THE MODEL : her Second Night, Part 2, A Work Of Art


I heard and could almost feel the 15-20 customers filed past Roger at the door, many of them regulars and he knew them by name. I opened my eyes and saw them scatter around the room. I had a great view of the store hanging from the wall like this. I took an accurate count and observed: a party of five men in their early twenties, one of which was here last night, and he brought his friends tonight, two couples, which judging by their clothes, or lack of, were definitely into this fetish scene. I then noticed three wealthy looking men in their 40’s as well as 5 more single men of various ages and manners of dress walking around. I then see one of the couples as well as 3 of the single men weaving around displays and racks toward me. I recognized the couples voice from when I had my eyes closed, contemplating my fate, when Roger had opened the doors. She was the one that noticed me immediately and said “What is that hanging on the back wall? I have to definitely check that out first”.   I suddenly felt so open and vulnerable as the couple approached me, staring at my latex covered, spread eagle, naked body that had been vacuum sealed between a tough thin sheet of latex and a plastic and metal frame. I tried to move again, forgetting that it was impossible to move even the slightest amount suctioned to the board. I was thinking about the 16” shaft still buried deep inside me. Roger pushed the first 8” in then hit my sternum. He then pushed the thin shaft through my tight sternum canal into my uterus to finish off the last 8”, and then pulled his fingers out of me leaving no trace what was hidden inside me. It was obvious by my screams around the ball gag and the tears running down my face that it had hurt. I never thought that what he did was possible, but Roger insisted it, and impaled me through the same tunnel I obviously was given to use for childbirth. The shocking pain from him doing that had subsided, and now I just felt the hose-like, one inch diameter sex toy buried from the entrance of my vagina to deep in my womb.

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   I was brought out of my thoughts by the sudden inflating of the dildo that I had just been thinking about. It was not really any more painful, but I felt the pressure as it swelled slightly. I looked down below me and saw the couple standing on the mat in front of me.
 The mat measured about 16”x24” but he was standing right beside her with his arm around her so they were both on it. One jolt and then a slight delay, I was lucky. Three single gentleman were standing back looking at Roger’s eccentric work of art, which was me. I had almost forgot about the pasties Roger had glued to my nipples and the cords that hung from them. They were glued to my nipples and hidden by the thick cones. It was out of mind, until I saw the woman reach up and pulled it down quickly. A sharp pinching pain went through my breast as I noticed the light above me turned off. Obviously the transmitters buried in the nipple cones had triggered that. She pulled it again. I felt the same shocking pain and the light came back on. They smiled in amusement and she laughed and held onto the cord as the display light above me turned back on. I bit hard on the short air tube that ran from my mouth to outside the latex and waited for her next pull.

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   Apparently she had no idea that it was attached to real person’s fleshy breast. I wish she did, and that she might have an idea what it is like to have someone pull heavily on a lamp style cord glued to her nipple! She let go of the cord laughing and said, “this thing is pretty funny. The guy stepped off the mat reaching up toward me and grabbing on to my calf just below the knee and squeezed. I wondered what he felt and thought. Ouch! She pulled the cord and again a shocking pain and the light changed. Ouch! Once again she pulled it and the light came on. My nipple was stinging now. The female leaned into the man caressing my calf and said quietly into his ear, and which I easily heard, “I actually thought about me pulling that cord while it is wrapped around you cock. ” He let go of my calf, and I can tell she caught him off guard. He said, “where are you going to get a cord like that?” She said, “I don’t know, I should just rip it off this thing and take it with us”.   I tensed up, wondering the kind of damage that would do to my nipple, and almost choked on the cum Roger had deposited through the breathing tube earlier on. The cum trapped in my mouth, the continuous taste, that I could not swallow due to the tight latex around my neck. If the filter tip was not on the end of the tube I definitely would have spit it out by now. I was suddenly brought aware once again, as the man stepped back on the mat inflating the growing object in me. This was the third time it expanded in me.

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   Roger’s test of the mat and the couple’s first stepping on the mat were slight. This growth I actually felt more because I could feel it’s swell down low, near my vagina. He reached back up pushing against my inner thigh and said to his partner, “this thing feels amazing, it’s not hard at all. ” The woman leaned into him again whispered, with me still listening, “it may not be hard, but I hope you will be later tonight”. She knew the single men near could not hear her, but just like the saying ‘the walls have ears’, I heard her clearly. They walked away and ventured to another part of the shop. It was then I noticed three of the single men who were browsing my area of the store take an interest in me. I would guess, they were intimidated by the female that was just here, which was rare in shops such as this. They swarmed around me like bees around a honeycomb. Or was it because it was something they never saw before? Because they thought my body attractive? Because they saw something of me that made them think there was a real person plastered to this wall, in the form of an X, showing every contour of her naked body under this stretched piece of latex? I guess I will never know but did wonder for my own confidence, ego, and maybe pride.
One of the men, a biker-type, came over to me, glancing at my spread eagle pose in the full, length mirror. The mirror was put in front of me by Roger, so I could look at myself as I hung there. Another lone man, walked over behind him. The biker stepped closer to me and onto the mat. Once more I felt the growing member inside me.

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   It seemed to be swelling down near my pussy, near my most private of openings, but still inside me. As of now, I would compare the girth to that of what I have felt from having sex with an average sized penis. Yes, my boyfriends were average guys, normal sized, so this I based it on. Comparing the similar type feeling down there actually started to get me excited. He actually stepped closer, almost against under me and looked up between my open legs. I focused my eyes downward as much as possible, and could barely see his hand, but saw it go right to my pussy! Imagine that! I felt my body tense as he touched me there, very noticeable to me, even through the latex . I tried to move again, and I was reminded, once more,  that I was literally locked into place, not able to even flinch a muscle. He explored my private parts and with his fingers, gave a squeeze to my obviously bulging vagina and clitoris which was not only from me being excited, but from the staff inside me. I noticed my well defined slit in the mirror. The guy behind him said, “what do you think?” The biker replied, “it’s incredible what they can do with all these new rubbers and vinals. An older man, the third single man, walked over and stood in front of the mirror. The biker turned to him and said, “I wish some of the women I have met were this sexy. ” I was taken by the compliment. He had no clue I heard him. If I could smile, I would have.

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   I watched, and as if in slow motion, the biker walk away to my left, and the older man stepped away from the mirror onto the mat. More pressure, but higher now, deeper in me. The older man now reached up and decided he would check out my rubber encased pussy like the biker did. It actually sent shivers up my spine feeling a stranger do that, and then he batted one of the cords that hung in front of him. He then pulled the cord on one my same breast and the light went out once more. After the shocking pain again,  I saw him then grab the other curious cord and give it a pull. Nothing obvious had happened that he could witness, but the egg shaped vibrator buried deep in my ass sprung to life. That was the first time I made a sound through the tube leading out of my mouth. It was sort of a ‘yelp’ and judging by no reaction of anyone around me, the sound baffling filter worked. He looked around, trying to notice something that the cord pull might have changed, but saw nothing. He pulled it again, paying more attention to everything around him and saw nothing. For me it was relief as the anal egg turned off. I stared down at my small cone covered nipple, and watched him pull hard once more as if force would reveal what it did. I tried to yell out as it felt like my nipple was being torn. I watched the nipple cover dip downward and stretch, with my nipple still attached.

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   He looked at me a little while longer and slowly walked away. The third gentleman, who was short and stocky, approached me as I noticed the 5 young guys made their way to the back of the store.
The short gentleman did not approach the front of me but stands to the side. I train my eyes to the left as far as I can see, but can barely make out what he is doing. Was he checking out my side profile? I feltl him lift the bottom of the frame move slightly away from the wall. Was he trying to see if it was 3D on the back too? I hoped he didn’t lift it higher and have it come off the hooks. Just then I saw Roger approach and say to the man “what do you think of my latest work of art Ed?” I wondered if Roger came over because had known the man, or because he saw the situation at hand. Ed said, “very wild looking for sure. It is quite a piece of art. The features are so lifelike” Yes Ed, a real person’s features, it was me! Roger said “Thank you. Let me get a step so you can get higher and see more of the detail. ” Roger walked across in front of me, he gave me a wink, as he stepped on the mat, I wondered, I knew on purpose. That burst added more to the growing pressure, which now stayed with me. Roger returned with a small 6 foot ladder, purposely stepping on the pad before he pulled it to the side. That time I felt the growing dildo not only deep in my pussy, but also in my womb.

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   The pressure was accompanied by a steady throbbing pain now. Roger placed the ladder sideways in front, and close to me. The mat was now placed in front of the ladder. He had to have done that on purpose. The five young men were now gathered in front of me, blocking my view in the mirror. Ed walked over to the ladder and Roger stepped on the pad once more, as if to make sure he added the next jolt instead of Ed. That was the biggest one yet. I tried to focus on what was happening next. Roger stood on the ladder his head just under my chin. Roger said “you should be able to see more detail now. What do you think?” Ed said, “I saw a few other pieces you did with latex and those rubber mannequins, but this one is the best. ” I stared out over the store listening to Ed’s critique. Ed grabbed my breast squeezing it. He then said “Roger, these feel great. What is it?” Roger said “it a few new composites I am working with.

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  ” Ed said “Every feature seems true to scale, but why did you make the breasts so small?” Small I thought? I have a firm C-cup! Roger said, “it’s the submissive position. They naturally would look smaller with her stretched out like that. She is supposed to be a virgin. Young, thin, and sexy. ” I was hurt by that comment of Ed saying I had small tits! I wanted to see them in the mirror but the 5 young men were blocking the view looking at some type of sex chair next to it. Roger’s comment made me feel better about how I looked on display. Ed climbed down the ladder, and stepped on what he should not have, for my sake. I am not sure if the bursts were getting bigger, or because of the growing number, but I felt my love tunnel now filled and pushing into my hips. I was thankful my legs were spread wide giving the invader more room to expand. What was more unusual was the feeling of the swell in my belly. It was a growing and stretching feeling for me there, which I never felt before.
I saw Roger adjust the ladder closer, pull something out of his pocket, keeping it from view, of Ed and the young men, and approach the ladder. The action by his foot again on the mat, caused a growing sensation of erotic pleasure, submissive energy, and throbbing pain. I felt an enormous growth in my womb, it was the biggest yet. I still had the mouthful of Roger’s load, from earlier, and almost spit it through the tube, which would have clogged it, and that would have been a dire situation for me.

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   I wondered if I had clogged it, what would happen? I would assume that since I could not move of cry out, and nobody would notice that the situation had changed, I would suffocate, and that scared me! Roger was on the ladder, close to me and said, “There is problem with the transmitter and sex toy inside you. ” Oh no! What could that mean? I was terrified and wondered what happened, and if my now quivering body showed, but I doubt it. He then said, “I am going to have to turn the mat off. Every time the bursts were growing in number, they were growing in size. ” I knew it! I could feel them getting more extreme as they went! Roger said, “The fail safe meter shows you can take one more. That will put you at your limits with which your body can physically stand without any damage. ” I was shocked at what he said about the mechanical device within me, but more relieved that he was able see this happening and stop it. If he had not noticed this, I can not imagine what could have happened to my insides, and I wouldn’t be able to even protest. Roger said, “I will give you the final burst as I step down from here and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do watching it. Once again, my mind raced and I felt myself get hot and attempted  to move any part of my body during this anxious moment. I watched as Roger put his foot down on the ground, and felt a huge jolt, and I was suddenly taken to the limit. I felt myself get very hot and my vision fade. I felt my pussy tunnel expand, and heard my hips pop, and felt my pelvic area expand to more than any man’s cock could ever do. I felt a shocking pain in the same area Roger stopped at, my cervix, before he pushed through its tunnel. I felt that most private womanly organ now being stretched.

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   I bit hard on the tube, and try to tense every muscle in my body as I felt a tearing sensation inside me, as the scepter opened the canal wide. It was the same stabbing pain that soon turned into a throbbing pain that I was getting used to. It masked the stretching feeling, much less painful, that I would have felt as the tip of the staff continued to grow to it’s mechanical limits. It expanded my womb as far as it would go, pushing the latex to its limits also.

I closed my eyes screaming through my breathe tube and then it was over. I never saw Roger pick up the mat and carry the ladder away as he left. I felt less lightheaded but looked up and saw the same 5 young men now turn around from the contraption they were admiring and walk over to me. I suddenly saw myself in the mirror, and could not believe it. I was stunned. I saw the same latex covered female that now looked 9 months pregnant and ready to give birth, especially with wide open legs and a torso like that! It was hard to believe it was me! I stared at my swollen pussy, my bulging lower abdomen, my flaired out hips, and my huge womb, so obvious and overbearing. I closed my eyes as the five young men walked over to me. One squeezing my ankle, the other poking at my thigh. I then heard them talk, and it all ran together for me. “I thought she was sexier from further back”, “me too”, “she’s knocked up, that sucks, I thought my girlfriend was pregnant once”, “I like how you can see her pussy lips”, “no way, that camel toe pussy is nasty”, “you would fuck her though”, “no I wouldn’t, that is nasty”, “I’d fuck her”, “you would?”, “yeah, in her ass. Too bad we can not see that”, “it is probably fat anyways”, “I’d still fuck her in the ass”, “what about her tits?”, “I’d put my dick between those too”, “no, I mean do you like those?”, “yeah, but I like them bigger”, “yeah, me too”, “so do I.


   I like some big melons, she needs some implants”, “then she would be hotter”, “She looks like a slut anyways, especially in that pose”, “yeah, a cheap little whore, who some guy is would abuse”, “I’d still like her legs wrapped around me, they look nice”, “she does have nice legs”, “her hands look nice”, “her hands? Why?”,  “Nice for jacking me off!”, “you asshole”, “you ready to leave?”, “yeah, I seen enough”. I was stunned at the comments. Those young, horny, ignorant guys did not know how bad they just hurt me feelings. I was defenseless to comment back. I started to wonder what I had never heard people say. So many times I was told I could be a model, but that was a different look, not like a tied up pregnated whore. Would I look better with bigger breasts? Was my pussy so ugly besides being swollen? I was thinking way too much into the critiquing as I hung here for all to see and judge.  
I looked to the front of the store and saw a woman walk in, go behind the counter, and give Roger a kiss on the cheek. He smiled back, they exchanged words and he picked up a set of keys. She resembled Roger and I wonder if it was his sister? I wondered what was going on next, as Roger said a few things to he, and walked out the door. How could he leave me like this? I saw a man and a women approach the counter. It was a couple I had not seen in the store before. The man pointed back at me, and they all three looked straight at me. They made their way through the store and now stood below me. The man said, “I think this is totally erotic and amazing.

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   This has to be one of a kind”.   I realized it was Roger’s sister after she said, “All my brother’s works are. No two are alike and he tries to keep them as real as possible. ” The woman spoke up and said, “So this girl is modeled after someone?” Roger’s sister said, “I know he said his latest creation, which is this, is modeled after a most beautiful woman”. I wondered if Roger actually said that? The man spoke up saying, “I think she is very pretty, and very sexy, and I think she looks fantastic pregnant”. The woman then said “her muscles are so well defined, her neck and shoulders so slim, and her chin and high cheekbones I would kill for!” They all laughed and I saw Roger’s sister grabbing the folded ladder and open it in front of me. Roger’s sister said, “you have to get a better look, and feel”. The woman walked up the ladder and the man approached me. The man squeezed my toe and then moved his hand up squeezing my foot almost massaging it. He said, “I think she has great feet too”. The woman said, “That because you just have a foot fetish”. He replied “yeah, but hers are perfect. I can imagine her in a pair of stiletto strappy heels”. The woman grabbed my breast under my nipple and on each side and gave them a hard squeeze. She then grabbed my upper arm, and squeezed hard again.

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   That one actually hurt, and said “What is this made out of? It feels to real”. Roger’s sister answered, “Like I said, his works are very life-like”. The woman asked, “what is this thing in her mouth?” I thought to myself, this is the tube I breath with, but the filter is what is stopping me from getting rid of Roger’s cum dump and I wish you could taste it lady. Roger’s sister answered, “it might be some fetish thing, like a ball gag. ” The man said, squeezing hard on by arched  foot, “this has to be a size 6. How much is this?” Roger’s sister said, “I don’t see it marked, but I am sure it is for sale at a fair price”. My anxiety builded as I never thought I was part of the store merchandise for sale! The woman asked, “well how much do you want for it?” Roger’s sister answered, “I am sorry, but I am not sure how much he is selling this for”. The lady climbed down off the ladder.
The man looked at his partner and said “Do you want it?” She nodded, and he looked at Roger’s sister for her some response. Roger’s sister said, “Well, you have always been great customers here, and I am sure that Roger wants a decent price, and one you would pay right?” The man said, “Money has never been an object for what we want, you know that. ” Roger’s sister smiled, nodded, and asked “you definitely want it?” The woman quickly answered, “we do”. Roger’s sister excitedly said “it is sold then!” They all laughed. I was in shock at what just happened. I seriously doubted Roger had intended this. I was not for sale! I breathed harder through the tube, getting more nervous.

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   My mind wandered back to this huge inflated rod inside me. I wondered how my skin had withstood the stretching? That thought was ended when I overheard Roger’s sister ask the eager couple, “so we can consider this deal done?” They both said ‘yes’ at the same time. Roger’s sister smiled and said “very good. It’s yours. I am sure you can settle up with Roger later. Did you intend to take it home tonight?” Wait! I am not going anywhere! Home?!? Whose home?!? My mind clouded and I could not believe this was happening! The man said, “We brought our box truck to leave with something interesting tonight. Can we get it in there?” Two single gentleman, that I did not even notice, came over said “we can help you load it”. Roger’s sister said “Ok. Let’s do it! Be careful everyone, we don’t want to damage it”. I felt them lifting the frame off the hooks. Once more I tried, and failed to move my body, to to do anything to stop this from happening. My world suddenly turned as I was taken off the wall and turned on my side. I watched the racks and merchandise pass before me as I was carried to the front of the store. Where was Roger? I needed his help right now! What would I do? Where was I going? I imagined being taken to their house, and hung in some kinky dungeon. They might never know that I was trapped in this creation.

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   How long could my womanly organs take being stretched to their limits. I noticed the throbbing pain increase slowly from being invaded this unnatural way for so long. Would my last breath be taken through this tube?
I felt cool evening air through the latex as we were outside, everyone cooperating to get me to my new destination. I was laid flat and slid into the back of an empty box truck. I stared at the roof as I heard the doors swing shut. Everything went dark. I closed my eyes and wondered where I would be on display next.
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