The Mother: part 1


There are rules to a duel. Rules that are never said, and are never taught. This is because there are only two outcomes to a duel. One can either live or die. But even the greatest gunslingers don't live long enough to give away their secrets. These hidden rules are alive through instinct. These instincts are what I follow now. Its how I stayed alive. Its also how i got into the biggest mess of my first my instincts served me well. Before it had all started I was in a duel. My thick tail was swishing from side to side, ready to contain my balance as soon as I moved. My eyes were open and steady but I was not watching for my opponent to make a move. I was still waiting for my gut decide when to draw, but i stared anyway.
My opponent was a Terran, one of the snootiest breeds out there. More often than not terrans are soft from a rich and protected life. This one however was fueled with years of experience.

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   It showed in his body. it was strong, alert and ready to act.
the duel ended in less than a second.
He was the first to fire. Even though he must have been twice my age he was fast to draw. His developed arms snatched his piece with a powerful stroke. But even as he drew my instincts told me not to shoot just yet. So instead I parried to the side to counter his aim. As soon as i heard the gunshot I felt my instinct speak to me. I had to shoot now. I drew my gun. Unlike my opponent my piece wasn't snatched from its place. My hand lifted and pulled and aimed. I didnt force it. I just let everything handle itself and drew with fluid grace.

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In the end the terran was dead and i had not even been grazed.
All was quiet as the officer went over to check the body. After testing for life he proclaiming him dead and me the winner of the duel. My friends at the sidelines erupted in cheers and ran to gather around me.
This was my sixth winning duel and six times they had been scared stiff for me. By all rights i should have been dead so they greeted me with great enthusiasm. I was only 18 Zyears old and already involved with six duels. All of the people who came to congratulate me were martian. That is except one. Amanda, my girlfriend, was terran.
She was an odd sight. a terran girl rushing to kiss a martian. martian were often taller than terrans. I was six and a half feet tall but the light tint in my red skin gave showed my youth. Amanda was a rather small terran.

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   The light on mars didn't do much for her skin so she was very light in the skin. To a martian she was just a frail little redhead.
But this was all welcome to me. She was a wonderful girl, and probably the first steady partner I've ever had. I had promised that if i survived that day I'd have dinner with her and her parents. The 'parent thing' was something new to me. Like always I just decided to go along with things, and only act when my instincts told me that I had to. All while i was strolling in the relationship she was getting more spirited and more passionate as the days went by. Fearing for my life all the time only strengthened her feelings as she proved time and again that she had the capacity to care about what happened to me.
I saw this but i didn't care. The longer she excited me i could go along. How long that would be, i did not know. Probably until we were old and grey. Everything she did enticed and teased me. She knew that if she wanted to get my attention all she had to do was walk in a certain way.

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   The same swaying that always caught my eye. I was fascinated with her waist. It always seemed like her crotch and her ass kept themselves compact together into a tight little package. Her switching her hips only made everything seem to tease and taunt me. I could stare at her all day.
We left the scene and went to my apartment building. Many buildings on Mars had nothing but one bedroom apartments so relatives often stayed in seperate room numbers when they grow old enough to do it. I got mine as soon as I started Dueling
While I was packing my gun and clothes away at my room, Amanda told me how happy she was that i was still alive, and how worried she was. I knew that was a lie. She had made the plans to eat at her house despite my duel. She knew that i would live today.
"How long will you keep dueling?" she said then.
I answered "Actually I think I'm retiring. I've had enough dueling. "
Thinking that i was too wild in nature to stop dueling she sounded shocked.

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   "What? I thought you were Angra Weaver, the man that eats with his gun. "
"From now on I'll have to you recognise my victim today? He was Wade Gellar a CEO at H-Teche. According to the terms that we dueled under i instantly inherited 400,000 creds. "
"But why would someone so well off even take a risk like a duel?"
"Wade was a huge gambler. Sometimes rich people are like that. "
I began searching my closet for something to wear for tonight's meal. Amanda got up from her position from the bed to hug me from behind.
"Why aren't you more happy? This means you can do whatever you want now. you could even move to Zephyer. "
"Naw. " i said. "Here is fine for me. And if i keep up my normal lifestyle I can live off of those creds for three times my natural life span. "
"I guesse I just figured you'd be more celebratory. " she pouted, still holding on to me.

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I grabber he hands and lifted them away from me so that I could turn around. I heard a small whimper of disappointment as I did this. she love hugging my back like that for some reason. but what i had in mind required us being face to face.
I changed my voice to a low deep whisper. "I know how to celebrate. "
As soon as she heard 'that' voice she instantly knew what I was thinking about. she leaned in for the kiss, but unfortunately that was not my plan. I gently tugged her hair, causing he to crane her neck till she faced upwards. I then moved in for the kill.
I began to wildly kiss her neck. hundreds of tiny hungry kisses from the tip of her chin all the way down to her collarbone. Occasionally I bit and nibbled her causing low moans from her. When I got bored of her neck I moved up to her mouth. I began suckling at her lips and and stroking her tongue with my own.

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As she threw her arms around my neck my own hands gripped her waist, drawing her closer to me. I wanted to feel her body tight against mine. soon she realised that i had been walking her to the edge of my bed. knowing well what was going to happen she allowed me to gently lay her on the bed.
We continued to kiss, grinding our bodies against each other. This time my hands had found their way to the front of her blouse. As soon as I had it open I made a bee-line straight to her petite breast.
One thing that she loved was my tongue. It was soft and moist but unlike a terran's it was rough and caused a bit of friction. As i licked her nipples she shuddered wildly at the feeling her hands twitched under my grasp and I continued my work. eventually I moved to the other breast. for some reason this one was more sensitive than the other causing her to gasp and whine loudly.
As my kisses and rough licks trailed her stomach my hands had undid her pants. while I did the task of removing them and her undewear Amanda had fully removed her blouse. As usual she was not wearing a bra.

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She began trying to undo my pants as well, but I stopped her despite her sighs of protest. This made her excited yet upset at the same time. She knew I was going to tease her. I could tell from her smell that she was already wet and ready, but I wanted her to be dripping with pleasure. She knew that she loved this so she submitted against my assault.
I leaned in to kiss her again. This time my hands being more deviant. They reached down softly stroking the flesh around her her vagina. I could feel Amanda's moans in my throat. I could feel the moistness of her cunt already. The enticing texture lured my hand closer. Soon my middle finger began to stroke and explore her lips gathering enough natural lubricant to stroke her clit. At this point Amanda was breathing to heavily to kiss. This was my sign to move on. I moved my face lower until I reached her drooling pussy.

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   With my tough martian toungue I dipped deep into her vagina. Her legs spread a bit more allowing my tongue to burrow deeper. I moved out and towards her clit again, this time stroking with fast slashes instead of slow languid licks. I continued until I could feel her begin to buck her hips. This is when I abruptly stopped.
Amanda whimpered loudly. She knew I was going to do this. I wasn't going to let her cum just yet. I wanted to really feel it when she orgasmed. I began to remove my own pants while Amanda started to take off my shirt.
    She wanted to get off really badly now. she was hot and didn't want to cool off before I got my pants off.
    Unlike terrans, and zephyerians, a martian's member is sheathed in their groins. but now i was just as excited as Amanda and my dick was standing out at it full size. i couldn't hold back and tease her anymore.

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       I needed to be inside of her. We embraced again as i slowly drove into her. She gasped a bit as I entered her. We had done this several times before but she was still not used to the size difference between a martian and a terran. Although it took work pushing into her she loved every minute of it. Her cunt was oozing making it easier to push in. Iventually I was buried to the hilt inside of her.
    She moaned and slowly ground her hips against me, encouraging me to continue. I pulled out until just the tip of my dick was inside of her, then pressed back into her in a long, slow stroke. Amanda moaned in satisfaction and I continued on. her tight cunt squeezed my dick, drawing me deeper inside of her. She felt like she was about to burst but kept trying to gain more. Her thighs gripped my waist as I thrust into her. Eventually she was slick enough for my to go on just the way that she liked. I sped up my thrusts, making sure to continued to keep the long strides.


       I stabbed deeper and harder. Amanda had her eyes closed and gasped with each penetration. As I went faster her gasps drew closer together until the ran together as a single wild moan.
    Wanting to gain more friction on my dick I pulled her legs up until they went over my shoulders. then i started to hump her cunt at a rapid pace. Her panting and moaning encouraged me on as I fucked and thrusted more savagely. I could feel her pussy lips vibrating against my cock. She was already orgasming. Her vagina gripped me as if it never wanted to let go. Her hips bucked wildly trying to get more friction on her g-spot. I kept thrusting until her orgasm subsided, but I didn't stop. I continued to fuck her at the same pace. I could feel my dick tightening. I tried to hold on for as long as I could, but the pleasure was getting to me. I put all of my stamina into my final thrusts.

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       This caused her to orgasm again, this time as her pussy juices exploded around me, I exploded too. My cock expanded and shot streams of cum into her. Her cunt gripped my cock again. It kept sqeezing until it devoured every last drop I could give. The pleasure overwhelmed me, and I let go, enjoying every bit of it.
    Both felt drained but happy as we just layed there holding each other. Her face was nestled on my chest sighing in satisfaction.
    "I think you make me lose my mind when you do that. " she said lazily. "We still have to go to my house tonight. "
    "we still have plenty of time there. "
    She punched my chest in mock anger. "But I dont' have any fresh clothes here! I'm going to go home smelling like sex!"
    "You do that all the time. " I laughed
    "Not when I have to eat with my parents. "
    I laughed more as she playfully tried to wrestle me into submission.

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       Eventually she subdued me with a deep kiss. I kissed back for a while but she abruptly stopped. "We still have get dressed"
    "Yeah, being naked isn't going to make a good first impression" I answered lazily
    We quickly got dressed and left my room.
    We were an energetic and happy couple and I was happy to move further by getting Amanda's parents to like me. Oddly enough, trying to make a good impression on Amanda's parents was one of the reasons why everything went I wonder if I get some feedback on this. Maybe not. Its not like i'm posting on FF. net. (as if it would even let me post there. )
    Well anyways its the first chapter. I know the sex scene was relatively cookie cutter but its like that to make a huge contrast with the sex that goes on later which is the highlight of this story. (oooo foreshadowing in the author note. "

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