The Man With in Her Dreams


He is in her dreams; it is as if she can feel him touching her, licking every inch of her. She can feel him deep inside of her hot, wet pussy, as she gets wetter and hotter the more she thinks of him.
The dream she wonders? The same dream she has night after night, she cannot get him out of her mind.
As she lay in bed waiting to fall asleep her mind wonders as she starts to rub her breast, nipples growing and getting hard. She moves her hand slowly and gently down to her thighs. Her legs spreading farther apart as if he was there wanting to enter her hot, wet, pussy. Her fingers gliding over her clit, she moans, she slips her fingers into her very wet pussy.
As she falls asleep, the man she wants so much is here, he is lying next to her. Touching her like she has never been touched. He starts at her neck, kissing, nibbling, as he move down her body the passion is growing between them. He stops just inside her thigh, pausing to tease her with his tongue licking at her clit. The moment she has been waiting for, as he begins to eat her sweet, wet pussy. She moans as she wants more, just a she is about to cum, he stops. Moving very slowly up her body with his tongue.
He teases her with the head of his cock, rubbing her thighs, and then the clit. She can not take anymore.


   She must have him inside her. She must feel him. She has wanted him to fuck her since the dreams started. As he entered her pussy, the feeling was intense. Thrusting deeper, and harder, she was to that point once again. As he pumped his cock in and out of her she came with such intensity she became numb.
The hard, pounding fucking seemed to please her with such passion. She never wanted this dream to end. The man she was dreaming about night after night was there fucking her, making her feel like a woman again.
She moans, begging him to fuck her harder. He wishes to take his time, making this all worth her while. And he does.
He works his cock with such perfection; the motions are perfectly timed with each thrust. His cock feels so good inside her pussy, as her cum is making her wetter and wetter.
He moves his tongue down to her pussy once again, licking, sucking, and nibbling at her clit.

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   She wants to explode as he sticks this tongue inside her. “FUCK ME, FUCK ME” she cries.   Over and over he taunts her pussy with his tongue. She wants him inside again.
Thrusting his cock back inside of her, slowly getting deeper and deeper. She has never felt this way. Who is he? Who could he be? The moment has reached the ultimate climax. He is thrusting his cock hard and deep making her cum once again.  She begs him to never stop.
It is morning again, as she lays nude in the bed she is startled to realize this is not a dream……
Wet With Love,.