The Mysterious Blonde


The setting is a noisy, urban street, in downtown Glandale. It's late in the afternoon, and the work crowd is heading home. Our story begins with our female subject, named Lacey, walking down this street, on her way home from a long day's work as a sex-columnist in a edgy new magazine. She is wearing a brand new suit from her favorite designer Donatella Versace. The suit is a subtle black tone, with very fine white pinstripping, with a skirt, of the same tone. She has her new shoes on as well, mid heel slides with bamboo horesbit, from Gucci. She is 43, but with her long flowing brunette hair, and well-aging skin and facial features, she still appears to be 28. As Lacey walks down the street she drops her handbag, knowing she did, she still continues to walk onward. . .
As she glances behind her she see a well-dressed man, probably in his mid to late twenties, dressed professionally in a blue suit.
"Excuse me," he says, as he catches his breath. "Is this handbag yours?"
Lacey looks at the man, then at the handbag, then up at the man again. "No. " she replies. Then turns around, and begins walking away.

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"But miss, I saw you drop it about a block back" said the stranger.
Lacey, feeling very agitated at the moment, turns around, snatches the purse out of his hands, and begins walking at a face pace towards the street corner, as if to hail a cab. As Lacey stands at the corner, our man know is very confused, should he approach this mysterious, yet beautiful woman, or leave it alone, and go on about his day?
Our stranger walks up to Lacey now, who is standing at the corner now, and asks for her name.
Lacey turns around and says, "I find you to be a very attractive man, but now is not the time, I am in a hurry, I haven't got time to be wasting
talking with you. "
"Okay then. " he says. Just as he turns around to be on his way, he feels a slight tap on his shoulders. He tunrs around and to his surprise and it's Lacey, standing there staring intentively.
"What is your name?" she proclaims.
Stunned, the man, manages to get out the words, "J. . . J. . .

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  J. . . Jake Touuuwnsend, JT for short, annnd yoUuU?"
"You will learn in due time. " said Lacey.
The stranger looks puzzled beyond belief now, "What do you mean in due time, I though you were in a hurry, and didn't have time to waste?"
Lacey starts to chuckle, staring down at her handbag "It looks like my whole afternoon has just opened up. "
Still stunned JT asks, "Where to?"
Just as soon as JT got those words out of his mouth, Lacey grabs his hand, and pulls him towards her. They stare at each other for a moment, then Lacey leans in close for a kiss. And just as soon as JT could figure out what was going on, her lips removed themslef from his, and by the time he had opened his eyes, Lacey had vanished. You see, in fact, Lacey did have somewhere to be, she had a business meeting to attend at a restaurant nearby.
JT, who was left standing all alone, began to think what was going on? Who was that woman? Was she even real? "Woah, woah, woah," he said to himself, no he was questioning his sanity. He knew something wasn't right about this, and he wasn't about to just brush it off and go on about his business, no you see JT wasn't like that, he had to find out more about this mysterious woman. He didn't know where to begin. All he had was a first name, and knew she was into Haute Couture. "Where to begin, Where to begin, he said to himself?" So he began looking in every shop and restaurant along the driection he assumed she went off in.

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Meanwhile, Lacey, had just arrived at L'Auberge, a french-restaurant, on the upper-east side of town, not far from where our two characters just had there encounter. She sat down at the table the waiter had pointed her too, and joined her co-workers. A few minutes into their conversationg Lacey began spacing out, and thinking about JT, and their breif encounter. She excused herself from her co-workers and said she needed to go to the ladies room. And just as soon as she had got out of her chair, she looks up and to her surprise JT has just walked through the door. JT just happens to see her out of the corner of his eye, and notices Lacey has motioned for him to follow her into the ladies restroom. Arriving at the restroom door, neither of them get a word in, before they began, where they left off before, but this time JT is clued in to what is going on now.
In between, all of the kissing, JT managed to get a few words out, "I never though I would see you again. "
"Shhh. " Is all Lacey had to say, and on that note she grabbed ferociously at JT's belt buckle and began to undo his zipper at the same time. His pants feel to the floor, before both of them realized they hadn't made it into the bathroom yet, but no one showed any concern, so they forgot all about that, and imagined no one else was there. Apparently, no one had noticed them yet anyways. Just as Lacey's skirt hit the ground, the restaurant manager rounded the corner, and stood in shock. But Lacey didn't seemed surprised one bit, she motioned for him to come over as well, and dropped his pants immediately. By now both JT and the manager were both rock hard, and almost bursting out of their briefs now, but Lacey wasn't ready for them to be released yet.

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Lacey demanded that the manager get on his knees, and pull her silk thong to the side, and begin slowly licking her clitoris. While the manager did that, JT was still passionately kissing Lacey, and he didn't seem to mind that the manager had joined in. He actually seemed more eager. By now it was time for the trio to move into the restroom, and they locked the door behind them. There was a couch for the woman to wait to use the mirrors, and that's where all three of them wound up. As soon as Lacey sat down, JT removed her top, and bra, to reveal a lucious pair of 36DD breasts. The nipples were so perky, and ready for action, and the way they pointed was amazing.
Now it was time. Lacey motioned for her "men" to stand up. As they did, Lacey began removing their briefs now. Only to reveal two massive cocks. She was very please with what she was seeing, although JT was larger, the manager wasn't lacking anywhere. She grabbed JT's cock with her left hand, and the manager's cock with her right, and pulled them closer to her mouth. She let go and spit into each of her hands, and began to slowly stroke each cock. First she began to put the manager's cock into her mouth, slowly taking in the head, and making sure to lick every inch, of his hard meat, and not leaving one single spot dry on her way down.

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   She struggled, but she managed to swallow all 8. 5 inches. Meanwhile, she was speeding up her strokes on JT's cock, with her left hand still. JT's turn now, she pulled the manager's cock out of her mouth, and slowly put JT's into her mouth. Beginning like she did on the other, but progressively increasing speed, and getting her hand into it. Faster, Faster, FASTER! JT began to moan, and with each bob of Lacey's head, JT's moans grew louder, and louder. And before you know it JT had blew his load all over Lacey's gorgeous face, and she made sure she sucked the rest of his man juice out of his throbing cock. Now it was the manager's turn, she decided to swallow the manager's whole load. As he began to squirt, Lacey gagged at the amount of nut he realeased into her mouth, but she managed to take it all in.
Right after they both shot their load, Lacey stood up wiped off her face. Put her bra, and suit jacket back on, and walked out to never be seen again by either man. JT, had a day he would never forget, confusing at first, but well worth it, and the manager, saw it as a job perk!

Miss!, MISS!. " A man screams as he dashes towards Lacey. .