicked, tempting smile again, before she pulled his boxers down around his ankles with his jeans. His hard cock sprang forth, the head almost purple in appearance, with veins protruding from the shaft. She quickly moved in, her luscious lips engulfing the head of his penis.

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   She worked her tongue softly around the underside of it as he moaned softly in pleasure. She let his cock slip from her mouth as she stood and lifted her top off over her head, exposing her large bare breasts, long hard nipples poking out from the two globes. She straddled him, lifting her skirt up and spreading her legs, grabbing the shaft of his cock and guiding it to the entrance of her wet, lusting pussy. She lowered herself slightly, the head of his cock pushing against her gaping wet pussy lips, before letting herself plunge onto the shaft, impaling herself upon his erect penis. He filled every portion of her wanting cunt. Her pussy oozed juices down his throbbing shaft. He felt her pussy grip tight around his cock, the whole of its sensitive body stimulated from the tight constraints of her hole. She pushed her full weight down on him, pounding his cock even deeper into her tight walled pussy. She pushed her chest out, her breasts in his face. Jay took the opportunity to suck one hard nipple into his mouth and then the other, flicking his tongue softly over them before giving them a gentle bite. She moaned and writhed, and began her rhythmic bouncing of her hips. She drew herself up, her pussy lips gripping tight, stroking hard up his shaft, and then plunging herself back down again, embedding herself upon him; she repeated it over and over again. Eventually both found themselves lost in the pleasure, unable to restrain their lust. Unashamed moans drew looks of concern from the lady using the facilities. Both of them exploded into their orgasms simultaneously.

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   Jay felt the blonde’s pussy tighten around him and then begin to quiver, he felt her cling tight to him as she moaned with the bolt of pleasure sent through her body by her powerful orgasm. His cock was pushed over the edge by the throbbing of her pussy, his orgasm exploded at his crotch and sent shockwaves throughout his hole body, pleasure tingle every portion of him as his warm cum shot from the head of his pounding member and squirted deep into the blonde’s wet hole. Both regained composure from their powerful explosions of pleasure, but the blonde vixen was the first to move, again taking control. She hopped off his lap, his penis falling from her, juices oozing from her pussy after it. She again knelt between his legs, then with her eyes locked onto his, reached down between her thighs, and obviously pushed some fingers inside herself. She drew her hand up to her face, two fingers covered in their mixed juices, and plunged them into her mouth, licking them clean and pulling them out clean with that wicked smile crossing her face. Again she leant in, parting her lips letting her tongue flick out seductively. She reached out to grasp his soft wet penis in her hand, and hold it still for her mouth to pleasure. She let her tongue rub lightly around the head of his cock, tasting both of their juices upon it. She lavished in their mixed juices and moved to take his hardening cock completely in her mouth, letting her tongue rhythmically roll against the underside of the shaft as her hand dropped away. She felt the cock continuing to grow in her mouth, but kept on, unrelenting in her oral pleasure. A hand reached between his strong thighs and soft fingers tickled his testicles to heighten the pleasure that was mounting in his crotch. Meanwhile the blonde had slid her free hand down between her own thighs, two of her fingers dipping in and out of her juicy pussy. Her thumb stretched to rub gentle circles around her aching clit. She let fingertips push passed her pussy lips and enter her dripping hole, and couldn’t contain a soft moan, which escaped and vibrated her lips over his now hard cock.

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   She moved her mouth up and down on him, starting out slowly, before working her speed up to quick bobs up and down his cock. Her fingers worked at the same pace at her own pussy, by now juices poured out and soaked her hand. It was obvious both were approaching another orgasm, so the blonde decided to settle him to allow for what she really wanted to take place. As her pussy seemed to protest and grip tight to her fingers, she withdrew them and slid her lips up his shaft to the head of his penis and continued sucking and flicking her tongue against it. Her hand, soaked with a mix of cum, gripped around the shaft of his cock. He felt the wet soft palm of the hand grip tight around his cock and his eyes cracked open as a moan of pleasure escaped his lips at the surprise of the wonderful feeling. She kept her hand clenched tight around his shaft and let her tongue work soft patterns over the head of his cock. Her pussy continued to ache for touch, so she dropped her hand from his balls between her thighs and pinched her throbbing clit roughly. As she continued working her tongue over the head of his cock, her fingers again drifted to her wet pussy, coating her fingers in its juices and she slid them against its gaping lips. Once her fingers were covered, she slide them yet further back, to the puckered, pink rim of her ass. Cum coated fingertips rubbed against the tight ring, lubricating in and around it. She lifted her lips and hand from his erect cock and stood. “Stand. ” She commanded. Completely lost in lust, he did as she said; standing to his feet, erect penis pointing in front of him.

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   She moved around behind him, and his eyes followed her as she bent over the toilet, spread her legs and parting her cheeks with her hands. “Now fuck my ass like a good boy. ” She said through soft moans of excitement. Not one to disobey orders from such a sexy minx, he drew himself up behind her, positioning his cock to her puckered asshole. The saliva coated head of his cock pushed against the tight ring of muscle, before all resistance disappeared and his cock slid freely into the warm depths of her ass. His cock was buried in this beautiful girl’s tight ass, the tight ring of muscle gripped tight around the hilt of his shaft.
    It was bliss. “Thrust,” she moaned between deep breaths, “pound my ass hard. ”Slowly he drew his cock out, until only the head rested inside the rim of her hole. In another painfully slow movement, he pushed his cock back in, all the way to the base of his shaft. She felt his hands upon her, fingers tracing up her inner thighs towards her oozing pussy. She yearned for his touch, yearned to have both his cock and fingers inside her. A fingertip brushed lightly over the tip of her clit, causing her to buck down seeking for more, but only succeeding in pushing back on his cock. Two fingertips trailed down he lips of her pussy, before what she was begging for was given to her. Her lips parted as the fingers pushed inside her, coinciding with another slow impaling of his cock in her ass.

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       Another set of fingers pinched her clit and rubbed it between the fingertips, sending sharp stabs of pain and pleasure shooting from her crotch. She felt her orgasm quickly building, and tried in no way to hold it back. He quickened the pace of both his cock pumping into her ass and his fingers pushing into her slippery pussy. A moan of approval greeted the change. He let his fingers roughly caress her hard clit, while his other fingers kept pistoling in and out of her pussy. He plunged his cock deep into her ass, and the ring gripped tight around the shaft, holding his cock deep inside her. His fingers pushed inside her pussy and fingertips brushed lightly over her g-spot. His other hand pinched her clitoris, fingers sliding up the erect nub and slipping across the top of it. Her orgasm hit. The walls of her pussy underwent spasms of unrelenting pleasure. Bolts of pure ecstasy shot through her body from her crotch. Her clit pulsed beneath his fingers. Juices poured from her pussy, covering his fingers. A moan of pleasure pushed past her lips and split the air of the toilet, the only other sounds to be heard were the wet slapping as their bodies met and their deep breathing. The orgasm continued, washing over her in a seemingly infinite amount of waves.

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       Her spine tingled as orgasm after orgasm hit her, and juices continued to pour from her pleasure pussy. Jay felt her ass grip tight around him and new he’d soon follow with a tremendous orgasm of his own. He picked up the pace, pushing his shaft in and out as the tight ring around it squeezed hard in tormenting pleasure. His balls tightened and hew knew his second orgasm was going to hit as he drove his cock into this girls tight ass. With his fingers on the girls writhing crotch, he left his cock buried deep inside her ass is it began to throb in the pending orgasm. Squirts of warm cum shot deep into the blonde’s ass. His cock pounded as cum continued to spurt from the head. The orgasm shot through him, a quick explosion of pleasure that spread to every part of his strong body. A strong contentment passed over him as he emptied his load in to the girls accepting ass. She was the first to come down from her orgasms, lifting herself off his fingers and cock reluctantly, she stood and smiled at him, giving him a light kiss on his lips and bending to pick up her skirt. She quickly dressed herself, as his cum rolled in beads from her ass trailing down her thighs. She used toilet paper to clean the sticky cum from her thighs and pressed a piece of paper into his stunned hands before casually opening the door and exiting the women’s toilets. He was left to gather his wits and clothe. His first thought was to look at the paper, it simply stated. ‘Mandy, 9235-0771.

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      ’He clothed himself and made a quick dash for the door from the women’s toilets. Few people noticed the man exiting the women’s toilets in the over crowded hall. He pushed through the crowd, a broad smile on his face. Walking down the aisle, he spotted Steve and made his way towards him. He reached his side and Steve looked at him concerned look on his face. “What happened? You missed the ending of the game, not to mention I missed my beer,” he spoke in plain concern. “I’m fine,” Jay replied with a smile on his face, “I had another game I had to attend. ” To which Steve could only produce a dumbstruck look. .
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