The Hotel Room


The Hotel Room
Jake was bored. He and his beautiful girlfriend, Emma, hadbeen in the hotel bar for what felt like hours. The collar of his shirt wasstarting to itch, and his shoes were hard and uncomfortable. The only thingkeeping him from walking out was being able to look over at Emma. She wasabsolutely gorgeous. Wearing a stunning red evening dress, that flowed over hercurves, draped over her breasts, allowing just a peek of her cleavage, shelooked like an angel. Sitting with one elegant, lightly tanned leg resting onthe other she caught his eye.
He was leant up against the bar ordering their drinks whenshe moved over to him from their table.
“You ok?” He turned to her as she spoke, filling his eyeswith her sumptuous lips.
“Yeah. You fancy going up to our room?”
“I thought you’d never ask” She smiled a little; just enoughto allow a glint to escape from her eye. He knew that glint. He knew it well. Just the thought of what possible things were fling through her head right nowmade his heart begin to thump.
They flirted in the lift, perhaps more so than when theyfirst met. But somehow it was comfortable.

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   They could grab bits of each otherwithout the feeling of pushing the boundaries. All alone with him, Emma couldfeel a deep hunger inside herself. They had already made love today, but nowshe wanted more. Pinning him gently against the wall, she kissed him. His lips,his neck, his hands. Every bit of him tasted so sweet and delicious. She felthis hand slowly run up her leg, under her dress, ending at her waist. Thethrill of feeling him tough her made her inhale sharply. She could barelycontain herself.
The lift opened straight into the hotel room. It was one ofthe top suites, complete with a luxury double bed with a beautiful white bed spread. With doors opening out onto the balcony, and subtle lighting it was the mostromantic room in the hotel. Kicking their shoes off, kissing and walking insync, they clumsily made there way to the bed.
“Wait”, Jake said, “the bathroom. ”
He took her by the waist and guided her towards their hugeensuite.

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   With a round tub that had been filled by the butler of steaming hotwater, Emma was overcome with sexual desire. Frantically undressing each other,they made there way into the breathtaking warmth of the water. She sat himdown, and he popped himself up against the edge.
“I want you. So bad” she whispered in his ear as she kneltover him.
He thought he was going to explode. He was aching for her,begging to feel her hot, writhing body on him. When she took his penis in herhand, he nearly came, there and then. His body shuddered with anticipation, thesuspense excruciating. Finally, he felt her. Not her hands, her. He moaned,unintentionally thrusting his hips towards her. Waiting for the yelp of pain,or something to say he’d done wrong, he looked at her. She was stuck in a poseof absolute ecstasy. Her head was thrown back, her glorious, long, wavy brownhair reaching down her chest, all her muscles highlighted in the dim light.

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  Slowly bringing her eyes to his, she slowly breathed out. Then her hips startedto move. Faster and faster.
His breathing became rapid. His was heart hitting the insideof his chest with incredible force. Her breathing was heavy, her moaning louderand more intense. He could feel a pressure building in his testicles. He knewhe was close. The intense feeling of the water and his beautiful girlfriendstimulating the most sensitive part of him with the most sensitive part of herwas almost too much to bear. He couldn’t hold it much longer. He desperatelywanted them to come at the same time.
“Oh God” he moaned. She grabbed his chest with her handsfirmly. “Em!”
He salt bolt upright. She had to lean back on him, forcinghim deeper inside her.

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   She squealed with pleasure. She knew he was coming,which made her orgasm tease her. She’d felt close for such a long time, andthis was the turning point.
He grabbed her bum cheeks with both his hands and moved hereffortlessly over him. He could feel his sperm move down his hard shaft, everso slowly, prolonging the achingly glorious feeling. Her muscles were soclenched, she couldn’t breathe. Her clitoris had begun to pulsate as her climaxcame. She felt herself come before she actually peaked. It was incredible. As thefirst wave of his orgasm hit him, Jake thrusted uncontrollably into her. Wave afterwave of absolute delight rocked through him, the amount that he actually camesurprised him. With his back arched, and his penis still solid, her orgasmwouldn’t end. Her whole body shook, acting like a vibrator on him. She wassqueezing every last drop out of him. They collapsed into each other, the waterrippling around them.

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   Panting like dogs, they just held each other, stillinside each other.

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